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jon-interviewWhile my natural tendency is to explore being a Career Renegade in the context of entrepreneurship, I realize that not everyone shares this same preference. In fact, a lot of people would love to create the qualities of the Career Renegade lifestyle, but still work for someone else.

I’m actually going to post more about this over the course of the next month, but today I thought I’d share a pretty cool new resource that was just launched (literally, today) for those looking to brush up their interiew skills. It’s a virtual interview training website called And, it let’s you master the art of the interview through video chat coaching and more.

Beyond the value of the services offered, it’s got a lot of free resources (including a post from me) and the website is also a great example of finding the opportunities that have been “created” by this economy, then leveraging cutting edge technology to deliver a great solution.

Textbook Career Renegade thinking.

So, go check it out, see what you can create by focusing on opportunity, rather than desperation and, if you need some interview training, maybe give it a whirl!

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2 responses

2 responses to “Interview Training Goes Virtual with”

  1. Brian J King says:

    Thanks for the review of great software! Competitive job market out there in today’s world. Best suggest I can make is to read Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Paperback)
    by Dan Schawbel (Author)

    Great read!

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  2. Ethan Bull says:

    Thanks for this Jonathan!

    As someone who’s putting together a parallel training program for just these types of times, I’m glad to see others jumping right in. My father taught me a very valuable lesson and I’m going to “renegade” it up here… he said if you want to make pizzas, pick where you want to open your pizza place and put a pin in the map; then draw a 50 mile radius around that pin and try every single pizza you can in that area; when you find it, get a job working in that pizza shop and work there for two years learning every bit of the business along the way; then, quit your job and open your own shop with your own personal twist.

    In today’s world, going corporate isn’t what it used to be i.e. people change jobs more than 5 times throughout their working lives instead of staying put for 30 years. So to expand on my father’s idea, work for a great company in an industry you’re passionate about, learn the ropes and then, if possible, break out on your own in either a complementary service that isn’t being met or a full on competition product/service. But first you need to get the job and a service like the one you highlight in your post is a great place to start.