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So, you’ve probably seen me hinting around this for a few months, but now it’s official…

I’m working on my next book, publishing with the fabulous team at Portfolio and I’m deep into it already.

The working title is Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance.

Though, as often happens, that’s not necessarily the final title.

This will be a very different book than Career Renegade. It’s a bigger idea book that goes deep into the psyche that fuels and, at times, royally screws with the creative, growth and innovation processes of artists, entrepreneurs and even corporate innovators, with a strong focus on the role of uncertainty and fear.

I can tell you, from the interviews I’ve done, the research I’ve uncovered and the contemplation I’ve suffered enjoyed, it’s already changed my own creation process and even the way I live each day in a pretty profound way. And, it’s kindled a fascination with collaboration, mentoring and co-creation as well.

Which is where you guys come in…

1. Join my Creation Tribe.

I’m beyond blessed to have such an amazing, thoughtful family here. And, I’d like to be able to both tap your genius and share more details, questions, insights and ideas with you as I write. But, not all of that is right for this blog.

So, I’m creating a special “Creation Tribe” and inviting you to join in this journey…

What does that mean? As a member of my Creation Tribe, you’ll get occasional book-insider e-dispatches, progress updates, potential sneak peaks at some of the content and some the things I’ll be doing to launch the book. I’ll also very likely reach out to you here and there to bounce ideas, questions, topics, chapter titles and who knows what else off of you.

You’ll get deeper access to my creation process in exchange for me getting to tap your insights and asking the occasional favor (ya know, regular stuff like “pay my mortgage this month, send brownies, help me solve nuclear fusion…that type of thing). And, this very likely won’t just stop with the book. Over the next 12-months, I’ll be building and revealing a number of cool creative endeavors and as a member of my Creation Tribe, you’ll know about them and potentially even share in their creation and launch before anyone else.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is enter your name and email in the form below, then click on the link in the confirmation email that’ll follow a few seconds later.

2. Want to actually BE in my next book?

I’ve done a ton of interviews for the book already, but I’m still looking for a few more great stories of people who’ve triumphed over long-term creative journeys and successfully built bodies of work, careers, companies, books, works of art, etc.

I’m looking for everyone from hackers to painters and boostrapped entrepreneurs to corporate innovators. People who’ve been in the journey long enough to have weathered challenges, fear, uncertainty and other mental gremlins, figured out how to turn them into fuel and create genius.

While there are a number of huge names who’ll be profiled in the book, I’d really love to be able to learn from and feature members of my tribe along with them.

If you’re interested, please share a few sentences about your journey and what you’ve created in the comments below and I’ll follow-up if it looks like there’s a fit. Or, if you’d prefer, you can just email me at jonathan @ jonathanfields dot com.

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50 responses

50 responses to “Join My Creation Tribe, Be In My Next Book?”

  1. Tisha Morris says:

    Hey Jonathan~
    I would love to be in your next book.
    I’ve been a solo-entrepreneur for the last 4 years, having gone from attorney into the healing arts as a feng shui consultant. I have journeyed from the left brain to the right brain over the years through trial and triumphs and believe I could contribute to your topic.
    Either way, can’t wait until the new book!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m spearheading corporate change here in large, corporate, IT Marketing land. Started in sales, moved into marketing to try to shake things up. I just started blogging this year and 49 posts in, I am loving it and seeing some great traction – both inside my company and out. Would be honored to be part of your process in whatever is the most appropriate way for you. I have been following you for some time and have to say I am really inspired by what you’ve accomplished. Feel free to reach out to me via email if you see a fit. Otherwise, looking forward to following your latest journey…

    Best, Michael

  3. Kirsty Hall says:

    Hi Jonathan, the books sounds fascinating. If you’re interested in my story, I’m an ‘artist & purveyor of mad obsessive projects’ combining an art career with an online business, despite having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  4. Angela says:

    Jonathan ~ congrats! This sounds so exciting. I have two small organizations. A consulting practice and a non-profit. I have been on the entrepreneurial track for nearly two years and so far have been challenged in so many new ways but blessed beyond measure. The most interesting thing however is the more recent interest, particularly among women, about my journey. I recently did a keynote presentation on this (first time I’ve been the topic of my talk) and was stunned by the positive reviews and further speaking invites as a result. It was recorded for a podcast (audio) and I can share it with you if you are interested. In any case, I look forward to supporting your project in whatever way is most helpful. Best, Angela

  5. Hi Jonathan: Would love to share my story. I recently launched my boutique P.R. company after years of being at the mercy of the corporate (entertainment) world and still wondering what I wanted to do when I grow up. Did I mention that the economy also tried very hard to take me down, and after being unemployed on and off for 2 years, I decided “enough was enough”, and began my journey into entrepreneurship, with very little, (okay, no) cash. Thank you!

  6. I’m in. Sounds like a fascinating journey.

  7. When poor health prevented me from working outside the home I decided to start blogging. Initially the idea was to occupy my mind, but that blog gradually grew and evolved into a base for sharing mp3 downloads to help people feel more peaceful. Some of my free downloads have now reached over 40,000 people and this week I was referred to as a “comfort blanket” by a reader who kept coming back to my site during a tough year.

    It’s heartening to know that from my tough time and health challenges I was able to create something that now helps other people through theirs. It also pays the bills.

    I’ve been sharing tips and techniques for over four years and have encountered many gremlins, moments of doubt and times of complete and utter confusion, but throughout it all my desire to share something that I know is helping others has kept me going.

  8. Hi Jonathan. I’ve journeyed over 40 years from being part of the original production staff of Sesame Street for ten years to producing over 100,000 photo shoots with my husband, Richard. The changes in both industries has been startling and challenging to say the least. But the revolution occurring during the past decade in photography has been stunning.
    I’d be glad to share our experience with you.

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  10. hi jonathan ~

    i’d love to help you bring your most rocking book to life. i’m a chronic creative – i can’t help myself. i’m in the midst of getting my artwork online [drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, writing, music], starting the likelihood site which will feature stories of global good through artistic pursuits, and creating the OneWorld art project where i will make available the planet’s very first World Liberation Kit – yes, i believe in a world dominated by liberation.

    i believe it’s our responsibility to create our most radically positive responses to whatever we find in life. that’s the joy of being creative – we can turn things around, transform things, CREATE change.

    can’t wait to read your book!

    ~ julie

    • You are a change agent Jonathan. So glad to be sharing this journey with you. I’ve re-created myself from an award winning copywriter/advertising pro to a creativity consultatant and Joy Coach. In between, I was certified as a professional governess, founded a retreat center, survived AML leukemia, and selected every one of the positive, encourageing quotes featured on I’m currently pursuing a Master’s of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation at Buffalo State. My passion is “Activating Creative Potential with Joy” – an approach which marries psychology with neurobiology. Have many stories to share if you dare…Marta

  11. Chuck Frey says:

    Jonathan, I’ve been a student of creativity techniques and tools for many years, and write about the best of them on my website, the world’s largest focused on innovation, creativity and brainstorming. I think there’s a real opportunity here to help readers to understand the WHY they ought to be creative. A lot of people I encounter in my daily life don’t even give personal creativity a second thought. They seem to be happy with – or at least resigned to tolerate – the status quo. And schools don’t teach students how to USE their minds to creatively approach and solve problems. Plus, most adults don’t seem to understand that creativity is a skill that can be learned and cultivated, and the benefits of doing so. They can become a real “plus factor” and differentiate themselves in their jobs and other life roles, if they would just learn about the awesome opportunities that lie just beyond their reach with creative thinking and problem solving. I’m available to talk, if you’re interested.

  12. Josh Pies says:

    Well Jonathan, I’d love to be in your book and/or help with it if my story or skills lend a helping hand. You can find my skill set easily enough – I have a web site. Here’s a short version of my long story.

    Joshua C. Pies, MBA – Writer/Producer
    I’m a serial entrepreneur – starting at highly profitable business at 4yrs old, repeating at 8, repeating again at 23, repeating again just now.

    At 23 I fell into a business by accident and though profitable it was a huge mistake. While getting my MBA, my car bit the dust. I needed a vehicle and I needed income – did I mention I was broke? So, I bought a truck with a snow plow (I live in one of the snowiest areas of the North East) and I began to build a route. It worked… and then it worked better. And suddenly, I have 35 employees and more overhead than I ever wanted! So, 7 figures come and they go. After a harrowing experience that is far too detailed and confusing to relay here, it VIOLENTLY closed (vandalism, theft, explosions, etc).

    Mid way though that 5ish year endeavor I had taken up with an old love of mine – acting. I added writing and producing quickly too. It was a comedy TV show I was working on with some friends. It took off as my company was crashing. I haven’t looked back. You can see the evidence of my most recent steps in life’s journey on my web site. There’s a lot of plot twists and turns I can’t share here without ticking off readers – too long.

    So, if this story is meaningful to you, just let me know and I will go on.

    Be well my friend,

  13. Anne Wayman says:

    Oh my goodness! My journey as a freelance writer runs roughly from poor self-worth and poor income to good self-worth and good income. I can tell the story but I don’t understand exactly all I did to improve the self-worth… I know gratitude has a lot to do with it (be grateful for everything) and learning to live undefended. Happy to work with you to tease out more if you’d like.

  14. John Sherry says:

    Simple story Jonathan – on New Year’s Eve 1999 I decided to take my own life. In a couple of years my father had died suddenly, my mum had been diagnosed with cancer, I lost a prized job in the sports industry I had worked a decade on my own to get and couldn’t get another one, my partner left, I had severe financial problems and it looked like I would lose my home, and my health became so bad I, too, was tested for cancer twice.
    As Rocky Balboa told his son, “it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up”. I got back up. Put the knife down and vowed to start again.
    It’s been tough but who wants good all the time? Not me. Tough will do if that’s what I have to do. Success is nothing, starting over and fighting back is the real triumph. I blog today about keeping it real and simple. It’s what I did that night when I put the knife down. It’s what I’ve done every day since and I don’t regret a single moment.
    Maybe it’s my time now, I don’t know. But I’m a winner because I’m still here to share, care, help and love. And that’s all that matters. It’s not losing and giving up that makes you a success.
    Thank you for reading and keep the tribe alive my friend. We’re all better together!

  15. Hi Jonathan,

    In the past 2 years I’ve written over 1000 inspirational quotes and established myself as a sponsor in a little known work at home activity.

    My intent is to bring global awareness to cash gifting by using my inspirational youtube videos (over 550 and counting), blog and collection of cash gifting and motivational ebooks to spread the word about “Paying it Forward!”

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful opportunity. All the best with Creation Tribe 🙂

    Ryan Biddulph

  16. Hey Jonathan,

    Just a quick note to say that I look forward to following along this journey on writing/publishing your next book. It’s definitely a topic that I’d be interested in reading more about and I’m especially interested in other peoples’ experiences.

  17. Hi Jonathan,

    From age 5 I knew I was an architect and by age 35 I had worked on a stage design for the Rolling Stones, Bellagio in Vegas and my first highrise on the Chicago skyline.

    Knowing who I was so early in life left a lot of room for me to explore my other interests.

    I wanted to write plays and had my first play win first prize in a theater contest and produced in LA.

    I aspired to write poetry, and so had my first poems published in my 20s.

    And my cartoons published, for many papers, in my teens and 20s.

    Losing my job as an architect in the current economic crisis, I started writing two blogs and within months they were the subject of a feature article in a major industry magazine.

    I always wanted to write a book. My first book will be published (Wiley)in 2011 (I actually pitched a book proposal on creativity, they accepted my second proposal – on architecture, technology and collaboration.)

    I always wanted to teach and have had the wonderful opportunity to teach graduate level architecture students for 7 years.

    And I always wanted to be a public speaker – but the first five years sounded discouraging – so I launched a prolific speaking career this year…by starting it off in year 6! (I speak on the subject of collaboration.)

    I would love to have the opportunity to share my story in your forthcoming book!


  18. Julie Halsey says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I read “Career Renegade” and have been inspired by your work in my own journey. I left a corporate job and started my own biz this year – so I am still in the ‘midst’ of a lot of unlearning and growth. It’s a wild but fun ride so far. I’d love to help you out in any way so that I can ‘give back’ to help you in the way that you’ve helped me in my journey. I discovered your book and your blog on a day that I was uncertain about what I was doing so you helped me keep going! I’m not quite at my ‘there’ yet as I’m in transition from the ‘here to there’ – but it’s a joy now that I’ve overcome the fear and uncertainty about making this move. And, in this process – what I’ve realized is that all of the skill and talent in the world won’t help you if your emotions, fear, procrastination, etc. get in the way – so the mindset and letting out the creative self that has been so stifled and boxed in is key! Looking forward to contributing in whatever way I can as I’m sure your next book will be fabulous!


  19. Pamela Slim says:

    Your graphic doesn’t say “Really BAD ideas,” so I guess I can’t join your book tribe.



  20. Jenny Blake says:

    My experience speaks to the ups and downs of the creative journey. I started writing a book while working full-time at Google. I thought I would self-publish because I was “on a roll,” but secretly it was because I was afraid of rejection. Once I finished the first draft, I couldn’t even bring myself to open the Word file for five months. I became depressed. I was stuck, and mad at myself, but felt like I didn’t know how to get back up and keep going.

    I eventually read War of Art (thanks to Chris G.), then later serendipitously met Michael Larsen the author of How to Write a Book Proposal. He gave me his copy, I wrote a proposal, and a week later — out of nowhere — a major publisher proactively emailed ME. That gave me hope. I ended up getting a literary agent, pitching to pubs, and finishing my book.

    Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want is going to be published by Running Press in March, almost 2.5 years after I started the project. I know that the down and depressed time made it a better book, and the universe really does answer and start swinging doors open when something is meant to be and you start taking baby steps forward.

  21. susan says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’ve been a self-employed artist/painter for 17 years. I have a huge body of work, an interesting story, and I’m sure a little bit of wisdom to share. Let me know how I can serve.


  22. Starting life over at fifty is not easy to say the least. But I have and I am now coaching others to do the same. I can share and I can help.

  23. Scott says:

    Jonathan, great tribe ideas. Late start online, recovering employee working on first real project. All in.


  24. KimBooSan says:

    I’m a newer reader to your blog, but have enjoyed catching up with all your wonderful insights. Earlier this year The Firefly Manifest was critical to my efforts to turn my life around.

    See, both my parents died when I was in my mid-20s and it pretty much destroyed me emotionally and financially. I’m 40 now and just starting to reclaim my life – I got divorced AND laid off in April, but started graduate school in June, and launched my own blog just this month (after a long ramp up). I wrote my book, Grieving Futures: Surviving the Deaths of My Parents, My Home and My Future (which is FREE for everyone, btw!) and that wasn’t easy but I want to let others know that surviving a tragic ordeal is where their story starts.

    So I’m not sure my story is what you want for your book – I’m still a starving grad student, after all. But hope is the most valuable gift I ever received – from you and others – and I like to think I’m able to “give back” to people in need now, in turn.


  25. What a very, very awesome idea! I’d love to get in on the Creation Tribe! I also cannot wait to get my little creative hands on that new book of yours! I’ve not had the amount of experience that many in these posts have had. I’ve been making my jewelry for several years, but only recently had to really start taking it seriously because of a job layoff. Add to that my own medical nightmare (still ongoing) and working on my Masters Degree, helping promote a couple new sites…well…you get the picture. I’ve been a wee bit busy, but always willing to learn everything I possibly can and share/help whenever and wherever possible.

    At the very least, add my name into that Creation Tribe! I’ll create the jewelry for the tribe. :o) Strength and unity through the reflection of each other’s beauty. :o)

    Have a stellar day and thank you for making mine!

  26. Cory says:

    I’m a primary care physician who knew from day one that I could not practice medicine the way I was told it was supposed to be.I set myself up as a “rent-a-doc” for 3 years after I finished residency. I did vacation and maternity relief for other primary care practices in my area and while earning money in other people’s practices, I got to view a cross section of good and bad medical business practice. It was essentially a free informal MBA. Then I met 2 like-minded docs and we started what became a thriving primary care practice in the shadows of 2 world class hospital systems. Our patient visits are 30 minutes or more, we deliver through-the-roof patient satisfaction, and our doctors earn a decent living while all working part-time. We do not have to advertise because we have more business than we know what to do with, we have really low staff turn-over,we own our own building, and we manage this while still accepting standard health insurance. We do not believe the sky is falling. We think small is beautiful, effective, sustainable, and agile enough to weather whatever storm comes up.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for about a year and I’d love to hear more about your current project.

  27. Bettiol says:

    I´m sure it will be a great book.
    I know that in my case expressing my creativity REALLY saved my life…
    Tks for a great work.

  28. Lynn Truong says:

    Jonathan, you’re my hero, and you lift me up daily with your dedication and spirit. I want to contribute to your cause any way I can.

    My story is a simple one, and still unfinished. I graduated college (in 2000) with high aspirations — to climb that corporate ladder. I spent 4 short years at the bottom rung before I decided to get to the top another way. The day to day, 9-5 office job + 3 hr commute was eating me alive. I felt like I was getting dumber every day. Although I learned a lot from those two jobs, and am grateful for the people I met and was able to learn from, there came a point where there was simply no more to learn — just the same wash/rinse cycle. So I quit. I had no idea what I was going to do. But I knew I had to leave before I lost all my passion.

    To pay the bills, I did odd jobs like being a TV/Movie background actor and transcription. I started a (now defunct) website with a friend. That fell flat on its face. But that experience led to an opportunity to create my current company, which is a growing (and successful?) business — Wise Bread.

    For 5 years, I did not pull in a regular paycheck. During those years, I went through the expected social awkwardness when people asked me what I did, or more often, when I was going to find a “real” job.

    No one asks me that any more.

    There’s a lot of “day to day” parts about my job, but boy does owning your own company keep you on your toes. I never thought that I would want to be an entrepreneur, but I see now that I was made for it. To build something, piece by piece, one decision at a time, is thrilling to me. I’ve learned so much about myself, about leading, and about life in just a few years. And I can’t wait to know more.

  29. Can’t wait till the book is out. I love your posts and I’m sure the book will be just as yummy! As for me being in your book, here’s my “share” see if it fits, if so use it. I began this journey of personal development in 1972, long before it was “fashionalbe” I’ve just about done it all too. From the original est training (when you had to stay in your seat for 3 plus hours w/out the bathroom breaks) to sitting in sweat lodges w/Native American Shaman and doing ceremony deep in the lava tubes on Maui w/Hawaiian Kahuna, to climbing Ayres Rock in Ularu and being met by the “unseen ones” _ I’ve taken the message of personal development to corporate execs and prison inmates, taught “Meat Market Classes” through the San Diego Learning Annex, worked witht he summer staff at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and been invited to speak on expanding multidimensional reality to groups down under. I’ve also been so broke that I had to choose between a tank of gas or food for dinner but I neve quit. I never once stopped or gave up. I was part of what is now known as “the first wave” of “Light Workers” and like the Every Ready Bunny, I’m still ticking. I still work w/clients privately who are interested in the investigation of conscious evolution and tools for conscious living. I do this because there’s nothing more satisfying for me than watching people “get it” live it and pass it along. I’m not in you age group but I’m likely part of your soul family and I am thrilled and excited to be part of our movement forward. Thank you Jonathan for hearing the call and answering it.

  30. Matt Tardy says:

    Hi Jonathan, I am a founding member of a performance group called AudioBody. It’s sort of like Smothers Brothers meets Blue Man Group 😉 My brother and I have been performing artists since we were kids (over 16 years) and it’s the only job we’ve ever had. We’d love to share our story in your book. Check out to see what it’s all about!


  31. You know me as a yoga student of yours and an acupuncturist. For a while now I have become complacent, not as a practitioner, but as a solo-preneur. I don’t struggle to make money, and I absolutely love my work, but I am essentially in the same place now as a professional as I was 5 years ago. I think boredom with my present situation has forced me to seek out ways I can really develop myself as a business woman. I attended RHH Live this past weekend with the hope of finding creative inspiration. The event was a major success for my creative self. I have no idea how it happened, but I love the results. Can I keep this going? Although I can’t say yet for sure, I think I might finally know how.

  32. Jen Gresham says:


    I think you may know a little of my background, but just to refresh your memory. I have a PhD in biochemistry and worked for 16 years in various scientific management positions as an officer in the Air Force. I have also been a poet for as far back as I can remember.

    Juggling success in these two different fields was initially quite difficult. The turning point was to learn how to let the two feed each other. Soon, I was writing and publishing science poems while looking for creative ways to nurture innovation in our national labs. Success, as it turns out, wasn’t finding balance between the two, but creating an amalgam.

  33. Jonathan Fields says:

    Hey gang,

    Love all these fabulous stories, along with your willingness to share!

    I’ll be revisiting each one over the next week or so as I flesh out more of the book to see where it makes sense to follow up.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journeys. Even if yours is not the right fit for the book, congrats! Amazing things happening in this here tribe. 🙂

  34. Jonathan –
    My story, though relevant to your themes, is only about half-baked; so I’m not going to throw my hat into the ring.

    HOWEVER, I would like to suggest someone else you may want to consider: the author TA Barron. Though he had fiction-writing aspirations from an early age & pursued them to some extent in college, he wound up in business – eventually becoming the president of a successful company.

    At the age of 41, after delivering very good news to the board of his company, Mr. Barron gave his resignation and announced he was moving back to Colorado with his family to write childrens’ books. One of his colleagues was so distraught that he pressed the business card of his therapist into Mr. Barron’s hand and said, “Please call him.”

    Long story short, TA Barron went on to become one of the most prolific and successful authors of young adult fantasy. He has published something like 22 books over the last two decades. He has also gone on to create the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes – an honor, named after his mom, that inspires young people to make a difference in their communities and for the planet.

    I could go on, but he’s got a great Web site that’s full of good info. I interviewed him recently about the Young Heroes program and his writing success. He was a gentleman and a very passionate and engaging conversationalist. I recommend his story for your book with much respect and affection.

  35. Hey Jonathan –

    Congrats on the book writing project. And thanks for inviting me to join your creative tribe. I’ve equally been inspired by your recent interview of Robert McKee. Would love to support you in your writing efforts, though I know you are not at a loss for help or interview subjects.

    That said, I’ve been gathering a tribe of my own, as you know; specifically a new tribe of storytellers – change-makers, marketers, creatives, and seekers who believe in the power of storytelling to reinvent our world.

    Here’s a bit my own story.

    A year ago, I went through my own dramatic reinvention – Divorce, on the verge of personal bankruptcy, I had to give up my storytelling consultancy and start over. This after a decade as a social entrepreneur, having co-founded two pioneering nonprofits before the age of 22.

    So I wrote Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, which has since been downloaded for free by thousands around the world.

    Speaking to thousands more over the past year, I discovered how reinvention is the new normal, the larger context we are all facing. The old assumptions of how the world worked are proving to be false. For most of us, job security is just an illusion. So why not follow your passion and live your truth? Social media is encouraging all of us to find our voice, and dream of entrepreneurial independence. Everybody is waking up to the fact that they are the storyteller of their own life, and their own reality.

    Yet while we’re all going through reinvention, most of us don’t have a vocabulary for how to navigate through the process. Narrative is the fundamental building block for you to reinvent your world – whether that’s your personal career, your organization, or your community. That became the genesis behind the Reinvention Summit.

    The idea of the Summit was hatched 90 days ago, and was very much a “stone soup” creation. When the Summit launched on November 11, we had 6 co-creators, 20 partners, 37 speakers, 64 producers, and 496 participants from around the globe. I credit this to the bigger story – our message is one that everyone can intuitively connect with, and people are excited to see what emerges out of this epic collaborative. The Summit continues through Nov 22, 2010.

    Honestly, not sure what comes next? Already in past year, we built Story University, Get Storied online magazine, The New Storytellers podcast series, and more as part of an evolving ecosystem to evangelize the idea of narrative into business consciousness and popular culture.

    The Reinvention Summit is catalyzing a new level of creative emergence, with some kind of collaboratory taking shape in 2011 based on the tribe we’ve assembled from all 4 corners. Our focus is to support and nurture the creative efforts within our community, and guide this tribe of transformative storytellers on how to package their gifts for social media and the cultural mainstream. All I know for sure, is that its going to be a fun ride.

    Look forward to connecting our worlds further in the year ahead. Thanks for inspiring us all with your big heart, thoughtful words, and expansive vision. keep on!

  36. Nellie says:

    Change the title.

  37. I usually start a comment by addressing the author of the post but here it’s just got to be hats off to the commenters. If you got downthis far then I really hope you read the amazing and inspirational stories.

    And so to you who commented – I love that you’ve taken a brave step to reinvent yourself and share this with us. Keep at it you are an inspiration!


  38. Rob says:

    I WILL be in your next book,Jonathan (just applying a little positive thinking)

    Seriously, can’t wait for it. Sounds intriguing.

  39. Mark Silver says:

    Hey Jonathan

    In case it’s useful, it’s been a bit of a wild journey here as well: from nonprofit activist to my wife having a chronic illness for ten years – coming on just as I decided to go self-employed and we decided to get married- that’s when she was basically incapacitated by Lymes disease.

    So what did I do? Decide to build a business based on mixing Sufi Islam spiritual healing and business teachings.

    Her healing journey our business journey has been roughly parallel- she has gotten better and better through alternative care to the point where she’s back- healthy enough for us to have gone through the adoption process two years ago and adopt these amazing twin boys who just turned two.

    All the while I’ve self-published seven business learning programs based in Islamic Sufi teachings and marketed it successfully to a fan base of thousands and built up a consistent six-figure business with practitioners- a whole team.

    Creativity has been a journey, let me tell you- with a LOT of fear, overwhelm, exhaustion. Anyway, that’s my story. If it’s useful, there it is. If it’s not, I can’t wait for the book.

  40. Molly Gordon says:

    Hey Jonathan, I love your idea of a creation tribe, and plan to steal it for my next venture. 😉 I’ve been coaching and teaching self-employed artists and professionals since 1993 and have some tales to tell of my own and other journeys. In my own case, reinvention has been a constant theme, with the Holy Grail of transforming self and biz without blowing up previous iterations.

  41. Sandy Maxey says:

    Fascinating project- would love to contribute. I’ve worked in healthcare, in design field as entrepreneur, now into public policy/community economic development. Perhaps a bizarre amalgamation of experiences, but all interrelated. A truly generative career dynamic.

  42. Mike Monday says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I earn my living as an electronic music artist and have done so for 16 years. I have over 250 releases to my name including 3 albums. A lot of it is good, some of it bad and a few bits are even great!

    But despite my daily triumphs over fear in my studio I’ve recently had an epiphany. As a child what drew me to music in the first place was performance and I played in many bands, orchestras and choirs at school and university. But now as I write all of my music in a studio I don’t perform, other than as a DJ. 

    So I’m now on my next journey which is to defeat my biggest fear and put performance front and centre. I’m even learning a new instrument and developing a live show which I’m planning to take on tour. For the first time in my life (since I was a teenager) I know I’m finally doing what I was put on this earth to do. Its both frightening and wonderful and I’m documenting my slow and tortuous progress on my site.

    Even though I’m new around here, I’ve already been inspired by many of your articles and I’d be honoured to be considered for inclusion in your book.

  43. Jonathan,

    I can’t wait to read your book. Your process is fascinating. I think we all love seeing how others create.

    Or maybe it’s just me, because my work is all about the creative process. I’ve been coaching writers and creative types since 1999. I didn’t start out to be a businesswoman, but I had to become that to survive.

    Now, eleven years later, my business, Original Impulse Inc. is not only surviving, it’s thriving. It’s my great pleasure to help brilliant people bring their ideas into form.

    As a fellow creative, I learn and grow alongside my clients and readers. I’m finishing up a historical novel, starting an illustrated version of one of my e-books, and am allowing my artist more time in the schedule.

    I think my story is remarkable because I’ve done this all as a single woman, and as a single entrepreneur. Of course I have my own tribe and tons of support, but as a single woman, it’s not always easy. There are a lot of single women out there who need role models for how to do it without a husband or boyfriend at their side.

    I’d love to be part of your book, to help inspire readers – especially women – to live their own creative brilliance.

  44. […] Johnathan Fields was looking for you to join his Creation Tribe, a group which may be privy to bits out of the new book Johnathan is in the process of developing (after Career Renegade).  I joined up on this also, basically because I’ve never been in an official tribe before and it makes me feel all worthwhile and all. (and one of the kewl kids) […]

  45. Can someone be both left and right brained? I think so! If I am a good fit for your project, I am honored to participate. As a seeker of balance, I have put my proverbial foot in my mouth, and have trodden down great creative and altruistic paths – only to begin again, wiser and older. The universe has a funny way of guiding our paths.
    At your service,

  46. cynthia says:

    how about following a social change project at its inception? I’m getting ready to launch planit you, a social productivity landscape that turns local grassroots collaboration into a game we play together to change the world. I’ll be running a blog about my process at starting in Dec. There are time traveling chickens and postcards from the future and everything! 😉

  47. You make the memories I make them magical. I make memory films and create short films for non profits to raise funds and tell their story. I always tell people that a fairy tale is a magical story that is true and beautiful…and a Handmade Film is a fairy tale about your own life

    love what your doing here. As we all know the universe is made of stories not atoms and your story is pretty cool!

  48. wendy reese says:

    As a yoga instructor and long time personal trainer, I wanted to help people live yoga off the mat. I received my MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation. Now my business is/has evolved to helping individuals, communities, and businesses live abundantly and authentically. Now I get to live and teach the yoga on a whole new level! To kick everything off, I just published “The Accidental Yoga Teacher”. I am inspired by the amount of people that live their passion daily.

  49. chris hill says:

    no person is ever beyond blessed!