Interview on “shotgun” entrepreneurship with Jarkko Laine

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One of the questions I am often asked is…

“How do you keep so many different professional ventures and adventures moving forward at the same time?”

In my recent interview with Jarkko Laine, posted today on Jarkko’s blog, I shared my thoughts on being not so much a serial, but a shotgun (all at once) entrepreneur. Rereading this interview myself was actually helpful to my own understanding of my process.

Sometimes you need to step back to get a better look inside!
And, it made me want to share more. So, stay tuned for an upcoming in-depth look at balancing simultaneous entrepreneurial ventures with an already very busy life.

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4 responses

4 responses to “Interview on “shotgun” entrepreneurship with Jarkko Laine”

  1. Karen says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    In the interview you were asked and answered:

    “Q: What is the most difficult part in working on multiple businesses at the same time?
    A: Finding people to trust enough to plant the seed of your vision and let them run with it.”

    Can you expand on this? Do you have a staff that you can give new projects to? How do you find people you trust and can run “with it”. Do you find people on sites like Craigslist or elance or do you run with the project by yourself until it has some kind of profit/legs to be able to hire a staff? How do you identify people that are enough like yourself to run with your ideas, or are there other qualities you use to pick people to help you grow your projects? I guess the real heart of my questions is how do you find the best people to raise your new “baby” even when you can’t afford to hire the best since your “baby” isn’t profitable at the start?
    Thanks for your continuously thought provoking writing…

  2. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Karen – Wow, awesome questions. In fact, they’re so good, I want to answer them in more detail in an upcoming column here, rather than in the comments…so stay tuned.

  3. CatherineL says:

    Interesting interview. I guess it works well because everything you are doing is so closely related. Congratulations.

  4. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ CatherineL – the funny thing is, until I lay it out, most people don’t see he common link, but I’ve always sensed it inwardly