Interview with Pam Slim, Author of Escape From Cubicle Nation

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Okay, fair disclosure, Pam Slim is a good friend. She’s also just one heck of a human being, super smart, a gifted blogger, coach and now… author. Her new book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is out tomorrow (April 30th). I was fortunate enough to get an early review copy and loved it. So, I grabbed her for a quick video interview not only about the book, but the process of writing it. Enjoy…

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4 responses

4 responses to “Interview with Pam Slim, Author of Escape From Cubicle Nation”

  1. That was a great interview, and I really liked the format of it as well. I’ve never conducted a formal interview in my life (although some informal ones), but I bet it would be exciting.

  2. Thanks for this interview and letting us readers know about the book.

  3. Rick Write says:

    every blogger should publish their own book too, they are writer, so it’s easy to make a book, isn’t it?