Have A Little Faith

To all those who want desperately for me to succeed.

To all those who want me never to experience the pain of failure.

To all those who watch and wonder if I really know what I’m doing.

To all those who stand in judgment, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

To all those who look to me for proof of what’s possible.

To all those who only want the very best for me.

To all those who love me without condition.

I offer these words…

Have a little faith.

That I’ll make mistakes, but recover my footing.

That more often than you believe, I know what’s best for me.

That I’ll know when to soldier on and when to walk away.

That I will not put myself at unjustifiable risk.

That my heart is in the right place.

That I have within me the will to rise.

That the path most often walked may not be the path I need to walk.

That there’s a time to surrender and a time to run with scissors, and I’ll know which to do when.

That I will succeed beyond my wildest imagination, even where those before me have failed.

That my version of grace may look wildly different than yours.

That in the end, I will land precisely where I need to land.

That you will always be with me, even when you’re not.

That I see your heart, always have, always will.

Have a little faith…and a whole lot of love.


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