What if you could grow faster, generate more revenue and impact, do it all with greater ease, clarity and focus, and not have to go it alone any more?

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Building a Business, Even One You Love, is Hard and Often Lonely.

You cannot build your vision in a vacuum. We all need wisdom and people...

You’re building something that matters deeply to you AND even if it’s finding a groove, but still, you’d love for it to:

  • Grow faster
  • Generate more revenue and impact
  • Do it all with greater ease, clarity and focus, and
  • Not have to go it alone any more

There’s also a pretty solid chance you haven’t quite found the right way to tell your brand’s story, create and package products and services that leave customers delighted and excited to tell everyone they know, and craft copy for everything from web pages to emails, that inspire fierce, immediate action.

You probably also know that these specific areas are both huge failure points when you get them wrong AND giant levers for growth when you get them right.

Question is, of course, how do you get them right?

Building my own companies and helping hundreds of others launch and grow everything from amplified private practices to technology platforms, product businesses and service-ventures for years, I’ve developed a certain unusual skill set.

My super-power, it turns out, is the ability to look beneath the hood of nearly any “market,” understand the deeper drivers of customer behavior, then help translate that into products, services, experiences and, especially, positioning and messaging that drive revenue, impact, evangelism and delight. These are the areas where, very often, a small, previously unseen shift, can make an exponential difference.

This has been the hidden “accelerant” for much of what I’ve created over the years (especially the messaging/copywriting part). I LOVE sharing these capabilities to unlock growth for other conscious business-builders like you.

I’ve got an invitation for you…

From 2012 to 2017, I spent most of my time building media and education venture, Good Life Project, growing our podcast into one of the biggest in the world (with new ones in development), developing and facilitating business and lifestyle trainings, retreats, courses and events, writing books, keynoting and consulting and being a dad and husband (my #1 job!).

Then, in 2018, I put all of training, writing, events, facilitation and consulting on hiatus.


It was time to go deep into my creation-cave to develop a whole new body-of-work -- the Sparketypes® with the vision to develop practical, validated tools and programs that infuse work with purpose, engagement and expression.

We shared the first of these toward the end of 2018 and, in just the first few months, more than 150,000 people, companies and institutions have tapped the tools, launching an entirely new company - Spark Ventures. And we’re just getting going.

But, here’s the thing…

Over this same window, something I didn’t expect to happen happened…

I really missed working with conscious founders and up-and-coming world-shakers. I love going deep in an intimate, hands-on way, co-creating growth and marketing strategy. So, I decided to do something about it.

I began inviting intimate groups of no more than 8 mission-driven business-builders to gather in a private space for three days

to work on growth strategy, positioning, product-development, messaging and personal-growth (often the most important, yet unexplored unlock key) in a private, immersive way.

The focus was simple - waste no time, identify your single-biggest (and often invisible-to-you) barriers to growth, then work together as a team, in real time, to dismantle roadblocks, solve problems, create new ideas, products, positioning, language, and identify resources and strategies needed to kickstart growth and accelerate the path to greater impact and revenue.

I announced these 3-day strategic-growth immersions in a simple email. Each time, many more people than we had spots for applied. We closed registration pretty fast and those 3-day deep-dives were incredibly powerful.

So, why do you care about any of this?

Because, I’ve decided to make it more of a “regular thing,” at least for the next year or so. And, I thought, maybe you’d like to be one of the 8 people who come together in an upcoming gathering?

If you’re interested, fantastic. Read on...

So, what will our 3-day deep-dive look like?

Once we’re together, our time will not be driven by a rigid curriculum, but rather by your most immediate needs. Our quest, to do whatever is necessary to kickstart a new wave of growth over the next 12 months. This may include everything from strategy and positioning to product-ideation, live guided-copywriting, campaign design, identifying and resolving personal and professional “stuck-points,” mapping new marketing-channels and more.

You’ll also benefit from the collective wisdom, shared input and multiple perspectives of your new “inside team” of accomplished co-visionaries, who can then continue to serve as champions, colleagues and accountability partners moving forward. This has been a huge part of the benefit for last year’s groups. You may arrive alone, but you’ll leave with a small group of fellow builders with whom you can share all the things you’d love to talk about and get feedback, insights and recommendations on, but can’t easily share with your internal team.

Also, after our time together, I will host three video office-hours calls (every other week for 6 weeks) for you and your new group of co-visionaries to come together with me virtually, share updates and trade ideas, solutions and insights.

Is this right for you? I have no idea.

Having now worked with thousands of visionary founders, executives, creators and professionals, across nearly every domain, I’ve realized that small, intensive experiences like this work a lot better when we segment them by business lifecycle. So, we’ll be alternating between what I’d call Early Risers (who are earlier in their journies) and Scalers (already succeeding at a high level, ready to accelerate growth).

For the Early Risers Immersions, in order to qualify:

  • You must a well-developed concept with at least early market feedback, or, preferably, have launched and be running an ongoing business or practice with proven offerings, so that we have something to work with, rather than a completely untested idea.
  • A sustainable source of income (whether from this venture or an outside source), so that you have the ability to invest in intelligent growth. Nothing is more frustrating than walking away with amazing ideas and strategies, but not having access to the resources needed to implement them.

For the Scalers Immersions, there are three critical qualifications:

  • You must have an ongoing business or practice with proven offerings.
  • It must be generating a minimum of six-figures in revenue (demonstrating viability) - Why? Because, unlike in the Start-Up groups, we’ll be focused on unlocking higher-level growth and scale in something that is already alive, has shown genuine demand and is succeeding already at a meaningful level.

And, for both groups, you must be open to input, be genuine, generous and willing to work hard. These 3-Day Growth Immersions are not about shortcuts, hacks, delusional thinking, proving how smart you are or wishing things into existence. We’ll keep it real, and also kind. Because, life’s too short to spend time with anyone bent on posturing for dominance, taking and never giving, then waiting for someone else to do the work.

Hear what others have to say...

  • "Jonathan embodies a unique blend of business acumen and instinct, with a sensitivity for depth and an ability to perceive the things which matter for us as humans. His insights helped me to figure out some really important things I need to work on, and ways in which to do them, to really take my business to the next level."

    Yasmin de Giorgio, Founder of Sanya Eco Spa, Theobroma Cacao Collective and The Grassy Hopper

  • "We all work so hard ‘in’ our business, often by ourselves, in our own head. But that only gets you so far, you have to step away and work “on” your business with other people who are insanely smart, see what you don’t (and can’t see), and who actually care. Jonathan has this weird superpower that allows him to hear and see what you’re not even saying or maybe even admitting to yourself, then offer insights, strategies, ideas, tactics and language needed to get to the next level. Plus, he gathers wonderful people, I’ve made some great friends who continue to support each other in our business. Just do it. It will be the best three days you’ve ever spent."

    Ann Rea, Founder of Making Money Making Art®

  • "When I reached out to Jonathan for help, I was lost in the weeds of messaging, positioning, and website structure. I was also waffling a bit in exactly whom I wanted as my ideal client. I knew I had a powerful, unique, and deeply transformational methodology to offer entrepreneurs who are stuck, in pain, and craving business growth, yet my website wasn’t reaching them in their hour of need. It was as if I were throwing a camouflaged life preserver to someone who was drowning.

    Working with Jonathan was a series of Eureka! moments that ushered in newfound clarity. Together, we slayed the dragons of my fuzzy thinking, limp copy, and perplexing website sales pacing. Jonathan shared his secrets along the way, too, placing tiny treasure maps in my hand during our work sessions. As a result, I am now crystal clear on whom I want to reach and have a website artfully crafted to call them in. I am flying high with excitement and confidence, knowing the work I came here to do is now reaching the souls who need it. The life preserver I am now throwing into dark waters is illuminated and easy to grasp."

    Susie deVille, President & Founder of the Innovation & Creativity Institute

  • "The best thing I did for my business and for me was to attend a strategy days session with Jonathan. As a CEO I was struggling with scaling and as a result, was experimenting with many things at once. Three days of masterminding with others who were in a similar place with their businesses coupled with Jonathan's insightful questioning, laser-like ability to get to the heart of my business and creating the space for me to get clear on my own vision was incredible! Stepping out of the day to day was invaluable. It was like being at a business spa for a few days. My biggest take-a-ways: getting clarity on next steps as well as the next 12 months for my business. Connecting deeply with a small, tight-knit cohort of supportive, smart individuals and gaining perspective around my business. Learning from a master strategist like Jonathan whose business ethos, acumen and thoughtful approach to growing a business is something I highly respect and wish to emulate. He is my go-to around any big move I make in my business."

    Rachel Gogos, brandiD

  • "Where to start? You'll likely go deeper than you want to go. You'll end up learning answers to questions you didn't even know you had. You'll find yourself giggling at newly formed inside jokes with (amazing) people who just a few short days ago were perfect strangers. I'd called the experience transformational for lack of a better word... if I could think of a better word, I'd choose it."

    Alex Hart, Founder/CEO of Good Joo Joo digital marketing agency

  • "Jonathan Fields strategy session is exactly what I need at exactly the right time. With a wide array of options available to me, all with different potential outcomes, I needed someone that could get beyond seeing just one aspect of my life and include all the spheres that matter and have an impact on each other. Jonathan has amassed both an impressive array and depth of experience and couples it with an intuition that goes beyond what any “program” I’ve ever seen does — and I’ve tried a ton. I left the sessions with a clear next step, set of priorities and expanded possibilities without the clutter that usually comes with them."

    Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams

How you’ll secure your place…

It’s all about fit, I never sell. So, you’ll complete a short questionnaire that’ll let me get a better sense for whether we’re right for each other. Then, especially if we don’t already know each other, we’ll schedule a 20-minute phone convo to trade questions.

If it feels like a great fit, we’ll offer you a space on what we call a first-response basis. That means we’ll keep interviewing people and extending offers to well-qualified applicants and the first to confirm registration will be in. Then the group will officially close.

Based on past sessions, we are often over-applied (by a large number), so this may happen weeks to months in advance.

Please do not wait to apply, if you’re serious about it.

What’s the investment?

My current one-day consulting keynote fee is $20,000. Past entrepreneurial programs with much larger groups have peaked at $15,000.

If accepted, your investment for this 3-day Growth Immersion is $6,750.00.

Notice I didn’t say it’s “only” that amount. We both know, even when you’re successful, that’s real money. The many times I’ve made similar (or vastly larger) investments for my own growth, I’d always look at it in the context of the potential benefit over the next 12-36 months. Often times, a single idea, strategy, tactic, offer, piece of coy, language, positioning or relationship was worth many times the cost of the investment. I’d count that a win.

So, when you say yes, I’ll ask that you show up, be open and be ready to do the work. And, you can expect, I’ll deliver highly-specific ideas, strategies, language and insights, and gather a powerful cohort of fellow visionaries that, engaged with over the next 12-months, will exceed the value of your investment in a significant way.

Early Risers Immersions

September 26-28, 2019 sold out

Is it worth it for you?

Only you can know. Like I said, on the rare occasion when I do things like this, I never sell, all I care about is fit.

Judging by past experience, it’s not unusual for a single change in strategy, copy, positioning, pricing, packaging and conversion to lead to some pretty compelling results. Ones that’ve been “sitting in plain view,” but you could never quite figure out, because you’re on the inside looking out.

By the way, if you’re curious what many other awesome humans have said about working with me, you can read a lot more here.

It’s up to you now to decide whether you’re good going it alone, or you’d love some help figuring out how to do things on a very different level.

Either way, wishing you a wonderful, impactful and meaningful journey!

With a whole lotta love & gratitude,