Limo service

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Limo driver opens car door for client

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One response to “Limo service”

  1. Great thoughts, guys, and glad to see I stirred you to comment, Paul!

    Make no mistake: I encourage personality. A sea of same-semblance suits would totally fail. Branding and image is, whether in design or in writing, a personal thing that should stand out and shine.

    But, I still maintain it’s best used in moderation. I’ve seen some people go unwashed, dye their hair green, spike it up with glue, dress in rags… and call that personality.

    It is! … but it doesn’t work in business, when you’re looking to appeal to consumers. It’ll work for a few select people, and the spiked-up individual might indeed rise to celebrity, but it’s rare. Very rare.

    So yes – personality… with some common business sense. Sound good? 🙂

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