Good Life Project Blasts Onto iTunes

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GLP-Logo-box-Nov-2012-400px-BLOGLast summer, I launched Good Life Project TV, – a broadcast-quality web-series that explores the journeys of world-class artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.

I had no idea if anyone would watch. Or care.

But it was the thing I couldn’t not do…

Got my answer nearly immediately. Good Life Project TV™ took off. It’s now been watched in more than 135 countries.

I’ve written 800+ blog posts, articles in national magazines and two books. But, none of them has generated the response created by Good Life Project. Humbled. Grateful. Awed.

But, there was a bit of an ish…

The show is about 45-minutes long. That format let’s me go really deep with guests and avoid all the sound-bitey B.S.

But not everyone has 45 minutes to watch the show on a screen. So, shortly after launching, we began posting mp3 audio versions to a subscriber-only vault area. Better, now people could take the show on the road and listen.

Still, downloading it, then transferring it onto your phone or other listening device was a bit, well, cumbersome.

Which is why I’m sooooo excited to share with you today that…

Good Life Project™ Is Now Available
as a Podcast on iTunes!!!


We’ve just launched today with the first 20 episodes already posted. I’ll be accelerating delivery of the rest until we’re all caught up over the next few weeks. Then we’ll stick to a weekly schedule that mirrors the live web-series.

So, I need your help…

GLP is an “impact play” for me. It’s all about inspiring, educating and informing the greatest number of people, so they can build better lives, brands, businesses, bodies of work and help others do the same. Because…

The world needs more people who are lit up with purpose, joy and action.

Here are three ways you can enjoy the great Good Life Project conversations on-the-go, share them with friends and help me grow the movement and touch more lives –

  1. Sign up for the iTunes podcast today – Immerse yourself in our life-changing library of conversations, then never miss an episode. Click here now to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
  2. Leave a reviewShare an honest sentence or two about the show on the iTunes page and give it a star rating (this make a really big difference).
  3. Share the love – Share this post with your gang on Facebook, twitter or wherever feels right to you using the social media buttons on this page.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re subscribed to GLP by email, DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE now.

We’re about begin making full-transcripts of the shows available to email subscribers in the next few weeks, along with some very cool new “insider-only” goodies, just for you.

With gratitude,




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2 responses

2 responses to “Good Life Project Blasts Onto iTunes”

  1. This is so exciting! I’ve been catching up on a few episodes I’ve missed, and revisiting others that I’ve loved. So much great stuff here.

    I’ve actually decided to put a few of these on the “learning path” for new Centro sales people. Specifically the Leader-Leader convo with the submarine captain. You KNEW I loved that one, right?! Just incredible stuff man. The production sounds outstanding. Congrats!


  2. Lisa says:

    Congrats! I just subscribed on my iPad…and I’ll write a review for sure – as soon as I get to listen to it on iTunes. Love your show Jonathan. Always thought provoking & inspiring.