How to be a rockstar freelancer

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200×200.jpgOne of my favorite writing gigs is my weekly column over at, a vibrant, information packed blog about freelancing that has literally exploded this year.

Founders, Cyan and Collis Ta’eed just released a new book, packed with a huge amount of information on launching, building and growing a freelance career.

Beyond it’s comprehensive scope, its lessons are broadly applicable to a wide range of freelance specialties, making it useful to literally millions of people.

So, if you’re looking for a great read that’ll help you take your freelance business to the next level in the new year, How to be a rockstar freelancer should definitely be at the top of your list. Plus, they released it as an e-book, meaning, if you head over there now, you can be reading it in less than 5-minutes! Woohoo!

Check out the full table of contents below:

Getting Started
1-1. What is Freelancing?
1-2. Your Job and Freelancing on the Side
1-3. Your Financial Situation
1-4. Business, Accounting & Legal Requirements
1-5. Having a Business Plan

Your Brand
2-1. What is Branding for a Freelancer?
2-2. What Can Branding Do For You?
2-3. You as a Brand
2-4. Naming Your Business
2-5. Your Logo, Cards and Materials
2-6. Your Website
2-7. Building a Reputation

The Working Day
3-1. Home vs Office
3-2. An Ergonomic Workplace
3-3. An Environmentally Friendly Workplace
3-4. Staying Organized
3-5. Being Productive
3-6. Dealing with Distraction
3-7. Staying on Top of Your Game
3-8. Managing Work Hours

Getting Your First Jobs
4-1. Your Portfolio
4-2. Your First Leads
4-3. Referrals
4-4. Meeting Your Leads
4-5. Free Pitching
4-6. Steady Income Sources
4-7. Pacing Yourself

Scoping & Timeframes
5-1. Requirements & Briefs
5-2. Estimating Timeframes
5-3. Milestones
5-4. Scopecreep

Pricing Yourself
6-1. Your Costs and Your Break-Even Rate
6-2. Calculating Your Hourly Rate
6-3. Changing Your Price over Time
6-4. Charging for a Job, not an Hour
6-5. Delivering Your Price
6-6. Contracts and Terms & Conditions
6-7. Retainers and Regular Gigs
6-8. Too Cheap, Too Expensive

Doing the Job
7-1. Setting Expectations
7-2. Tracking Your Hours
7-3. Communication
7-4. Being Available and Responsive
7-5. Revisions
7-6. Budget and Timeline Blowouts
7-7. Over-delivering

8-1. Leads and Clients
8-2. Essential Client Skills
8-3. Relationships
8-4. Educating Clients
8-5 Availability
8-6. Managing Clients, their Jobs & their Assets
8-7. Providing Good Service
8-8. Dealing with Disagreement
8-9. Identifying and Dealing with Problem Clients

Getting Paid
9-1. Invoicing
9-2. Cash Flow
9-3. What to Do When They Won’t Pay
9-4. Recognizing Problem Clients
9-5. How to Take Payment
9-6. International Clients

Marketing Yourself
10-1. Positioning Yourself
10-2. Planning Your Marketing
10-3. Marketing Yourself in Person
10-4. Marketing Yourself Online
10-5. General Marketing Tips
10-6. The Idea Bank

Building a Business
11-1. Subcontracting
11-2. Partnering
11-3. Hiring Staff
11-4. Building a Business
11-5. Freelancing as a Springboard
11-6. Further Reading

It’s a great read with tons of immediately-usable tools and techniques for real-live practicing freelancers. So, give it a whirl.

You can download it here instantly, read it this week and get ready to take your career to the next level in 2008!

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One response to “How to be a rockstar freelancer”

  1. Andrew Mayer says:

    I’ve discovered both your site and Freelance Switch over the last year as I’ve been taking my blogging more seriously, and started to think about changing my career. I’ll definitely check out the book.

    But FreelanceSwitch didn’t ‘literally’ explode, did it? I’m nervous about checking the RSS feed now…