Is it Ambitious to Pursue Passion and Prosperity Together?

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There are plenty of self-help gurus out there telling people to follow their heart — and plenty of business gurus telling them how to get rich. Aren’t you being a little ambitious telling them to do both at once?

This question was recently posed to me in pretty giant interview I did for Here’s how I began the answer:

First, I’m not about self-help. And I’m not in any way, shape or form a guru, master, wizard or other form of magical obstacle-clearing visionary. I’m about hard work, relentless creativity and nuts and bolts entrepreneurship with a strong bent for marketing.

Now, back to your question. Is it “ambitious” to pursue passion and prosperity together? Hell, yes! But, that’s not the right question.

The right question is… is it worth it?

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9 responses

9 responses to “Is it Ambitious to Pursue Passion and Prosperity Together?”

  1. I’m about hard work, relentless creativity and nuts and bolts entrepreneurship with a strong bent for marketing.

    Yay! That is exactly what people need to hear – finding dreams is not about soft and fuzzy self-help stuff – it’s about working hard to get what you want.

  2. Jim Vickers says:

    Thanks again for a great thought. When it comes right down to it, life is time. Time is our one basic resource. The question we need to ask ourselves is how do we want to spend (use up)that ‘limited’ resource? Where should we spend it to get the best return on investing it?

  3. Mouli Cohen says:

    I agree with Alex, if you have the big dreams you need the blood and sweat to put into it to make it prosperous. You can be prosperous doing something that you are disinterested in, but what would be the point of that?

  4. Chef Keem says:

    Inspiring interview – thank you, Jonathan!

    The question comes up for me: what is a guru?

    Isn’t it simply someone like you, who shares their insights and knowledge so others may benefit?

    And aren’t WE the only ones who make “magical obstacle-clearing visionaries” out of them, because that’s what we’d like to believe?

  5. Thanks for a terrific interview Jonathan, it was great to feature you and your much-needed ideas.

  6. Very well put… I personally want to create a life I love and make a decent living doing it… It’s possible if you work very smart and hard for a while… Hard work pays off

  7. Ruri says:

    When we were not rich, the one that actually in our mind is how to make more money. but when we have much money, we will start asking what we going to do with this money?

    When Starting a business, we should have mission and vision what we want to achieve with this business. This target should include mission for our family as well. Money is not the end of our mission, it is just the beginning.

  8. Bob Bessette says:

    Great article! You are the exact type of person that I am trying to feature on my blog which is a new venture of love I started within the past month. I recently turned 51 and I truly admire what you have done with your life. I also love that you allow your readers to leave comments and I agree with you that comments are like payment for the words that you write. You are a true inspiration to those of out there who are trying to venture out into new aspects and adventures in our lives.
    Just reading this article has hooked me on reading your blog in the future and I am going to order your book, Career Renegade..

    Bob Bessette

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      @ Bob – thanks for the kind words. Happy to share whatever I discover along the way