Good Life Project: The Upside of Stuttering

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One of my goals with Good Life Project™ is to shine equal light on the journeys of extraordinary women.

This week’s guest really blew me away, in part because because of her incredible courage in embracing something so many others experience as anywhere from  life-stifling to disabling with incredible grace, compassion and humor.

But also because of her willingness to go very public, to reveal her vulnerability and, in doing, so inspire so many others to embrace the gift in their shared challenge.

Her quest to find a “cure” led her on a year long journey, over 100 interviews with some of the most famous people who stutter, from former GE CEO, Jack Welch, to actor, Emily Blunt.

As I share in the notes to this episode over at Good Life Project:

What she’d discover along her quest would surprise and, inevitably, release her. It wasn’t so much a cure, but something far more transformative. Something that would lead her to embrace her stutter as, in her words, “the best part of me.”

Something that would open her vulnerability and inspire her to return to a passion for writing and eventually pen and sell her forthcoming book, Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice (due out in Sprint 2013).

Head on over and watch the episode now.

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5 responses

5 responses to “Good Life Project: The Upside of Stuttering”

  1. Hiten says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    A friend forwarded me your newsletter, which contained your interview with Katherine.

    I just saw it and it was brilliant. I’m aware of Katherine through her blog and it was good to learn more about her. She is inspirational. Thank you to you too, for increasing awareness of stuttering.

    As a person who stutters, I could relate to so much Katherine was saying. I started stuttering when I was 10 and pretty much hid my problems until I was in my early twenties. Even my own family didn’t know anything was wrong with me. I had missed out on so much in life by then and enough was enough. I got into self-development and reversed my life around.

    It’s great to be at your blog and thank you.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      So glad the episode resonated, Hiten. Katherine is an awesome person!

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  3. I always let people know that there have been people who stuttered that went on to great success in communication. There is a man who won the world championship in public speaking that stuttered as a boy so badly he was once told he should stop talking. And we all know about The King’s Speech. It takes a lot of courage to keep going in the face of that particular challenge, but it can lead to success.

  4. Gerome says:


    You have the transcript of this interview? I’m hearing impaired and would like to understand what is being said.