How To Get People To Pay You To Brand Your Biz

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Ever wondered how to make your small business, service, product or website the go-to resource in your niche? How brand it on a local level? And, instead of paying to do it, have people pay you?

Go check out my article entitled 5 Simple Ways To Get Paid To Build Your Brand, over at today.

Here’s an excerpt:

You hear a lot about branding in business, establishing yourself as the must-have solution, idea, product or service in a particular field. Associating your company or product with a specific problem, emotion, sensation or solution.

Large companies spend millions every year in advertising and PR to brand themselves.

Viewing it as a gargantuan, costly effort, though, most small businesses largely give up on the notion of branding. Well, here’ some good news, if you’re willing to strap on your innovation hat, there may be ways to not only brand your business without paying a dime…

You may be able to get people to pay you to brand your business.

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2 responses

2 responses to “How To Get People To Pay You To Brand Your Biz”

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  2. Cool Article Jonathan,

    I can see this being applied to online business in a viral marketing fashion… either affiliate programs or possibly “free” ebooks that will be passed around…? Good suggestions and practical.