I’ve got a secret: the Law Of Attraction is a lie

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It was at the center of the biggest self-help phenomenon of the last few decades.

Now, everyone knows the secret was…The Law Of Attraction. The notion that, through cosmic law, whatever you focus on necessarily grows, so, rather than focusing on what you don’t want, hold what you do want in your mind…and watch it blossom.

But, what if the fundamental basis for the law of attraction was made-up?

What if it wasn’t a law at all, but really just a theory or hypothesis? What if it wasn’t as provable, self-evident or sacrosanct as Newton’s law or any of the other laws of physics that have been proven through verifiable, scientific study and replication?

What if it’s effectiveness was really much more about basic human nature and failing to acknowledge this dramatically limited, rather than strengthened it’s effect?

As proof of the law of attraction’s “law-ness,” a parade of visionaries appeared…

Each one was mesmerizing. Captivating speakers, from Joe Vitale to Jack Canfield and Neale Donald Walsch to John Assaraf. Fascinating to watch. They spoke to the impact the law of attraction has had on their lives and the lives of thousands of others. Then, explanations based in “science” were proffered. Because, for us to accept something as law, we need proof. It needs to work all the time, regardless of belief, for all the people.

It’s all about quantum physics…

Every thought, we learned, creates a measurable electromagnetic wave that is “perceivable” on a subtle level, by others. At least the first part of this is verifiably true, by modern methodology. And, the latter claim, that others perceive and have the ability to respond to these vibrations, I cannot prove…but, for the sake of optimism, I am open to.

We were then told that, in nature, like attracts like. So, if you constantly focus your thoughts on what you want to manifest, rather that what you want to avoid, those around you whose thoughts are also resonating at the frequency associated with that same positive intention will be attracted to you. And, the net-effect will be the manifestation of all you desire.

Interesting…though, I don’t quite buy it

  • First, in nature, as a general rule, like does not attract like, like repels like. Magnetism and polarity is one of the purest examples of this. The same poles of magnets fight to get away from each other, while opposite poles desperately seek to connect. Same thing with electricity, like charges repel each other, while differing charges attract. So, if our thoughts emit electro-magnetic waves all day and other beings can, in fact detect and respond to them, the far more “natural” assumption is that others with “like” thoughts and similar electromagnetic waves will be repelled, not drawn to us.
  • Second, harmonic resonance doesn’t explain the law of attraction. Harmonic resonance says when an object vibrating at one frequency is placed close enough to a similar object that vibrates at the same frequency, the vibrations from the first object slowly entrain the objects around it to vibrate, too. A tuning fork is the simplest example. Strike it an place it next to another tuning fork of the same note and they both begin to vibrate at a similar frequency. Problem is, we are not tuning forks. Harmonic resonance assumes that those other objects (a) are at rest, before being exposed to the original object, making them “free” to adopt the other object’s vibrations, (b) vibrate at the identical frequency, and (c) do not actively generate their own conflicting vibrations of equal or greater strength. Human beings satisfy none of these conditions. We are not “empty” of our own electromagnetic vibrations or waves, we are not identically structured to resonate at identical frequencies and, in fact, we create a non-stop stream of very strong vibrations all day long.

While these explanations seemed less than convincing, there was something that still nagged at me…

While I didn’t find universal truth in the explanations offered to explain the law of attraction, I’d actually experienced the effect of focusing on constructive outcomes. It worked. But, not because of electromagnetic waves or harmonic resonance.

The answer, in my mind, is so much simpler, so much more practical.

We are so much closer to dogs than we know. Subject to conditioning much the same way Pavlov’s pooches salivated at the ring of a bell. For us to take action, especially sustained and repeated action toward the attainment of any goal, we need to believe the outcome, no matter how remote, is on some level attainable. Without that belief, there is no action. And, without action, there is no accomplishment. And…

Repetition fuels belief!

Take the smartest people in the world and begin to repeat to them a conclusion that they know to be false. In the beginning they outright reject it. Over time, though, they not only become open to the idea, but, through, relentless repetition, it becomes incontrovertible gospel.

Repetition creates belief. This is the basis of all thought-conditioning…also known as brainwashing. It’s the fundamental tool of every cult. But, as much as it can be used for destructive ends, it can also be harnessed to form the basis of great achievement.

Repeatedly visualizing a deeply sought after goal, seeing, feeling , hearing yourself accomplish this goal, over and over, has a profound effect. It conditions you slowly away from self-doubt and disbelief and moves you increasingly toward belief.

And, the more you believe, the more likely you are to act…

Not just big, life-altering actions, though. When you believe something, even marginally, you begin to do a thousand little things differently. You talk to people you’d normally avoid. You ask questions you’d have been to shy to ask. You help people you’d normally ignore. You dress a little better. You interact with more confidence. You carry yourself differently.

You invest time, energy, hours and funds in yourself and others without really noticing how differently you are presenting yourself to the world. To those who come in contact with you, you are different.

And the net result of those dozens of microscopic changes in your behavior, in a daily basis is two-fold:

  • People perceive you differently – they become responsive because they read in you a sense of confidence, commitment and raw-energy that they want to participate in.
  • All the little actions begin to add up – the thousands of nearly imperceptible changes in behavior and modest actions taken on a consistent, daily basis, begin to yield results to take you a step closer to your visualized goal.

And, each positive interaction and baby step, begins to further fuel the belief that was set in motion by your initial conditioning. This sets in motion a belief, action, attainment cycle that becomes increasingly unstoppable.

So, in the end, you really don’t need to leap down the quantum physics rabbit hole and buy into the existence of some Law of Attraction.

If you want to, that’s fine. But, it’s really so much simpler than that.

Repeatedly visualizing a goal as if you had already attained it conditions you to believe it’s possible. Over time, as that conditioning takes root through repetition, your belief in success leads you to act differently on many levels and take actions you’d never have taken.

Those actions increasingly deliver results and inspire you to believe your vision is attainable on a deeper level. Which inspires even more action. And, as people around you see you not only succeeding, but becoming more confident, they will respond to that confidence, too.

It’s all very concrete.

And, it also explains why even the most dogged focus on the attainment of a goal will bring you nothing without an equal commitment to action.

So, what do you think?

Is the law of attraction real? Is it bunk? Are the quantum physics validations behind it valid? Or, is something far simpler, yet equally impactful going on?

The lines are open…

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114 responses

114 responses to “I’ve got a secret: the Law Of Attraction is a lie”

  1. The law of attraction, if construed as an actual law, is ridiculous. If, however, it is construed as a psychological game which motivates people to take action and/or see the opportunities which have been around them all along, it is useful.

    The old saying, “When the student is ready the master appears,” shouldn’t be understood to mean that the universe magically flings teachers at students who are ready, but rather that being ready as a student gives you the ability to recognize someone worth learning from.

  2. I think the Law of Attraction is absolute crap, too. The Secret? Oh come on. Positive thinking is the basis of that, and that’s all psychology, like your post outlined. Repetition is the reason people maintain fears or lower their own self-esteem.

    Like one emotionally abused woman I know says, “If someone tells you something long enough, you start to believe it.”

    Here’s another one: Opposites attract – why do you think so many people get divorces? Because like doesn’t attract like.

    Great post and great points. Just before you hit the magnets, I was thinking, hey wait a minute… like doesn’t- YES!) Now that’s positive thinking.

  3. me says:

    just look at the questionable people in that film. I watched a copy (mercifully I didn’t pay for it) all the signs of classic hucksters- “dr” joe vitale’s ‘degree’ is from an online mill, and he’s a former amway distributor….the financial guy is being investigated in Australia for stealing client money…

    Some of them got hold of a little knowledge of and started dropping buzzwords like quantum which makes real physicists cringe.

    I once heard Wayne Dyer speak on some show – he was trying to convince a woman who was unemployed that ‘one day she’ll make it to one of his ($900) seminars) and he kept egging her on to scrape up the money to make it..it just made me wince…

    I do believe that visualization helps -its been proven with athletes – and being optimistic, but I don’t need pseudo science and pseudo spiritual hustlers like the new age crowd to tell me that.

  4. Ashley Wills says:

    According to Dr. David R. Hawkins what you hold in mind does naturally tend to manifest into actuality. This isn’t ’caused’ by anything, it’s merely a consequence of our level of awareness in the field of consciousness.

    Like iron filings tend to align themselves when in an magnetic field we to can create the same realities in our lives. We just have to provide the suitable conditions from which actuality can arise from potentiality.

    So I have to agree and disagree. Yes there are practical applications but the impact of these are minor, ultimately you just have to align yourselves with the necessary field from which your desired outcome can occur. (An attachment to this outcome must be surrendered anyway)

    This is way more comprehensively explained in the books and audio programmes of Dr. Hawkins, ‘Power vs Force’ has completely changed my life. Much for the better 🙂

    Oh and ‘A Course in Miracles’ as well



  5. The secret is utter bullshit, yes indeed. Thank you for saying so. All it is, is a “blame the victim” mentality in reverse and gussied up in pseudoscience and stolen mystic references. The SNL skit in which the oppressed and dying people of Darfur were chastised for not having happy thoughts pretty much said it all. Every person associated with it should be ashamed of themselves.

    The only thing the secret proves is that there’s still a sucker born every minute and that there will never fail to be ways to separate him from his money.

  6. Madhypnotist says:

    Well, sure if ya want to fight it, fight away. Look for the color blue, you’ll see it everywhere… even places you have never noticed before. Look for bad things in your life, you’ll find them. However, if you look for positive signs, positive actions, opportunities, they all start to appear. IS it a “Law of Attraction” ? or , is it a tuned awareness ?
    Personally, I like seeing the glass half full.
    Perhaps, your negative thoughts are leading you to believe its…” utter bullshit “

    • SpaceMonk says:

      “The Secret”

      They are Moat Merchants.

      The castle is your goal/dream and as Your Own Will drives you toward it…they lie in wait to meet you as you approach it and tell you that there are no accidents and the universe has put their book, lecture, CD, DVD right into your hands, at the perfect moment that you were ready for it. And it is no accident because they know right where to find you when you are in that particular stage of your evolvement. Their livelihood depends on it.

      The thing is, Your Own Will was going to drive you to where you wanted to be anyway…without their ‘intervention’. But they intercept you, push your buttons, extract from you your time and money, distract you with theatrics, & send you back on your way toward your goal, taking credit for the whole thing. Get it? It’s the snake oil of the New Era.

      If you ask me how to get to Tripville, & I know where Tripville is, it shouldn’t take me more than 5 minutes to impart to you that information and wish you well on your way. I don’t need to lecture you and sell you products and channel entities. I can do some impressions if you need to kill some time, but that’s another post…

      And if these entities are so powerful and wise, can they not expand their contribution to humanity beyond providing an income for one Midwestern couple?

      Your Own Will is the most powerful tool you have access to. Within it lies everything you would ever desire and more. Explore it, develop it and use it.

      As You Will…

  7. I think the Law of Attraction works for all the reasons that you have stated above. When you set an objective and concentrate on it, it changes you.

    I am a Life Coach and I have many clients who come in and complain that they have followed the drill – seeing it – concentrating on it – having it be true now. And it has not worked for them. The dream partner has not arrived. Neither has the job. NADA.

    The problem seems to be that the idea is – that is all you have to do. Just visualize.

    I tell them all. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. Not just think about it. Nothing happens without some action.

    • gnosiscat says:

      We can only manifest according to our depth of consciousness,
      So the pathetic materialistic I WANT I WANT, western sellfishness.
      Will have to deal with the law of KARMA first and foremost.

      They will attract the opposite of what they focus on……..

      Like a FAILSAFE of the cosmos.

  8. The Secret and your explanation that belief leads to action are two different paths to the same result. Many people were put off by The Secret’s mention of quantum physics, historical tie-ins and the Hollywoodish presentation that made change seem instant.

    Your explanation, however, hits on the crux of positive change in a way that everyone can grasp: “When you believe something is something, even marginally, you begin to do a thousand little things differently. You talk to people you’d normally avoid. You ask questions you’d have been to shy to ask. You help people you’d normally ignore. You dress a little better. You interact with more confidence. You carry yourself differently.”

    Once a major goal is reached, like when a seasoned actor wins an Oscar, onlookers like to think they’ve witnessed an overnight success. It only seems that way because they never saw the tiny actions along the way.

    Congrats on another topic that gets folks fired up enough to comment.

  9. Madhypnotist says:

    What ?? Do something ? Cmon, I thought about making two million dollars… isnt that enough ?? lol…

    LAW OF A ttra CTION

  10. Ashley Wills says:

    “All thought is creative”

    Neale Donald Walsch/God

  11. me says:

    “Dr. David R. Hawkins ”
    “Dr” Hawkins got his degree from a diploma mill and his ‘power vs. force book is complete quackery and nonsense..check out the negative reviews on amazon -there are mathematicians that tear his ‘equations’ to shreds -and demonstrate he has no idea what he’s talking about.

  12. Kris says:

    Great article! I feel exactly the same way. I wrote a similar article about The Secret and the so-called Law of Attraction back in September called What to Do When The Secret Doesn’t Work”, partly because I was frustrated by how many people were spending hours sitting around doing nothing but thinking about the things they wished they had, and partly due to an ongoing annoyance at the self-help industry’s misuse of words like “quantum” and “vibration” to make their pseudoscience seem legitimate. What’s even more frustrating is how many people buy those claims without ever questioning them.

  13. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ everyone – wow, looks like I might have trouble keeping up with this one. I know this concept definitely inspires strong opinion on both sides of the aisle.

    Interesting thing me is that, as both a business person who considers himself very practical and a yoga student and teacher, I look at myself as a bit of a skeptical spritualist.

    I am very open to a lot of things that defy modern scientific explanation…but, if it appears to me that there is a very valid, rational, physical explanation, I have to admit to leaning toward that basis.

    I am also an avid physics and quantum physics enthusiast, which seems to make me a bit defensive about a potential twisting of these well- established and emerging fields in an attempt to add credibility to a claim.

  14. Ashley Wills says:

    Surely calling oneself a ‘skeptical spiritualist’ is an oxymoron.

    Essentially it’s saying on one hand one believes in divinity and yet on the other one does not.

    Science can’t explain the non-linear like that which the ‘LoA’ stems from.

    Regarding the concern over Hawkins diploma. He only got his Phd in the early 90s when he was already an old man, and he admits, it just gives him added credence in the publication market.

    If you’d like his to test his credibility as a world renowed Psychiatrist with one of the largest practices in NYC in the last century and actually make an effort to hear his audio work, lectures and read his other books such as ‘Devotional Nonduality’ perhaps you’d see past such minor criticisms and the real impact the truth he delivers holds.



    • Steve says:

      The Secret is Bullshit…my cousin is a nuclear physicist and he lives with quantum physics. To try to tie the Secret in with scientific laws is comparing apples with oranges.

  15. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Ashley – Can’t speak to Dawkins, that was somebody else’s comment. But, with regard to my comment about being a skeptical spiritualist, there’s actually no conflict at all. I may not have been clear.

    It’s probably one of the reasons I am drawn to Buddhism, because the teachings encourage you not to accept what’s being offered as the absolute truth, but to test it, explore it, test it, verify it, kick its wheels and and make up your own mind, rather than follow blindly.

    I am very open to spiritual explanations and experiences. Indeed, I earn a solid chunk of living doing so. But I still feel a strong need to ask where, why, how and when…and I encourage those I play with to do the same.

    Thanks so much for really engaging in the conversation!

  16. “Surely calling oneself a ’skeptical spiritualist’ is an oxymoron.”

    Why? A skeptic is someone who tends to “question or doubt accepted opinions.” This tendency could manifest itself in (among other things) a spirituality which rejects traditional notions of what spirituality entails. That doesn’t describe me, but it is certainly a reasonable possibility.

    “Essentially it’s saying on one hand one believes in divinity and yet on the other one does not.”

    Why? “Skeptical” doesn’t imply the rejection of divinity, and “spiritual” doesn’t imply acceptance of divinity.

    *sigh* I hate terminological illiteracy.

  17. Apologies. That should have read “terminological confusion,” not “illiteracy.”

  18. Ashley Wills says:

    Yes, having read and studies work from the likes of Hawkins & Walsch my frame of references are obviously different.

    For a further discussion concerning the LoA, I can’t recommend the work of both enough. Then maybe we’d put across our points without such fundamental differences.

    I too, used to believe in the practical understanding of how LoA works until recently. Now not so much.

    But anyway, congrats on post that actually compelled me (and my as yet unextinguished ego) to come out and play. I enjoy your blog Jonathan, especially such link-and-comment-bait articles such as this one.



  19. Patrick Badstibner says:

    Thank You for anothewr great post.In keeping with your post there is one more law which is a proven scientific law. That is the law of second thermodynamics. Which basically states that our universe is a closed system, that started in perfect order in is slowly decaying. If this law be true LOA cannot possibly be true, as this law alo effects our body. At what point did a ninety year old man, say I think I shall get old. Whether we like it or not, we will all grow old and die.

    Those who find true success are those who refuse to believe the odds are true, refuse to give up and refuse to give in. Fifteen years ago I was told I had a genetic kidney disease, as well as Menieres Disease, also Genetic, and was told I would never work again. Removed the kidney and disease died down, went on and built a million dollar business. Since I was out of work for over a year and half I had lost everything, even my credit. I started with nothing no money, no credit, to achieve my first paper gross of one million in five years. It had a lot more to do with what I did during that time I couldn’t work, and your post last night than any pshyco babble.

    I now am dealing with Meniere’s severly that it cost me my first business. I am now legally deaf, on SSI and have no balance left. As my Doctors tell me I am a walking invalid, I get around by eyesight only. Yet I have already put in thousand sof hours studying and building my second business.

    When I read how others credit some kinda of psycho babble it makes me angry, and I laugh. I laugh because I know the one crediting it has had to overcome no tremondous hurdle of which was not their own making. Secondly I get angry because I try to come up with what insanity I must be cursed with to have brought this on myself.

    I live by two sayings that push me onward and have more to do with your post last night.

    ” The uncommon man doing the uncommon thing shall meet with uncommon success at the uncommon hour”

    ” Everday and in everyway you must surround yourself with people and things, and place yourself in places that radically challenge the way you think, act, and believe everyday and in everyway”

    Thank you again for another great post

  20. Kae Wagner says:

    Amazing – this post got my attention and I have several friends that I want to send it to and generate a deeper conversation. I think The Secret has validity, but also it doesn’t work for everyone for several reasons. First: We aren’t all wired the same way – some people work intuitively and some work straight from intellect – neither right or wrong, just different wiring. Second: Our expectations in different phases of our lives are different. When we’re young, we’d love a “quick fix to get rich” and as we age – it’s just not as important because we begin to understand the price we pay for everything – whether it’s “free” or not. As Thoreau said “Everything we own, owns a piece of us” or thereby paraphrased. Third: As Ghandi said, there are seven things that wil corrupt us – one of which is “Wealth without work.” This notion of riches from the Internet or elsewhere without earning it is the Secrte gone South. The intent is to be pure of heart and yet, the focus is on money. Fourth: There is nothing wrong with earning a lot of money and also giving it back to your community, your church, your work associates, yourself – it’s just that money, in and of itself, is not the end all. Money gives you choices and that’s its beauty.

    Kae Wagner
    “Do what matters every day and every day will matter.”

  21. Naomi says:

    I read the Law of Attraction by the Hicks and thought the general idea was positive, but it was pretty hokey. I think they just recycled ideas from Napolean Hill and are trying to use this Abraham thing as the source instead. I haven’t seen the Secret yet and don’t have any desire to.

    The main thing that bugged me about it is the blaming the victim attitude. As if kids deserve to suffer because the people around them are attracting negativity. That doesn’t sit right with me.

    I think what makes success in general is a little bit of attraction and mostly attitude. I do think that life gives you opportunities in subtle ways like syncronicities, but later it’s up to you to take advantage of them. However, I also think that if something is really not meant to be, no matter how much you want it, it won’t come or it’ll come in the wrong form.

    So, I agree with many of the comments above. It’s about having a positive attitude, working towards your goals in a direct way, and keeping your eyes open for opportunities. Above all though, you have to actually move, you can’t just be sitting around all day visualizing and thinking things are going to magically come to you.

  22. DrakeMallard says:

    All this you-can-be-rich-and-pretty-and-healthy things reminds me of those exercising machines
    they sell on TV.

    They start telling you that your are about to buy a miraculous machine which will allow you to get thinner with just using it ten minutes a day. Wow! That would be great.

    Yeah, right… Of course when you buy the machine, the user manual states clearly that you won’t get any result unless you engage in a
    low carb-low fat-low calories diet among some other things.

    Maybe, if you are a bit lucky you realize that if you follow that diet, you will get skinner EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE THAT MACHINE.

    The problem here is that people are convinced that good things could happen naturally, just applying a revolutionary new knowledge which -of course- requires almost no effort. Then, when people fail to achieve their goals, the light turns on: they didn’t tried hard enough, they didn’t put as much effort as required, or they didn’t “think correctly”.

    It will NEVER be the revolutionary theory’s fault. If you succeed it’s because we are great, if you fail it’s because you suck.

    Anyway, maybe you can get away with it. You can always become rich by giving seminars about that theory and charge like you’re a genius (Damn! Now that’s a good idea).

    Very nice post.


  23. csantala says:

    Good article & an interesting read. Worrying about my thought patterns and how this event will impact my chances of success is something I just don’t need – to hell with ‘the secret’.

    Visualization, action, commitment seem much more realistic plans of attack than just hoping for the best.

    Yes for sure, positive thinking has its role but you gotta get up off your patoot to get the loot!


  24. Electrical Engineer says:

    I like the secret and find it to work well. It seems to bring perfectly timed coincidences rather then merely psychological positive thinking.

    I don’t buy the use of magnets for the analogy of opposites attract. Magnets attract other magnets and the magnetic flux flows in the same direction. It’s when the flux is in the opposite direction that repulsion occurs. Magnets attract magnets not wood.

    The rest of the article brings some valid points.

  25. Patrick Badstibner says:

    Those that would trust a principle like the secret are the same ones that when faced with an insurmountable obstacle will be the first to whether with the heat of the moment.

    Try telling Lance Armstrong that he just was thinking propely when he battled and defeated brain cancer not once but three times

    Talk to Stevie Wonder about what it is to be served up a constant reminder of his diability.

    Talk to Ali and Michael J. Fox about forgetting about their phyiscal defect.

    It is impossible for anyone that must deal daily with a crippling disease to not be constantly reminded of the effects. Consquently there would never be a time that their energies as defined in the secret would be 100% positive. Then according to the secret their chances of uncommon success at the uncommon hour would be slim to none. I think Lance missed that part.

    “Luck favors the prepared mind”

  26. finally, someone speaks up about the law of attraction. hey i have a secret, law of attration is bullshit.

  27. [Wow, Jonathan, way to tap into the backlash. Your comments are off the hizzay!]

    Scientists have not been able to reconcile quantum physics with (Newtonian) physics. Most of the fun New Age style science is coming out of quantum physics.

    Since what most people believe and what they believe they believe is different, I have never really been upset by the Law of Attraction.

  28. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Everyone – okay, so this article has generated so much gritty substantive commentary in less than a day, I’ve clearly had trouble keeping up. Plus, you all seem to be having a great time “conversationalizing” with each other, I figured I’d wait a bit before jumping in!

    It seems a lot of people have been waiting for someone to offer up a platform to explore the law of attraction in a bit more of an objective way.

    So, at the risk of kicking up even more dust, let me add in something interesting. While I don’t so much buy the law of attraction as a basis for many of the exercises recommended in the movie The Secret, I do believe that many of the “exercises, activities and practices” are valid and will help serve as a catalyst for achieving what you want out of life.

    My discontent lies in the interjection of a mystical basis for these exercises working, followed by the heaping on of quasi-scientific bases that, from my understanding, are not all that defensible.

    In fact, had the movie provided a much more graspable and believable basis in simple human nature, I believe so many more people would’ve not only been willing to explore putting the daily practices into action, but also moving beyond visualizing and thinking to “doing.”

    Of course, stripping away the mysticism and quantum physics would left the producers with a similar batch of personal development tools that have been around for decades. And, we all know…old doesn’t sell.

    I think I’m going to come out with a new movie called…The Truth. Hmmmmm. Nah. Nobody’d ever buy that!

    Thanks to everyone for keeping this conversation going.

    So, who else has something to say?

  29. CatherineL says:

    I believe it works – but I don’t know why. And I’m guessing that anyone who did would be able to solve far greater mysteries than the law of attraction.

  30. […] one of my favorite blog’s, http://www.jonathanfields.com/blog , I read post calling The Secret a lie . His readers then posted comments calling the Law of Attration ridiculous, crap, bullsh–t. […]

  31. Kelly says:

    And it even fooled Oprah! [joke]

    Seriously, the first time I heard of The Secret was on Oprah: After The Show. (Hey, I was flipping through the channels while eating dinner.) The Secret Guy was answering questions and a feeble looking man asked, “but how do you explain or deal with, for example, the war going on right now?” And The Secret Guy said, “That is just it- There is NO war in MY world.” Feeble Man started nodding his head and grinning saying, “Oh, I get it! I get it now!”
    I turned the channel in disgust. If this Secret tunes you out to fellow feeling and being conscious of human suffering then it’s only an excuse to not care unless you are personally being affected by something.

    I also found it interesting that MLM companies (my brother is involved with one) have hired The Secret Guy to speak at their “pump you up” seminars where they could then sell books.

    I then connected a magazine article I read about a movie titled ,”What the bleep do we know?” , which was about quantum physics, and sounded “scientific”. I then checked the movie and one of the people interviewed was Ramtha- the guy that channels from Atlantis! So the point being is that there is some shady side to all of this interrelated stuff, at least in my opinion.

    So, anyhow, I LOVE how you write with such clarity and are able to explain why this is really just mass marketing of emotional/spiritual/psychological snake oil.

  32. bjorn says:

    Great article Jonathan! 🙂

    I’m a pragmatic – the law of attraction might not be an actual law, but if it pays to believe it, why not “believe” it (or at least act as you do).

  33. Fiar says:

    Jonathan, I agree with your assessment. I don’t agree with the spiritual aspect of LOA. It’s a matter of programming and habits.

    I will never do what I am convinced is impossible, because logic tells me it is futility and wasteful to try. I will always do what I KNOW I can do, because it would be stupid not to achieve something I know I can achieve.

    The rest is about setting the programming in my brain to make it happen, coupled with the observation of opportunity.

    As one commenter mentioned, the student recognizes the master when he is ready. When he is not ready, he does not seek counsel from the master, but the master is there either way. What changes is the desire.

    Now, I didn’t read through all the comments here, but I would like to respond to the comment that said, “but how do you explain or deal with, for example, the war going on right now?” And The Secret Guy said, “That is just it- There is NO war in MY world.”

    First, I will agree with your contempt for such a disgustingly self-absorbed response. Second, I don’t subscribe to LOA. See above.

    However, it seems to me, if I did subscribe to LOA as truth, my response would have been that I I experience great struggles with myself, reconciling who I am, and fighting to not accept parts of myself that I don’t like. I would claim that the war is a reflection of the internal battle that I wage.

    Then again, I don’t actually believe that explanation. But it’s how I would have responded to that, or any similar question if I did believe it.

  34. Nez says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I “stumbled” onto your site, and found this post quite fascinating. You display the skills of a critical thinker in dissecting the LOA (not surprising, seeing as you were a lawyer).

    Your discontent with the use of science to “back it up” really says to me you’re against the “pseudo-science” that they use to make people believe it.

    Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark discusses the popularity of pseudo-science in depth.

    Your post also prompted me to do some more research on the LOA, and I came across another blog review:


    The reviewer pointed out other flaws in logic of the so-called LOA.

    All very interesting.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such an enlightening post.

  35. Susan says:

    Dr. Judith Orloff nailed it when she wrote, “positive energy is the first prescription’s formula for success. When you generate positive energy you attract positive things in your life.”

  36. Self Growth says:

    […] I’ve got a secret: the Law Of Attraction is a lie […]

  37. Jill says:

    It’s like the old story about the guy in the projects who prayed to God every day to win the Lottery. He got on his knees every morning an every night and prayed. Yet nothing happened. Then one day, the man got on his knees, thoroughly depressed and disheartened, feeling betrayed. He put his hands up in prayer, and said, “Lord, I have been a good and loyal servant to you. I pray every day, but still I haven’t won the lottery. Why???” And God said, “My son, it would help if you bought a ticket!”

  38. Louis Zaber says:

    The Law of Attraction is just a movie with a concept that made (for) its authors some millions in addition to the millions they had already made from the books and audios that they published with similar ideas. Those people have “attracted” the money from DUMP people’s pockets. That simple!!
    What you, Jonathan, have said about “And, the more you believe, the more likely you are to act…” is correct if you DO act, but that’s not what they mentioned in the movie; they said all you have to do is ‘visualize’ and the universe will take care of the rest!! And the funny thing is that people who believed that nonsense are much more that the unbelievers!!
    I sometimes feel sad to be in the same category with such DUMB people!! Are you asking what category?? Unfortunately, we are both human beings!!

  39. Thank you for this. My friend, Tim Brownson led me to your blog. There really are a number of people out there who are being, and will be, harmed by The Secret. This is not an alarmist point of view. Rather, it is the view of a psychotherapist and author who has heard from many people about how The Secret has reinforced their self-blame for such things as disease (M.S., cancer), for childhood sexual abuse, for rape, for the death of a child, etc. It is important that we speak out about this. Please consider my perspective at http://www.thesecretantidote.com. And please help me distribute “The Antidote.” (The Secret will cost you, but The Antidote is free — on line and free.) Thanks. Thom Rutledge

  40. Tim Brownson says:

    I’m going to follow Thom up on this one. The most annoying thing about all this to me is that the ‘believers’ often tend to look don’t the nose at those people that question the LOA. It’s as though we just don’t get it and there is often a sad shake of the head.
    I loved the movie initially as it allowed me to talk about all sorts of important stuff like meditation and visualization with clients for the first time. Then the backlash, with people giving up because they say The Seceret and just knew that bad luck was heading their way. As JA said, there is NO LAW, it’s a hypothesis or a theory, and should be tretaed as such.
    Thinking positively is a great thing and can help make great things happen, but even positive thinkers get hit by trucks from time to time.

    Good work fella!

  41. Bob Collier says:

    The ‘Law of Attraction’ comes from Abraham-Hicks. It’s okay as a metaphor but that’s about it.

    You might be interested in this from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics:

    The Missing Secrets in The Secret

  42. Oysterman says:

    It seems strange, but when I imagine a vacant parking spot close to the entrance to a store I plan to shop at, more often than not, one is there. It almost makes me a believer in the “law” of attraction.


  43. I love that I’ve found you….. I think we can move mountains, and miracles can happen and what you believe you can achieve.
    That said, a few missing pieces of the secret include:

    Do a reality check. Figure out where you are, and be ok with it. When we are ok with everything exactly how it is, we can move forward at quantum speeds. If we try to ‘push away’ or deny what is in fact a reality, (I don’t have money, I wish I had a big house) then we are in a fantasy land – and that won’t attract anything except more fantasies in our head!..

    Next Step. Do things you love. Even if you have a job you hate, start with finding something that you can love about it. Be nice to your co-worker. Laugh at the funny carpet. Whatever it is, find joy today. Find the joy within.

    Agreeing with Corinne above, then take some action steps to move toward where you want to go, but only after you accomplish the first two. Hold your vision with clarity, excitement, desire and passion. Live in the moment. Be present. Laugh a lot.

    Not secrets – actually teachings from many great spiritual leaders.

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  45. […] Communicate 63. Diversify: your friends, money and interests 64. Talk about ideas, not people 65. Don’t fall into marketable New Age hype 66. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy, so yes, the world does not revolve around you 67. […]

  46. jasmine rose says:

    Your argument does not negate the law of attraction in fact it supports it from a different perspective…here is my initiation experience way back in the 97s…here i was in deep financial s..t no money..married to a man who held the strings to my life…and was forcebly trying to get me deported from his country…i escaped that reality daily within my inner world where all was good and possible..along the way i read people like schati dwayne..one day i saw an add in a magazine a contest to win a brand new toshiba computer..but alas it was only available to us residents…which i was not..my desire kicked in..i really wanted it a brand new computer..i put down the magazine and closed my eyes and visualized myself flowing upward to a place where this computer floated around the ethers and immagined myself grasping it and bringing it back to me…that was it this whole excersise i am describing as i remember it because it was not a conciouse event just a day dream and then it was gone..forgotten..exept for the reality that three months later my son came to visit and brought some newly found friends…whom as a gift for mom brought a brand new toshiba computer…flash back to my day dream…so dont know if that was working according to the law of attraction or the power of visualization…what ever it was it made a believer an practioner out of me…that toshiba gave birth to a multimillion dollar domain name business…thank you for allowing me to share my story.

  47. cary darling says:

    I planned on writing some long drawn out post defending my position, and I realized it doesn’t really matter, I know what I have experienced in my life, and interestingly enough, it didn’t always require action, it just came to me.

    Interesting article, and I thoroughly enjoyed the comments, you stirred up great conversation, and discussion, and for that I am grateful.

  48. […] these little things add up to help you achieve your goal. Essentially, he is saying that you can brainwash yourself, or be brainwashed, either in a good way or a bad […]

  49. […] these little things add up to help you achieve your goal. Essentially, he is saying that you can brainwash yourself, or be brainwashed, either in a good way or a bad […]

  50. […] no magic in dreaming of making more money, regardless of what The Secret tells you (”Secret” lovers, please refrain from flame wars in the comments). Dreaming […]

  51. […] Fields has written an excellent article, giving us a common sense approach to the law of attraction, without the need to invoke ‘pseudo […]

  52. […] Communicate 63. Diversify: your friends, money and interests 64. Talk about ideas, not people 65. Don’t fall into marketable New Age hype 66. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy, so yes, the world does not revolve around you 67. […]

  53. Sceptical Brit says:

    Try this; all of you visualise a one-legged Norwegian dwarf going into a bookshop. Really see him take down a copy of The Secret. Focus on how he snorts with derision before setting fire to it.

    Not going to happen is it? Um..why?

  54. Sceptical Brit says:

    Riddle me this:

    Ten actors audition for the part of Hamlet. They all focus equally intently on their acceptance speech when they get it, on how it will get them that new agent and how they’ll get to sleep with Ophelia on tour.

    Logically, of course, only one of them can get it.

    What did they other nine do wrong?

    • Ignatius Castor says:

      In terms of the law of attraction, the other nine doubted at some point that they would get the part; the one had utmost faith and expectation to the point that (s)he would have been awestruck at not receiving the part.

  55. David Beach says:

    the other nine did nothing wrong. You did. You assumed the nine that didnt get the part did something wrong. They moved on.

    You can get anything you want. But, You can’t get everything you want.

  56. Kevin Joseph says:

    I felt this book used some valuable psychological principles that have been around for many years, as the core of its text. What i found surprising is for a text that classes itself as spiritual there was a total absence in essence in themes such as compassion, wisdom, service, humility, integrity, community, selflessness. I understand the basic premise of “divine art of selfishness” – one needs to have their own house in order before they can fully contribute to and receive from life. But beyond this it seems to tap into inflated narcissism. I have not read or seen any of The Secret. I saw a bit on an Oprah show and the drooling from their self indulgent egoes was enough to turn me off. The USA has such an enormous population (300 million), it only needs someone to tap into 1% of the population that is fragmented, disempowered, alienated, fractured, hurting (and god knows the USA has created a culture of extremes between the inter generational disempowered and entrenched fundamentalism), and it has a 3 million best seller on its hands. What I have also found surprising is that the method of “spiritual wisdom” has not seemed to be openly challenged. I am open to chanelling being an option than can work. But I watched some of the Hick – Abraham on their websites. It reeks of insincerity and commercialism. And the shallow questions that are asked of these supposedly infinite all knowing spritual beings? They seem to be questions and answers that funnell into the Hicks’ narrow and already publicised philosophy of “Think and Grow Rich”. And as I stated earlier these ideas have been around for a very long time – one does not require the mystique of “chanelling” to make them appear from the ethers. That these “beings” didn’t challenge the direction of modernity amazed me. They infact endorsed it as if there is no concern that we have been creating immense and possibly irreversible environmental and cultural destruction to our planet. I imagine fundamentalist fanatics the world over would love the book’s endorsement of violence and war as being the “victim’s” fault. HayHouse Production and Oprah obviously endorse these writers. I thought both may have had some credability. I am open to the good that can come through any form of alternative thought. But either I am getting too skeptical in my maturity or these people really do know how to think and grow rich, at the expense of everything that really matters in life. Thankyou for your website. It’s very real!

  57. […] → Jonathan Fields tells us the Dirty Secret of Overnight Success. Be sure to see the other dirty secret that Jonathan reveals. You don’t want to miss […]

  58. Hey Jonathan!

    Long time no speak. Yet again I truly enjoyed your article. I love your ponderings :)!
    I remember when I first saw ‘The Secret’ during our teacher training at Sonic. (What inspiring times :)! I am eternally grateful for you and Lauren for that experience.) Does it have anything to do with all this quantum physics hooplah? Honestly, I don’t know. The good thing about this law is that it makes people take 100% responsibility for their actions and their experience. It empowers people to do, be, and act from where they want to be. This creates a sense of abundance and creativity that allows them to feel more fulfilled and in the flow of things. It’s all about perception, and shifting our paradigms to those that are more pro-active and bear good fruit so that we have a more pleasurable life.

    Opposite, not taking 100% responsibility for our experience induces feelings or fear, inadequacy, causes inaction, and feelings of being victims of our environment.These make us less likely to take on opportunities, and less likely to see the abundance that is really in front of us.

    I believe your postulation has great truth. In any case, come on productive self brainwashing, and come on good feelings :). As long as I am in the flow and am enjoying life, that is what counts.

    Check out: http://www.cocreatingourreality.com. I am on day 3 of the 100 day reality challenge. You record yourself for 100 days while you put into practice the universal laws and principles of attraction, deliberate creation, the law of allowing, and the law of action. For what its worth, this experience is helping me become more focused and clear in my intentions. Its creating feelings of abundance, and gratitude. I don’t think things are popping up out of thin air. I think I am now more receptive and open to experiences and hence I am noticing more opportunities to play and achieve my goals with. I realize the world has so much opportunity and enough love, money, and sustenance for everyone. You just have to open yourself up to see it and experience it. Here is to exploring, shifting perceptions, and taking ownership of our experience. It’s all about self-study :)!

    By the way check out mimicry neurons: http://drx.typepad.com/psychotherapyblog/2008/02/mimicry-httpwww.htm This might be some scientific evidence that may prove that like attracts like in humans. It may be the reason that we sometimes strongly connect with strangers and why we get negative “gut” feelings about others. So if you are in a certain state of mind you might attract others that have your similar beliefs, goals, and ways of being. So who knows. It might be, it might not be. All we can do is create our experience this very moment and all other pieces will fall where they may.

    Much love and peace!

  59. […] given a big boost by what Clay Collins calls The Cult of Abundance, all fueled by the hype behind The Law Of Attraction.  For far too many people who have purchased The Secret and bought into the madness therein, a […]

  60. […] positive thinking sure hit a nerve with a lot of people – especially those who see through “The Secret” for the insane marketing madness that it is.  Looking on the bright side of life can get […]

  61. […] I’ve got a secret: the Law Of Attraction is a lie […]

  62. linda smith says:

    The woman who makes the most sense, Abraham Hicks, was deleted from the Secret. The Secret made no sense until I found her deleted scene. If you go to youtube you can find the clip. The Law of Attraction is spiritual and only the Secret tried to use this flimsy physics thing to convince people. It is not about physics it is about the non physical and the spiritual. It does work. I have had it work and it happened in a way that has no earthly explaination. Its not always consistant and its much deeper than jsut getting something material. It can be life changing and I wouldn’t advise entering into it lightly. Its a spiritual power and it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I had to back off. It was getting too trippy for me. If I told you the freaky things that started happening to me you would think I was a nut. I’m just going to say its a lot bigger than it seems on the outside.

  63. Geneva says:

    Like all of you, I was skeptical about the idea of The Secret. All I can share is my own experience, I started visualising and practicing positive thinking as soon as I read the book, I also watched the movie. The first week, I was feeling great and felt good about life itself and is more aware about my surroundings. During this time I was also looking for a job. I put a lot of time in being positive everytime I go for interviews, the moment a bad thought pops up I try and brush it away and start focusing on happy thoughts. In the second week, nothin is happening, I was still jobless and havent had much opportunities presented to me. My faith was starting to shake thinking I was doing something wrong.
    I then tried to deeply meditate and asked my inner self to give me a sign if I was doing something wrong, whether to follow the principles of The Secret or not.
    As soon as I started my day, a boyfriend didnt turn up for our date, I was given a ticket by a policeman for my car tinting being too dark, I saw a text msg that was not meant for me but was about me (another person actually dislikes me) My phone drowned in a cup of coffee, I then used another old phone and the charger was taken off me, then a person that I havent seen for a long time rang me saying he wants to return something that belongs to me that has no value- meaning a great inconvinience for me. All of the above happened in four hours.
    I know what everyone is going to say next, I am focusing on the bad things that is happening to me. I tried to stay positive the whole time, even watched a comedy show to forget my frustration.
    The Law of Attraction states that you attract bad things if you think of bad things. I havent had any bad thughts since I started practicing The Secret and why is this now happening to me?
    Could my inner self be saying its all a load of BULL?

  64. Billy says:

    I don’t know, babe. I’ve had some pretty freaky success with the law of attraction.

    For example, there is a person who comes to my house every week on the same day. She ALWAYS shows up. I mean ALWAYS.

    After seeing The Secret, I visualized an empty house for the day, and repeated over and over to myself that the house will be empty tomorrow.

    Guess what babe?

    She didn’t show up!


    If that’s not proof of the Law Of Attraction, I don’t know what is.

    This isn’t something that I set out to accomplish at all. This is something that I would have previously thought I had no control over (unless I call and ask her not to come, of course, which I didn’t).

  65. Jeff Flowers says:

    While you make some very strong points, I wouldn’t say it’s a complete lie.

    I mean, the Law of Attraction can basically be defined as – “If you keep a positive attitude, positive things will happen… And the same goes for if you keep a negative attitude.”

    I don’t believe that “the Universe” is going to bring you whatever material goods it is you’re focusing on, but I do believe that if you’re a good person, then good things will happen.

    Truth is, we all believe in what we want, and there are many people out there whom believe that the Law of Attraction is helping them in their life. Who are we to tell them that they are wrong, when they believe it’s working for them.. ?

  66. Sweden says:

    Hey… Interesting article.
    I do belive in the law of attraction – though the part of “likes attracts likes” also made me think of magnetic things where the opposite occurs.

    I think the biggest “proof” that the law of attraction exists is the place-bo effect.
    It is proven and documented that people does cure themself with their thoughts without medicine. How else would you explain the place-bo effect? 🙂

  67. PJ says:

    I’ve found that a variant on some jungian psychology, referred to as ‘archetype’ work (ref Edwin Steinbrecher’s Inner Guide Meditation) have had literally mindblowing ‘reality-effects’ when done properly. The psychological resistance to doing them once the ego figures this out is another story, but as a mental tech of sorts it’s quite impressive. I am not sure why this works, though; perhaps the ‘dream symbology’ amounts to a form of inner psychotherapy that re-tunes one’s attention and inspiration. Some people attribute something cosmic to it; and it’s fun and less limited to use that model; but I don’t really know. I’m more a tech than anything else though; if it works, I’m good with that; theory can come later.

    I studied hypnosis for years, particularly self-hypnosis, and was always impressed with what my mind could do as long as it understood what I truly wanted. Often visualization was the best route to that. I once briefly studied with a doc who had some great success with physical and psyche issues, and he often used visualization that included what some part of the body looked or functioned like (such as the amygdala gland); that seemed like a good idea to me.

    I have often felt that the derisive dismissal of the “placebo effect” was surreal; good grief, if you can get people to improve their health, even heal cancer, with a placebo effect, then rather than dismissing that (why? because it doesn’t make anybody money??), why aren’t we studying how to deliberately “bring about more of the placebo effect”? That effect proves that the mind has stunning potentials we haven’t got even a small handle on yet.

    My personal philosophy is definitely on the mystic (Jane Roberts) side, though at one time I was a skeptic. (“You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.” Seth, session 617) When I find some other framework that actually explains even a fraction of my spontaneous personal experiences, maybe I’ll consider that instead, and I hope it’s easier to defend to my friends than some channeled entity via a middle aged poet frankly. That philosophy holds that the “belief systems” of the individual are what “construct reality”. Working in this framework has done more for me than nearly anything else in my life, so I’m tempted to say even if it’s not true, acting as-if it were, perhaps by luck, accident or corroboration with something more practical, is still a good thing.

    I think if one removes all ‘assumptions’ about ‘why’ this is — god spare me the chronic over- and incorrect- use of the word ‘quantum’ — that the simple-in-words, but complex in implementation, issue of beliefs determining observation, action and reaction, might well account for most of that being true even without reaching for something more woo-woo as reasoning. I don’t really care ‘why’ it works; if I believe it can, and I try it, and it does, then yes, I could outsmart myself by being all intellectual and not ‘deigning’ to believe it, but who really benefits from that? If something has a chance of working well, I’m willing to suspend disbelief to try it.

    The point being that sometimes things work but not for the reasons we think. I agree with the commenter who said you have to ‘do’ something, not just think about it, but that’s in part because I believe the act of ‘do’-ing helps make changes to psychological belief systems.

    And I’ve seen archetype work have radical changes with no physical actions (or even time for them) going on. It is that which makes me think that no matter what my skeptic side (OK, I’m down to only about 10% skeptic at this point, but since I operate in fields where people have that in near homeopathic dilutions, it’s still something!) thinks about the power of ‘belief’ — and by power I mean the power to change YOU, and it is YOU who change your reality — I have still observed and experienced something that is a little more than that, particularly the intensifying of ‘convenient synchronicity’, that I can’t attribute to the basic physical stuff.

    I won’t call it quantum, but my lack of a good word won’t make me dismiss my experience with it either. I will totally agree that probably 98%+ of such “psychologies” work for basic psychological and physical reasons — not for anything involving the deeper vibrations of the universe or whatever. But I think there’s a little extra there that the practical explanations haven’t yet explained. Maybe they will someday.

    Either way, if something WORKS for someone, that’s what they should be doing. If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else. So for all the people that have found The Secret inspiring, or The Law of Attraction useful, more power to ’em — whatever works! Some people psych themselves up by imagining they are successful CEOs. Some people do it by imagining that angels are smiling on them, or that they are harmonizing the forces of nature, or they are harmonically matching the frequencies of a hypothetical ‘Field’. Maybe the real technology is in the human mind and we can model it however we like. Whatever works!


  68. I couldn’t agree with your analysis more. The only secret is now OUT. 😉

  69. Alan Diaz says:

    I don’t know if it is real or not. I watched the movie and tried it. It seemed to work on the surface level and then a few days / week later it fell apart. It’s so hard to study it in a scientific way but overall I’d say it’s a fake.

  70. emfederin says:

    I agree in principle with your post, so I won’t bother commenting on it. I do have a semantics problem, however.

    You stated “What if it wasn’t a law at all, but really just a theory or hypothesis”

    Laws and theories both lie at the top of the heap. In general, laws tend to explain why things happened, theories explain how things happened.

    Laws are quantatative tools used to measure and predict phenomena. Theories are qualitative concepts that describe how something came to be.

    Laws and theories overlap to some extent. Theories are often supported by laws, laws are sometimes derived from theories.

    But you can take this to the bank regarding both laws and theories: BOTH ARE ACCEPTED AS FACT.

    A hypothesis is an educated guess. It is in NO way equivalent to a theory. However, all theories start off as hypotheses. It is a scientific duty to falsify hypotheses. If a hypothesis cannot be faslified, and if other data fits well into the hypothetical model, then over time it becomes so robust that it becomes promoted to theory – it becomes accepted as fact.

    If a theory or hypothesis can be falsified JUST ONCE, it goes up in smoke. It’s dead and gone.

    Do not confuse “scientific theory” with the vernacular “theory”. If you can’t find your keys and you tell a scientist that “my theory is termites must have eaten them like they ate my garage”, the scientist will call you an idiot, that your “hypothesis” is NOT a “theory”, it’s a freagin “wild guess” that is easily disproven.

    You may think I’m making much ado about nothing but I think it’s important. And at the risk of sounding like I’m christian bashing, I just want to say that never in my life have I ever seen the basic concepts of laws, theories and hypotheses so misused and abused, so sliced and diced, so sullied and muddied as those found in the absurd arguments between so-called creationists and evolutionists.

    Laws are facts. Theories are facts. Hypotheses are considered and educated guesses.


  71. luckyone says:

    I find this article rather interesting, I am a believer in the law of attraction, Because I’ve practiced it my entire life (the method that is.) I only recently realized people were writing about it and calling it “the secret”

    I have to say, you have very valid points in this article, I agree that believeing something whole heartedly doeas lead to small changes in behavior and attitude that do help you in attaining your goals, but you have failed to address why it’s working for people when their actions will not affect the outcome.

    A couple of things have occured in my life, some that don’t even relate to me, but relate to others, It seems whatever I need or desire to happen for myself and for others simply happens, and often times in a better form than I had requested.

    My opinion is that yes perhaps the scientific explainations are a bit of a stretch, It really is the reason all of this stuff sells, Perhaps this law of attraction stuff has an explanation yet we can not yet begin to understand or explain, It’s only humble to admit we don’t know everything there is to know.

    I believe, not because I’m told to, but because I’ts works for me.

  72. Fiar says:

    You will observe what you expect to observe. There’s nothing mystical about that. Everything else is just hacking the programming to change the expectation or the focus of the observation.

    but you have failed to address why it’s working for people when their actions will not affect the outcome.

    Actions always affect the outcome. I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

  73. […] does work, and what is nicely described in a post by Jonathan Fields, entitled:  ”I’ve got a secret: the Law Of Attraction is a lie“, is taking action in a way that: you start behaving differently; people start perceiving […]

  74. Lloyd says:

    Thank you everyone for such engaging dialogue and intelligent thought.

    Many solid points are made for both sides of this debate, however, the majority of responses are taking a polerized position. This is a complex concept which challenges our understanding of reality.

    Here are a couple points that can help with our ability to reason through this.
    First, be aware that it seems we are stepping into the dawn of a new age for mankind. We now have two major elements available to us that foster this. One being an explosion of scientific insights, observations, discoveries, etc. This is happening now at an exponential rate. Another being the most efficient information and connecting medium humans have ever known, the internet (this being the most powerful of many new technological abilities). Very much like one of the greatest growth spurts in our history. I’m referring to the era of the Helinization of the world. With the introduction of roads connecting every part of the known world, a commonly spoken language (Koine Greek), a new ability of thought (philosophy and the introduction of cause and effect), humanity rapidly advanced. Since then we have had to redefine or enhance our understanding of reality frequently, ie once our world was flat, the sun use to revolve around the Earth, etc…
    Second, to assume we are now so aware of all the intricacies that govern our universe and how we interact with it is foolish and only places false limits on us. Modern sciences are revealing new understandings which like it or not once again challenge the very definition of our reality. It is always our natural tendency to reject ideas that do not fit within our existing mental framework if they seem to be “incompatible” with what we “know” to be true. Keep in mind Galileo was prosecuted and nearly put to death for challenging our former concept of reality.
    Furthermore, the size of our universe is yet beyond our ability to quantify, on top of this modern sciences tell us that the tangible and visible element of the entire universe is only the tip of the iceburg.

    With all of this being said let us stop oversimplifying and placing assumptive definitions on such a complex suggestion as the law of attraction.

    I do not understand the LOA nor do I know to what degree I accept it.

    Since when must we understand somthing for it to be real or not? For less than two hundred years we have understood electricity but ever since the origin of life it has been used in every cell to live. Consider in the short time we have become aware of its funtion how powerfully electricity has changed our existence.

    There have been some very flawed arguments put forward in trying to negate the LOA. It is impossible for a shady person, an inacurate documentary, or obvious promotion for greed, to have any affect on whether or not the LOA is real.

    The whole magnet deal is a very poor argument. Magnets actually are a very powerful example of how two like objects attract one another. Set two strong magnets on a surface one inch apart and see what happens.

    Just because one tries to engage the LOA and it seems to fail does not disprove it. Other variables must also be considered for why it did not work.

    What is so hard to concieve about the idea that there may be a complex set of rules for how it does work and that it must also work with other existing laws too? Consider that we know gravity and accept this in our understanding reality. Now when we send a shuttle to space you could ignorantly say that gravity must not exist because that shuttle was not bound to Earth by it. The truth is gravity was still at work but other forces of power had greater strength, therefore gravity’s force became secondary to a stronger energy.

    Who’s to say that goal sitting, practice, study, hardwork, and action which bring desired result into reality is not proof of the LOA? Is not every single one of these a focused energy? Did not all of it start from nothing more than a thought?

    In fact I have a really hard time understanding how anyone can call it bullshit when we use this method already in the tangible forms we have to bring thought into reality. An artist concieves of an image and then paints it into reality using the tools and ability he knows. It seems to me at least to some degree the LOA is self evident and undeniable. It is simply explaining ways we already know and trust to bring potential reality into kinetic reality.

    And yes there is the part of LOA that suggests there are other methods beyond what we currently use or understand for thoughts to become reality. If the news polls are correct over 70% of Americans believe in the power of prayer to affect reality. Hmmm… In fact several well documented, and repeated experiments proven that prayer is producing degrees of the desired effect.

    What about the Placebo pill? Also documented fact. The belief of the patient is actually affecting physical existence of his cells.

    What about all the people who are claiming to have some success with the LOA?

    I think we too often get locked into our current view of reality. For example we consider matter to be a fixed reality and even the basis of reality, but modern science now tells us that this is not so. Everything solid is truly a manisfestation of energy. E=mc2 anyone.

    The truth that modern science is offering us now does fly in the face of our traditional beliefs. Everything is energy. Everything does have a frequency. These are facts.

    Quantom Physics. Newtonian physics no longer function properly once we observe the quantom level because Newtonian physics are based on mass. Energy is what we have found to be the building blocks of mass.

    Electrons do not orbit the nucleus as we once thought but rather teleport around the nucleus.
    Now we have even been able to teleport molecules.

    The Divine Matrix is an energy field discovered by Max Plank. This energy is observed to be a part of everything and that everything is connected to everything by this energy field. The implication that everything actually is connected certainly does offer more feasibility for how the law of attraction might be working at the quantom level.

    I do not like the mystical concept of it either. “The Secret’s” suggestion that we wish and we get is ludicrous. But many other concepts The Secret conveys are valuable.

    I simply cannot deny the world, and my life, is full of instances that verify the LOA.

    I am a salesman. I track my numbers everyday so I can put them into a spreadsheet which returns statistical data about my work. At times when my personal energy-focus is peaked the positive probabilities of circumstances I have no control over actually increase.

    All I know is there is definately somthing there. Let’s see where these new sciences take us.

  75. Right on Jonathan!

    I like the controversial lead, the disruption followed by the mending and reframe.

    And we all know–or should–that the Secret stuff, while less “true” than generally indicated, is nothing more than a big marketing job.

    That doesn’t mean it’s bad… that’s what makes it a successful, if not “good”, marketing “job.” It’s generally a good thing for people to think about… teaches them in an overhyped, slightly pornographic fashion that your thoughts matter and you can create your life.

    Both true.

    In Strength,

  76. Adam L says:

    This was a great read, and really invigorated me to think about the law of attraction and its validity. After contemplating what Jonathon has said as well as some of the other people on this blog, I have concluded that at this time, it is very difficult to prove if the law of attraction exists or not using current scientific methods.

    From my experience, I believe it does exist, but maybe not in the form the Secret attests to, but in a form similar to what Jonathon has mentioned above. I do think it is highly probable it exists considering the well documented studies on the effects of prayer and meditation as well as the research of PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research), which basically shows that our intentions can impact outcomes in random events. Considering meditation, prayer and the law of attraction are generally intention based; I expect there is some sort of facility which science has yet to explain which will likely be able to explain the law of attraction. Just because the laws of physics or science cannot explain something, does not mean it does not exist.

    Adam L.

  77. jaky says:

    know what! if you think it’s useless, it will become useless for sure. you bring about, what you think about.
    anyways, now that’s it’s not going to work for you , I feel pathetic about you and your life. Please God. Help this guy

  78. […] usual, Jonathan Fields rocks the boat with his profound logic and unique perspective on the things that shape our lives. […]

  79. Szandor says:

    Yheeee wath if, wath if, and wath if, i tell you wath you believe iss, and wath if iss not.

    If it is not posible to do it the way you have te do it, Than it most be done in the way it can.

  80. Jen says:

    I think that it’s as simple as this… if you focus primarly on your goals, you’re more likely to act on them.

    No magic involved.

  81. […] these little things add up to help you achieve your goal. Essentially, he is saying that you can brainwash yourself, or be brainwashed, either in a good way or a bad […]

  82. […] Communicate 63. Diversify: your friends, money and interests 64. Talk about ideas, not people 65. Don’t fall into marketable New Age hype 66. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy, so yes, the world does not revolve around you 67. […]

  83. Kelly Diels says:

    ummm, yeah, what you said. Imagining requiring ‘proof’ to accept a so-called scientific law. Just who do you think you are?

    Excellent. Seriously excellent. I wrote about the LoA being an absolute crock and a tautology, but you said it much, much better. Thanks!

  84. My opinion,

    The Law of Attraction (LoA) is bullshit when it: screws people over not only by dishonest marketing (pseudoscience), but also by disconnecting them from their subconscious and negative emotions, and fostering self-blame.

    I’ve written about these pitfalls here:

    And this applies to most if not all of what’s out there about the LoA.

    However, LoA as an idea that needs to be explored and refined through scientific inquiry — I am more in favor of than the dogma of materialism. Because I’ve had enough exposure to academia to know that there are big questions many brain scientists just simply avoid — it’s much easier to uphold a scientific theory of materialism than try to answer the hard questions about consciousness and causality, and the quantum level.

    And just to clarify, someone said that theories are facts. This is not true.

    Scientific theories are frameworks for synthesizing, analyzing, and generating new facts. They are by no means 100% complete. A theory cannot be proven — only improved and built upon.

    So Jonathan, I like how you strip down the main message of LoA and show all its positivity and potential for change. And like you, I am open to the quantum line of reasoning (which I’m slowly starting to research)– but the current pitch of LoA is still pseudoscience. Doesn’t mean it will always have that status, however.

  85. Lianne says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Jonathan. I basically agree with what you’ve said here, that it is a change of mindset which leads to a change in beahviour that leads to results. However, I don’t think your “like repels like” is any more true than “like attracts like”. Both exist in nature. Also – if two tuning forks are struck simultaneously they will each affect the vibration of the other – so that refutation isn’t very strong either.

    If you would like to back up you argument here more solidly you should check out the work of Richard Wiseman:




  86. I am with you on the “Law” term and its validity, but also agree that the end result is what it is. Harkening back to days of Jesus and far before great sages have pointed out that which we can sort of innately feel to be true, that what we think about expands. I think few people would argue with that. Now, the explanation of “why” this is true, I agree is still an open debate with elements of both spiritual and neurological discussion. But for me, it doesn’t matter. Its almost like common sense that I what I think about expands, and so, I spend effort conditioning myself to think about what I want, what I’m grateful for, and changing my thoughts when I catch them harboring on something I don’t want. And that really works for me, for whatever reason…

  87. Duane Spears says:

    I wonder, “Why do I do what I do, when I know what I know.”

    What is the sub-conscious mind and what is the conscious mind? What roles do they play in our lives? Is there a force in the universe that creates? What is that force and where does it reside? Can it “see” without eyes?

    What does thinking have to do with creating? Why did a writer in the Bible write, “faith without works is dead”? “Don’t just be a hear of the word, but a doer of the word.”

    What did Jesus mean, when he said, “Whatever you ask in my name, believing, you shall have.”

    What did Christian D. Larson mean when he wrote this passage in his book “The Great Within” in 1907. I quote, “Nothing is impossible; the great within is limitless — the inexhaustible source of everything that may be required for the highest development and the greatest accomplishments in human life, and whatever we may direct the within to produce, the same will invariably be produced.”

    Allow me one more quote, “Develop greatness by awakening the great within, and that power that can produce anything and realize anything will be gained.

    “Development is gradual and does not simply consist in the unfoldment of added power and capacity, but also in the full tangible use of that power and capacity.

    Here is the key to the LOA.

    “To proceed orderly toward greatness direct the subconscious to express what may be necessary to take the next step forward; concentrate all the forces of mind upon that step, and do not scatter mind over realms and spheres that are beyond that step; do now what you are doing now, and be satisfied to realize what can be realized now.

    “Proceed with the second step in the same way and, likewise, with the innumerable steps that are to follow. This is true Progress.”

    Is the LOA a lie? I don’t know, however I believe there is truth to the above as well as to the LOA.

    Many authors have written on the subject of this force that is in us and that we live in. I believe that force is real and does work within each of us to the degree that we believe it works.

    Actually, it seems like a perfect system to me. Everyone is getting exactly what they are expecting on a subconscious level which is influenced by what we think and act upon on a conscious level.

    Another question is do you believe in self-submission or self-supremacy?

    I wish everyone the best with whatever beliefs they believe to be true, because you are proof the LOA is working as it was designed to work.


    Duane Spears

  88. I like this line:

    “Over time, as that conditioning takes root through repetition, your belief in success leads you to act differently on many levels and take actions you’d never have taken.”

    Another thing to keep in mind… A big problem of the LOA is that it conveys that when bad things happen, they happy because of people’s thoughts.

    That, of course, suggests that victims created their situation by their thoughts.

    Ridiculous of course. We live in a world of free will. If someone decides to hurt another and succeeds, it’s not because of the victims thoughts. It’s because of the actions of the perpetrator. And, after all, that’s the one responsible for the action.

  89. Bryan R says:

    Well i believe that the law of attraction does not state that you will just get what you want from just thinking about it. I believe that it is to strive for what you really want it life and to pull yourself to it instead of just saying i cannot do that or i am not worthy. Therefore i do believe that just thinking of something will not get you something but telling yourself to work for it instead of just sitting around saying i cant do that. I believe that that is the deeper meaning of the law of attraction

  90. sunada says:

    I’m a little late to the party here, but I wanted to add my voice to the mix. I recently wrote in my own blog about this topic, based on the words of the Buddha. While I do thing there are common points between LOA and Buddhism, it DOES need to be rethought a bit!


  91. […] – I’m not the first guy to say stuff like this. Jonathan Fields talked about this over a year ago, but with more scientific reasons. And I’m using the […]

  92. Ignatius Castor says:

    While the proposed scientific explanations thus far don’t fully support a thing like the law of attraction, I’m not so quick to dismiss it as optimism vs. pessimism – though this may very well be the case. Recent theories and discoveries in physics seriously call into question things like linear time and space-exclusivity (i.e. electrons and other elementary particles may occupy several locations at once, or several particles may occupy the same space), and experiments in teleportation technology have yielded phenomena in which two unrelated particles interact with one another over a seemingly impossible distance, beyond the limit of electromagnetism. If one goes so far as to consider String Theory or Loop Quantum Gravitation, large spans of space suddenly become intimately connected, and quantum vibrations may indeed harmonize with other elements of reality.

    The crux of the issue is that the law of attraction, at times, SEEMS to work with absolutely no physical effort. I’ve done it myself, with things as simple as what I eat for dinner and who I’ll run into today. It was my own skepticism that led me to test the “law,” which I’m wont to concede is really a “law” and not some misunderstanding of a larger phenomenon. I was torn between the optimism-pessimism explanation and the metaphysical manifestation explanation, and I saw the real determinant as whether or not I could literally “draw” or “attract” things to me without seeking them out myself. The truth is this was a meaningless endeavor, since every action taken could unwittingly bring me to my goal.

    One last explanation I’ve come up with is rather out-there, but is again based on theory supported by some physicists. I won’t go into it here, but it involves multiverse theory and the splitting of matter into second-order time. The big picture, if accurate, has profound implications for conceptualization of the self, God, and universal equality, as well as explaining many mysterious religious texts. It’s a big picture I’m still working on, but once I’ve got it down, I’ll let it loose…

  93. Fiar says:

    Wow! This thread is still causing quite a stir.

    Johnathan, I would say that the best way to sum up the Law of Attraction is that it IS a lie, but if you pretend that it is true, most likely it will be. I’m somewhat paraphrasing Richard Bandler there. He would begin a seminar by stating, “Everything we are about to tell you is a lie, but if you act as if it is true, most of the time you will find that it works.” Or something like that. Generalizations are lies, because they are not ALWAYS true. Therefore, it’s a lie. However, generalizations exist because they are GENERALLY accurate. Just not always.

    This post boils down to stating that although the law of attraction is a lie, it mostly works. Regardless of whether it works for the reasons that they state, or for some other reason.

    It mostly works.

    Just not always.

    So it’s a lie.

  94. David Beach says:

    lol..Interesting Fiar… so… I can also assume Medicine is a lie.

    I dont disagree with you.. mind you, just find that to be the oddest leap of logic…

    Faith can not be described as a lie, yet using your logic… I assume it is.

    Perhaps love… and war as well 😉

    • Fiar says:

      The question is whether it works most of the time, and if it does, is that useful? The point is that if the answers are: Yes it works. Yes it’s useful. Then it doesn’t matter why it works, or how, or if there are exceptions. It is useful, so use it.

      Does medicine work? Is it useful? How about Faith? You can answer for yourself, but I would say they both would answer yes on both questions. Just substitute whatever you want. Ask if it works and if it’s useful. If yes, then there’s no downside to believing in it.

      If it’s not useful, or it doesn’t work, then it is stupid to believe in it.

  95. […] all these little things add up to help you achieve your goal. Essentially, he is saying that you can brainwash yourself, or be brainwashed, either in a good way or a bad […]

  96. Rina says:

    the only vibrations I’m feeling come from my vibrator lol, if somethings too good to be true it usually isn’t

  97. Sherwin Ree says:

    I’ve trying to find a blog like this before. Alas, I got into your page.

  98. m7amad says:

    even though the law of attraction did not effeciently work for me (and that is because i am not really feeling the real feelings of having my stuff now), i believe that the secret always works because the job of every human is to seek for happiness , so there should be a way for seeking happiness and i think that when every one know that the law of attraction requires him to really believe that he will achieve his goals (and not just visualizing few images of what he want)plus action , he wiil achieve his goals and this what the secret teachers insist on.

  99. Kelley says:

    Law of attraction.. Lol.. Next someone will say that there is a savior who can walk on water and heal the blind.

  100. Jdowns says:

    I do believe that the Law of Attraction has validity. I also must say that I believe it is potentially dangerous to publish this knowledge so freely. In former times, initiates who aspired to learn the secrets of the Ninja, gung-fu, etc. were put through a trial period. For instance, the master would give the aspirant certain chores to perform faithfully for a period of time. Usually, these duties were lowly and humbling. This was a test to weed out those whose motivation for learning the arts were for personal gain or power. The masters knew that these egoistic individuals would never be able to complete these humble servant type duties, and would likely quit in exasperation. Those whose motives were pure would likely persevere, and in time be made a true apprentice having proven him or herself. The masters knew that not only was it dangerous to teach these secrets to those with nefarious motives, they also knew that this knowledge could also potentially harm those who undertook these teachings without guidance from a true master. Today, in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, this knowledge is sold on the open market. Chee-gung, and Feng-shui are examples. This knowledge should never be made available unless it’s taught under the direction of a true master. In the book The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, they postulate that through the law of attraction you attract whatever is your dominant vibration, whether it is good or bad. What is the danger in this revelation? By revealing this you can place a tremendous burden upon an individual. The revelation that we are responsible for every event in our lives is tremendous. This could basically nullify an innocent readers conception of God. His or her belief in an omnipotent being who protects, has a plan for their life, and has their best interests at heart,could instantly be shattered. This could leave them in a frozen state psychologically. Suddenly, they are faced with the tremendous burden of taking responsibility for their lives. It is fact that certain human beings are naturally stronger than others physically. For instance, one individual may be able to press 300 lbs., whereas another only 150 lbs. In the same sense, some individuals are naturally stronger mentally than others. One individual may be able to handle the awesome shock of having to take responsibility for the creation of his or her life, and another may not. Do you see the potential danger in this? An individual having read this book may not have the wherewithal or even the ability to control or stop his or her negative train of thoughts. The revelation of this Law of Attraction could actually prove to be a death sentence in some cases. Bear with me for a minute if you will. For example, a person who had not previously read this book, may be one who suffers from a recurring nightmare or belief that someone or something is out to kill him or her. I know this is an extreme example, but I believe it is entirely possible. Then he or she reads about the basic premise of the Law of Attraction “like energy or vibration attracts like energy, whether it’s good or bad”. Now, he or she may be placed in that frozen state I spoke of formerly. His or her previous conception of a protective God or guardian angel is now shattered. And this paranoid and recurring thought they always had grows and grows until it possibly becomes reality and a tragedy. I know this is an extreme example, and maybe even a little far- fetched. But, I use this to illustrate the dangers of revealing certain knowledge without the proper guidance to go along with it. This is why the ancient masters subjected prospective inititates to the long initiation process they did. It is my belief that certain knowledge is not meant to be commercialized. We could debate the validity of the Law of Attraction indefinitely. But the revelation of the Law of Attraction may in fact be a blessing from Infinite Spirit to us, but it can also be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. Fire heats our homes, cooks our food etc, but it can also destroy when out of control or in the wrong hands. Our government has what it calls Top Secret Information for similar reasons. For the revelation of such information could prove harmful to the individual and collective psyches of the masses, potentially causing mass panic and chaos. Whether or not God truly exists is something that can be debated. But there are certain members of our society who do believe in God whether they call him Jesus, Krishna, Allah, or any other name. The revelation of a law such as the Law of Attraction could potentially shatter these fellow members of our societys conception of God. As God in psychological terms is akin to a beneficent parent to us human beings. He is one who protects, provides, provides a plan for our lives etc. The shattering of this perceived role God plays in their lives could lead to those believers being left in a kind of limbo, a vaccum. And nature abhors a vaccum, and she will faithfully rush to fill them. And in filling this vaccum, it could lead to negative beliefs that via the Law of Attraction manifest outcomes that prove disastrous for these individuals.

  101. RJ says:

    You don’t believe in the law of attraction? Just look at all this stuff you have attracted from a simple headline. Look!

  102. Mark says:


    I first thought this was it, The Secret that would change my life.
    But in fact, after I started using the secret tools, it got me losing everything I had build up in my life and I mean everything.
    Second I also joined some secret forums and one of them is The Power of the law of attraction website and when i started a topic about that the secret isn’t working the way they tell you too, I ve got really huge fights with all the people there, they fell over me, like flies on cows, I got banned there because I was the first who talked against them all.
    I think the realy die-hard people of the LOA are dangerous people.
    So I trew all away and got out of everything that has to do with the loa and now I will see how my life will go on.
    Because before i started using that crap, I had everything I wishes for, even when I was negative or so, I got it all, when I started to be positive about everything, I got nerves all over in my body en lost everything that was dear to me, even the love of my life…..

    So my advise is: Stay away from everything that has to do with those dangerous, money horny people from the loa

  103. katriona says:

    I say just do what works for you. If you call it Law of Attraction and it works for you then great, if not try calling it conditioning and approach it that way. Thanks for the mind opening post.

  104. Zulkifli says:

    The Law of Attraction will attract anything that you pay attention to. Stick to the positive and you will attract the positive. Keep thinking about the negative and that is all you will attract. The Law of Attraction does not care whether you want something or not or whether it will be good for you or not. It simple takes your current mood or feeling and goes ahead with it.

  105. Doc Blauvelt says:

    For some reason, the seminal work .. “The Master Key” by Haanel is ignored. I know it is not an easy read. And yes, trying to do more than one chapter a week .. will more likely than not .. cause indigestion. As a practicing buddhist (Pure Land) .. I was and am stunned by the parallels to buddhist tenets. And as the Buddha said .. please do NOT BELIEVE anything. Unless you test it yourself. And even then, if it agrees with your insight etc.
    Peace be with you. Namaste.

    • Doc Blauvelt says:

      Oops .. sorry .. the point I was trying to make is that the LOA as introduced by Haanel is not a lie. Seems like the “Secret” movie made an oversimplification. Throw out the child with the bathwater? The fact that some of the way the message is presented .. or who presents it .. in “The Secret” .. does not invalidate the LOA. In the flat earth world .. some huckster tells you the “world is a sphere” .. and you find the person is a huckster .. that does not invalidate the premise .. or the truth. The world is still round.

  106. Amy says:

    Your article isn’t entirely accurate. “like doesn’t attract like” I am a chemist and I do this for a living. Magnets are one example you give that proves your point but what you fail to mention is polarity. Like does attract like. I use this everyday in the lab. Why is it that permanent marker won’t come out in water? Why is it that ether sits on top of water? Why does not oil mix with aqueous solutions? Because they are not “like” if you want to remove permanent marker from clothing, use alcohol, because the “charges match. You mention magnet and charges but fail to mention polarity. Molecules are charged; some have their charges cancelled out. This makes a difference. Look up polarity and you see that like does attract like.

  107. I like your thinking Jonathon because you and me think alike!

    I am disgusted by such materialistic presentation of spirituality, like in the whole ‘the secret’ series of products and also ‘What the bleep do we know’ kind of movies. These people are trying to sell spirituality which is just wrong. I can’t see any other motive behind their actions other than making money which is such an unspiritual goal.

    There is no need to try and use current science to explain spiritual phenomenon because the present science can’t explain it. If it could then scientists would be writing such books. Maybe someday science and spirituality will meet and we’ll have an explanation for the law of attraction.

    But till then I’ll continue to feel disgust towards such people who say they have had spiritual experiences and live on another spiritual plain and then come down and offer a course to us mortal humans that will change our life for just $35 per month. If someone is really enlightened he would spread his message for free because that would be the spiritual thing to do. Can you imagine Buddha or Jesus starting a course on spirituality for $35 per month!