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I get asked to recommend tools, trainings, tips, ideas, teachers, products and services that enable you to engage more fully with life, build vitality and connection and grow more aligned careers and businesses.

So, I figure instead of responding to emails all day with referrals, it was time to just create and share my IGNITE list. This is my short list of people, products and services that I know, like and trust. Some were created by my team and me. Others were created by friends or companies I know well. And, even though I may be an affiliate of some (see disclosure below), I will never share anything with you that I don’t believe in.


Tools for Better Living:

  • Sparketype® Assessment – Discover reason-for-being
  • Calm – Beautifully-designed meditation app
  • Fully – Beautiful stand-up desks and mobilized-chairs
  • Quip – Streamlined, super-cool electric toothbrush

Podcasts, Videos, Shows & More:


Apparel, Merch & Misc.:

(top photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson)