Good Life Project: Soulful Vegan Restaurateur Bart Potenza

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Want a sure-fire way to burn a ton of money?

Open a restaurant. In NYC. In the ’80s. Then, make it…wait for it…VEGAN!

That’s exactly what Candle Cafe co-owners, Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson, did. And, in the process, ended up becoming not only hugely successful restaurateurs, but devoted stewards of the planet and people and touching the lives of tens of thousands.

Always at the leading-edge of organic, vegan, farm-to-table, they did what everyone else said was un-doable. Which is why I am so thrilled to be able to bring you an in-depth conversation with Potenza in this weeks’ episode of Good Life Project TV.

In this wide-ranging interview, Potenza shares how he an Joy built Candle Cafe into not only a thriving business, but a committed, deeply-connected community, a vital movement and an organic extension of their deepest convictions.

You’ll discover how they balanced planning with “providence,” attracted people who were closely aligned with their mission, developed a mouthwatering vegan menu, brand extensions, frozen entrees in major retail stores, books and beyond. All the while, being true to themselves and to each other.

FYI – Joy was in full-on launch mode for their latest restaurant when we were filming, so she didn’t have time to come hang out on camera. BUT, as soon as we wrapped, Earth Mother Joy pretty much hand fed the entire crew and even may’ve made a few meat and potato converts!

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One response to “Good Life Project: Soulful Vegan Restaurateur Bart Potenza”

  1. Kola says:

    i’m not even vegetarian (let alone vegan) and i want to try out this restaurant. incredibulous