Have a Little Faith (Video)

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About 3 years ago, a set of verses, a poem…a declaration channeled through me.

It was a point of inflection. I remember being terrified to hit publish even though, honestly, there weren’t a whole lot of people reading my blog back then. Still, it made me nervous to own the fact that I was very much “in the process” in such a public way. I knew people would want to know what made me write it. Truth is, the emotions behind it have been there my entire life. I still don’t really understand why they came pouring out on that day. It was just time.

But I also always wanted to revisit the words, to bring them to life in a more multi-sensory way. It’s taken some time, but I’ve created this video for you. If you connect with it, I’d love if you’d share it around.

I’ve also added the words below. Enjoy…

Have a Little Faith

To all those who want desperately for me to succeed.

To all those who want me never to experience the pain of failure.

To all those who watch and wonder if I really know what I’m doing.

To all those who stand in judgment, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

To all those who look to me for proof of what’s possible.

To all those who only want the very best for me.

To all those who love me, unconditionally.

I share these words…

Have a little faith.

Have a little faith that I’ll make mistakes, but be able to recover.

Have a little faith that, more often than not, I DO know what’s best for me.

Have a little faith that I have within me the will to rise against adversity.

Have a little faith that I’ll know when to soldier on and when to walk away.

Have a little faith that I will not put myself at unjustifiable risk.

Have a little faith that my heart is in the right place.

Have a little faith that the mainstream path isn’t always the right path.

Have a little faith that I will succeed beyond my wildest imagination, even where those before me have failed.

Have a little faith…and a lot of love.



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55 responses

55 responses to “Have a Little Faith (Video)”

  1. The TWO words that I picked up from that whole video is FAITH and LOVE!

    Thank you for sharing my friend,

  2. Hiro Boga says:

    Ah, Jonathan, this is at the very heart of all of our relationships: Faith in ourselves, in those we love, in the creative flow of life itself. It’s what makes life and incarnation a great adventure, rather than a terrifying ride.

    My older son is a sublime risk-taker on a scale that sometimes leaves me breathless. And, in the midst of my heart pounding as he flies down the road of his life (Look, Ma, no hands!), I have complete faith in his inner knowing, his integrity, and his ability to navigate by his own compass. He teaches me about fearlessness, courage, and faith.

    Thanks for this heart-opening video!

  3. Marguerite says:

    Wow!! You just brought me to tears…that was phenomenal! Thank you SO much…you have no idea how much I needed that this week.

    …peace, faith, and love to you and your family. Thank you

  4. Aww that was great!! In fact, today, I needed to hear that for myself as I’ve been going through a doubting/frustrated period on a journey that’s going on 6 years now. Had a conversation with the Universe yesterday about it, and here’s a sign lol! “Have a little faith!”

    Thank you for sharing this. It made my day 🙂

  5. Bravo!!!

    My favorite part- Have a little faith that, more often than not, I DO know what’s best for me.

  6. Your story touched my heart. Life transitions can either propel us into action or paralyze. Although I believe we each have more than one shot, that “fog of self-doubt” you talk about holds too many back from taking action … afraid of making mistakes. Thank you for the very personal post that may inspire us all into greater action.

  7. […] Just having recently left my job to ‘go it alone’, I am always ready for an encouraging word of support.  Jonathan Fields provided that today with this post and video. […]

  8. Pamela says:

    This is so amazing. YOU are a gift.

  9. Claire says:

    beautiful, simply beautiful.

    Really meant so much to me, I wish I’d had more faith in my ex, and less fear. Maybe then we’d still be together.

  10. Benita says:

    Thank you Jonathan. For those of us on the “road less traveled” your words are real encouragement. You expressed what many of us have probably felt but couldn’t articulate. Now I get to blast my FB page with it, what a happy day.

  11. This is the best: “Have a little faith that I will succeed beyond my wildest imagination, even where those before me have failed.”

    Lovely way to start the day!

  12. Sukhi says:

    Dear Jon,
    I’ve been reading your blog every week over the past year. Although I rarely post here I wanted to let you know that I’m super grateful for your words and helping me grow.

    These particular words touched me in a profound way. Perhaps it’s because my wife and I are expecting our first baby in the new year and I’m more emotional than usual. I just wanted to say thank you! I’m very grateful!

    Can’t wait to read your new book.


  13. Sandi Amorim says:

    At WDS you said something alone the lines of “harness the butterflies.” It resonated with me then and still does months later. I’m so glad you harnessed your own butterflies 3 years ago. They continue to make a difference wherever they touch down in the world.

  14. Gwyn Michael says:

    So beautiful and so needed. You are a gift!

  15. Rob says:

    Hey Jon,

    It reminds us of the human element and vulnerability in each of us. That, though we be separated in many ways, we are a like in many also. Most of us want to experience being in the arena, however big or small. Your walk and continued journey into the arena wasn’t and isn’t paved with gold. Fear and insecurities were involved on some level. The action you took and take in spite of those is the key take-away for those seeking more.
    Thanks for sharing a side not often seen.

  16. Pat Gabay says:

    Hi Jon

    What delight to learn from your child


  17. Rex says:

    Ditto for all the comments. That was something special.

    Faith is a big subject, and a difficult one for many people these days. Thanks Jonathan, for doing what you can to restore it in others.

  18. Do you know who I never let down, Jonathan?

    The people who believed in me. That’s who.

  19. Judy Martin says:

    Right on…you are one of the few who taught me this.

    “Have a little faith that the mainstream path isn’t always the right path.”

    Peace. @JudyMartin8

  20. Dana Reeves says:

    Proof of what’s possible… unconditional love… rise against adversity… heart in the right place… succeed beyond my wildest imagination… yes, Yes, and YES! I found myself saying “Amen” after every line in your video. Thank you for sharing yourself with us Jonathan. 🙂


  21. Well said. Thanks.

  22. So many wonderful comments here. The video definitely struck a chord with me also. Thank you for sharing it!

    I think I most resonated with Valeria’s comment about not letting down the people that believed in me. That belief is like fuel for moving forward just when it seems almost impossible to take the next step.

    Thank you again.

  23. Beautifully done!

  24. Very touching and inspiring…

  25. Mary says:

    This is beyond timely in my life. I plan to share with my children, who as young adults, scare and amaze me all the time.

    Thank you.

  26. Luis Ortega says:

    Hi, Jonathan. That’s just beautiful, as I watch the video along with your words, my 2 year old daugther came righ on my mind. As a father I have so many fears and worries about her, and even as I have so much faith in her, it’s hard to realize and accept that she’ll have to figth her own battles, and I can’t do it for her. It was son long since the last time tears rolled down my eyes with such great heartfelt emotion. Thank you for all that you share with us. My best wishes for your upcommig launch of Uncertainty, loved the intro and 1st chapter.

  27. Fifi says:

    Thank you, I often tell myself I dont have time to watch every video link I get sent, but this morning I’m very glad I did. 🙂

  28. […] poem spoke directly to the doubting mind inside me. I share that video below and here is a link to Jonathan Field’s blog post where he originally shared the video. I’m looking forward to his soon to be released book […]

  29. Lovely.

    “The faith is in the waiting.”
    ~ T.S. Eliot

    Thank you.

  30. I love this video, Jonathan. I kept having John Hiatt’s song, “Have a Little Faith in Me,” running through my mind as I watched it. Beautiful.

  31. Judy Duff says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    If you ever get up in the morning and wonder if what you’re doing makes any difference, if you’ re doing something worthwhile… stop asking. Be assured that you make a difference every time you post. Thank you for being there.

  32. Hi Jonathan,

    Faith makes all the difference. Even a little. A little bit of faith put you over the top, inspiring you to press the Publish button a few years back.

    A little faith usually precedes all accomplishment, because a little faith becomes a lotta faith as we persist. Each faith spark creates more faith, if we hold the feeling. Each moment we believe, our faith grows. As our faith grows, the little bit of faith is a distant memory…..until we decide to move in a different direction. Then we might need to start a little bit of faith train again, building up our faith as we move along.

    Thanks for sharing Jonathan!


  33. Beautifully said and “sighted”. Your words rang true for me as an individual and also as a mother. My two sons are grown and all in all I’ve been very supportive – had faith in – their choices. Where I unwittingly was not showing faith in them was when they had failed or were failing or made a poor choice etc and I’d jump in to save them. I thought I was helping but too often it was sending the message that I didn’t think they could pick themselves up on their own.
    Even though they’re 27 and 29 now, on their own, and living in different states, it’s a good reminder to me. Thank you.

  34. Your words make me cry happy, hopeful tears, not only for my precious children, but for the little girl who lives inside of me desperately trying to follow her dreams. Somedays it is hard to “put myself out there,” but in the end, I have faith this is what I NEED to do and CAN do.

    I can’t thank you enough for your message. I will pass it on!

  35. David says:

    I thought it was just great…..

  36. Leah Segedie says:

    Thank you for sharing this friend! I needed to see this video this morning. XXOO

  37. Simply beautiful.

  38. Tina says:

    Just what I needed! XXOO

    Many thanks for sharing it once again. 🙂

  39. Will says:

    Seriously awesome. Thanks.

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  41. Beautiful. Turns out that included in “all those people” who want me to succeed and not feel the pain of failure is ME. Thanks for the reminder to have faith in myself while I’m busy asking others to do the same. Ironic that it’s just what I’m trying to communicate in my work of “inspiring purposeful engagement in meaningful work”. Thank you for inspiring me!

  42. Gabra says:

    Wonderful. You are amazing….

  43. Kent says:

    Wow. Thank you. Namaste.

  44. Awesome! Thank you so very much for sharing.

  45. Megan says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel. Thank you for putting it into words. I loved this. Passing it on to everyone I know!

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  47. Unni Marie says:

    Wow! That was beautiful. And true. Keep at it, everyone!

  48. Marivic says:

    We are all called not to understand..but to trust.

  49. Made me feel happy to have the name I have. Often I feel it is a burden.


  50. Ratna says:

    Really wonderful and touching!! Needed to hear this. I know that I need to have faith in my daughter as she works her way through life. I have to trust that she will find her metier and will be able to navigate through life successfully and happily. I too needed to hear this as I start on my own after a long corporate career. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!