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programsSo, maybe you’ve read my book, Career Renegade. Maybe, you’ve daydreamed about how cool it would be to go renegade and earn a great living doing something that truly makes you come alive. But, for some odd reason…you’re not doing much beyond reading to make it happen.

It’s called the Big, Bad Implementation Gap…and it’s the biggest dream crusher on the planet. There’s nothing sadder than knowing what to do, but never stepping up and doing it.

You may have a million different reasons for avoiding action, but, in the end, one the greatest barriers to action is lack of a genuine guide, a mentor, an advisor to set you in motion, create innovative solutions, then hold you accountable to your dream.

Thing is, I’m determined to help you…personally…get out of your head and, probably for the first time in your life, start taking the daily actions needed to launch or grow your renegade vision into a serious, family-worthy living.

A little over a month ago, I posted a survey asking how I could best make myself available to turbocharge your personal quest. Thanks so much to all who responded, your answers were invaluable.

Based on that survey, I’ve created 3 ways to stop talking about all the cool things you’d like to do and…

Work directly with me to make them happen

And, even cooler, there’s an option for every price point…even donation basis!

Click here now to visit the new
“Work with Me” page and see which
option is right for you

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