It's Alive, it's ALIVE!!!

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This blog, this community, this adventure, this movement has been years in the making…

For those who are meeting me for the first time, welcome, I am incredibly grateful for the gift of your time and attention. For my longtime readers and community members from my personal blog, JonathanFields | Awake@TheWheel, and my Sonic Yoga community, this is what I’ve been secretly hatching over the recent past, now we have even more places to play.

So, the big question is “what’s this blog all about?”

Short answer…

Exploring how to build or rebuild your living around the life you want to live, the people you want to be around and things you love to do.

I’ll be updating the blog about weekly in the beginning with all sorts of thoughts, stories, news, information, strategies, resources, events, ideas and more. And, as always, I invite you to join in the discussion. And, I’ll be inviting some friends to guest post as well. We’ve certainly had some rousing conversations over at Awake@TheWheel and I can’t wait to see how the conversations unfold over here.

But, here’s the thing, this new community is sooo much more than a blog…it’s home base for a movement.

Weekly Profiles – As you peruse through the different pages, you’ll discover a totally free weekly Career Renegade Profiles series you can sign up for. These are amazing, one-hour, in-depth conversations with people who’ve accomplished what so many of us seek to accomplish. True Career Renegades. And, they are offered as a combination of teleseminars, recorded interviews and some really killer video webisodes. Every week will be a little different. So, be sure to click on over to the Renegade Profiles page and sign up.

Flight School – I’ll also be introducing a number of different ways to participate in the community, through live events, online events and trainings, like my first ever 16-hour (wowzers) Online Career Renegade Flight School, and what I’d love to grow into a community of localized Career Renegade chapters, where likeminded folks can connect, brainstorm, strategize and support each other.

Fire Fly Manifesto – Before I wrap up this first post, though, I’ve got to send you over to the Fire Fly Manifesto page. If you haven’t yet been there, check it out, download it, it’s totally free, no strings attached, you don’t even need to give me your e-mail. Just read it and share it with anyone and everyone you think needs to hear what’s inside it.

The Case For Coming Alive – Now, in the manifesto, you’ll learn about a ridiculously compelling 30-page report I’ve been working on (for nearly two years, seriously) called The Case For Coming Alive. It’s literally set up like a legal brief, packed with research and case-studies and it’s designed to convince both you and those whose support you desperately seek that working without passion and purpose, regardless how much you earn, is a long slow death sentence that must be reversed.

It’s not about hyperboly, scare tactics or puffery, it’s wall-to-wall facts. And, listening to the responses of the few people who’ve seen working drafts, it’s powerful enough to rally just about anyone to your cause.

I’d hoped to have it ready for the blog’s launch, but finishing off the manifesto and just getting this community live took priority, so I’ll likely release it next week sometime, either as a report or a multi-part blog post series.

Just be sure you’re subsribed to the blog, so you don’t miss it.

Last thing. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read this and honoring me with your presence and energy.

Come back often!

PS – Oh yeah…and, did I mention, there’s the whole book that started this movement, too. But, you already knew that. 😉

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5 responses

5 responses to “It's Alive, it's ALIVE!!!”

  1. shelley says:

    What a wonderful day!! I am so happy to see you taking this incredible message to more poeple and I am so jazzed about reading the book!!!


  2. Melissa says:

    You have a new fan in me, as you have probably noticed, LOL. I am looking forward to being a part of this adventure!

  3. Andrew says:

    Hmmm… the blog template look like Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Work Week blog

  4. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ shelley – Thanks so much, couldn’t have done it alone!

    @ Melissa – Glad it all resonates with you, welcome aboard!

    @ Andrew – Funny you noticed, I loved how Tim set up the header image and split it between lifestyle shots and a static book feature, so no doubt I borrowed that idea. But this blog design is actually marriage between a heavily modified Revolution theme (from Brian Gardner) and a Woo theme. Though, there’s been so much hand coding, you can barely make out either original design any more.

  5. Andy Hayes says:

    Sounds like a wild ride – can’t wait! Going to check out the vault just now…