How to Create A Possibility Playground

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What if your approach to contributing to the world was “mission centric and medium agnostic?”

Those powerful words tumbled out of Behance CEO, Scott Belsky’s mouth during a recent in-depth interview for Good Life Project™.

Over the last 5 years, Belsky has built an extraordinary business around an unusual quest: to organize and empower the creative world.

Thing is, he didn’t come to entrepreneurship with a product in search of a problem. He came to a massive community looking to serve a deep need; to more easily get the brilliance in their heads out into the world. And that orientation gave him the freedom to do something that so many entrepreneurs are notoriously bad at…listening.

Huge lesson in this for entrepreneurs. When you lead not from a place of “here’s what I got, who wants it?” but rather “tell me what you want and need” you become driven by something bigger. And something more capable of evolving and expanding as the market you serve does the same.

When you’re mission-centric and medium-agnostic, the world becomes a possibility playground. Click to tweet

For Belsky, this approach has led to the creation of breakout solutions and experiences that serve millions of creatives, including the Action Method tools, the creative showcase and discovery engine, the 99u community and conference and a bestselling book Making Ideas Happen.

In this week’s Good Life Project, we dive much deeper into the genesis of Behance and how their “mission centric, medium agnostic” philosophy has created incredible opportunities and grown a community of more than 1 million subscribers and 10 million visitors a month. We explore how a commitment to company culture, learning and personal transformation has fueled rapid growth.  We look at how to harness the power of creative “free radicals,” what it’s like to build a global creative meritocracy that helps discover hidden talent, what fuels Belsky on a personal level and where he and the Behance team are looking to grow in the future.

Join Scott and me in this week’s episode of Good Life Project™.

And, in the comments below, answer this question –

Who are you most drawn to serve and what is their biggest need?

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10 responses

10 responses to “How to Create A Possibility Playground”

  1. Julie says:

    From my childhood, I’ve strongly drawn to serving the sick and I believe their biggest need is to be treated with respect and dignity.

  2. Tina Cochran says:

    I have been working hard to find a way to serve families who are living with teens and adults with autism.

  3. Carrie says:

    I am drawn to serve mothers who suffering from anxiety and stress, despite their socio-economic situation. I believe they need the tools to learn to relax and detach from the loudness in their heads, to gain perspective and get in touch with their bodies and breath. (and this is why I teach yoga!) Your question is making me consider how I can best serve these moms who CAN’T get to the studios I teach at. Or how to get them to understand it’s what they need in their life.

  4. Eva Papp says:

    My call: to serve those struggling with psychological distress, even the mundane, life-sucking kind, but don’t have access to credible therapy. Asking the question of what this community needs is very interesting, first because it’s all of us, and two, because it’s also finding the place where the need and my passions intersect. I think living in front of this question is the best guide. Thanks Jonathan.

  5. I’m called to people who want to start small businesses with meaning. There’s a lot of resources for those who just want to build a business. But to build a business that has deep meaning to yourself and the world takes a special person and unique support.

  6. I feel called to the underprivileged in urban communities, especially where i live here in Denver, Colorado. I want to empower kids and students to be entrepreneurs and artists who challenge with honor the way society deems making a living. I want to inspire the kids to take action, and help them build a career of helping others with creativity one stroke of the paintbrush, line of the poem, blog post at a time!

    Great article…Taking this home: “Huge lesson in this for entrepreneurs. When you lead not from a place of “here’s what I got, who wants it?” but rather “tell me what you want and need” you become driven by something bigger. And something more capable of evolving and expanding as the market you serve does the same.'”


  7. I am called first and foremost to serve my own dear soul-self. What she needs — no, *craves* — is deeper self-acceptance, trust and love. We cannot give what we do not have, so what I do for me, I do for the world. Since we are all one in the spirit, to love myself is to love you, too. And isn’t it love that we all most want — and need, in order to thrive? I say it is. Great, clarifying question you ask!

  8. Thank you, Jonathan, for serving a need in those that get so much from your efforts. Brilliant article. I’m looking forward to listening to your current interview on the “Goodlife Project”.

  9. Thanks Jonathon,

    I really liked the piece on not creating something and seeing how it does with your audience but instead seeing what your audience wants first and making it for them. This is huge! I blog about happiness, so interacting and seeing what it is that my audience wants help with to be happier, is my next move. However, finding ways to interact with my market is the biggest challenge I think.


  10. what you are offering is like a cool drink on a hot day. i am drinking it in…

    i am called to excavate our soul’s calling from the shitpile of shoulds, and let it SING!