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In a challenging economy consumers flock to value. That’s part of the message shared in my latest guest post over at the wonderful blog for small business owners.

Here’s an excerpt:

It wasn’t so hard to skate by when all ships were buoyed, when everyone was flush with cash. You didn’t have to work so hard to show you were the best. Or at least better than others. You just had to be good enough to take a big enough piece of the pie to get by.

Not any more (though, honestly, that’s never been my approach anyway).

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2 responses

2 responses to “Guest Post at Differentiate Or Die”

  1. your great example of differentiation can be adapted to other kinds of business, in that it involved:

    • Customers’ ability to semi-customize what they bought

    • In a down economy where cash is king, work harder (more time to make the salad variations) rather spending more cash (on products or promotion) to attract more clients

    • Change the commonplace parts of your business to be distinctive and more convenient: the more narrow, longer menu is memorable and easy to hold and read

    Kudos on your post appearing in Small Business Trends – conveying credibility that got me to read it, then being a helpful and fun read.

    As an author of several books on profitable partnering, I’d also suggest using the right partnering methods with businesses that serve your kind of client: together you can generate more visibility and value.

    Consider cross-referrals, bundled offerings, on-site situational sale displays and more.

    At the very least you gain a warmed-up introduction to each others’ clients

    I am going to buy your book in January!

  2. Thanks Jonathan. You gave me an idea. or maybe boosted one I am noodling about. Loved the article.