Freestyle Fridays: Lifehack radio interview, and lifestyle-evolution updates

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Wow, this week, I have so much juicy stuff to share, including a revealing radio interview, the opportunity to become a career renegade and an intereting discovering about exercising with the mice at 5:30 in the morning… radio interview reveals hidden stories…

So, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for nearly 45-minutes by’s Dustin Wax for their weekly talk radio show on BlogTalkRadio. We had a lot of fun, covered a lot of ground and I even shared a bunch of stories and revelations that I’ve never shared before.

Highlights included…

  • How a split-second decision on trip to Australia decades ago made me gutsier and changed my life
  • The single most-important thing to do if you want to work with someone you love
  • What really drove me to leave the law and become an entrepreneur
  • How I balance running multiple businesses, writing, blogging, teaching and placing my family at the tip-top of that pyramid
  • Where Maslow got it wrong…the real biggest motivator, it ain’t survival

You can listen to the entire interview here now…

Become a Career Renegade™ with me!

This week, I also officially launched, a site devoted to breaking all the rules and doing what you love for a living. will grow to compliment this blog and be the home for my Career Renegade™ Bootcamps, entrepreneurship trainings, coaching and retreats, interviews, video case studies, weekly BlogTalkRadio show and community.

In fact, if you’d like to be interviewed, please be sure to e-mail me asap at [jonathan at jonathanfields dot com], as I am already beginning to set up the schedule! I am looking for people who’ve left mainstream professions or careers to rebuild their living doing what they love.

I just posted the detail page for my pioneer Career Renegade Bootcamp, to be held February 23-24th in New York City. Go check it out and, if you’re interested in becoming one of the pioneer Career Renegade’s join in the journey (at 75%-off)!


Lifestyle-Evolution Update…

As promised, I’ll be updating you with my personal lifestyle-evolution journey here every Friday, for the next few months. And, of course, I’d love you to share what’s happening in yours, too.

My main aspiration has been to take back my physical health and recommit to my exercise and yoga practice, knowing that, at least for me, everything else flows from there. There’ve definitely been a handful of stumbling blocks, mostly connected with my launch of some new professional adventures. But, I’ve been pretty good at continually checking back in staying committed.

I’ve also been playing with best time of day for me to exercise, meditate and do yoga. Meditation comes pretty easily first thing in the morning for me. But, movement is a much tougher sell. Problem is, it’s just sooooo easy to blow off if I wait to do it until later in the day.

So, I’ve practiced yoga a few times at 5:30 or 6am, with a simple commitment to just do 20-minutes of the basics…and I have been really amazed that, increasingly, those 20-minutes grow, fairly-organically, into longer practices.

Because, unlike a lot of other forms of movement, with yoga “asana” or postures and flow, once your 2o-minutes in, it starts to make you feel so warm and open, you don’t really want to stop, even though it’s still dark outside and its only you and the mice awake. This has been an interesting discovery for me.

I’ve also learned that, while I used to teach Spinning years ago and loved teaching it and taking class…for me, Spinning alone in your bedroom pretty much sucks. And, this is a little warped, I even found myself listening to my favorite marketing gurus on my iPod as inspiration to keep me on the bike.

How’s that for loving what you do?!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and stories in the comments below…

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One response to “Freestyle Fridays: Lifehack radio interview, and lifestyle-evolution updates”

  1. Hey Jon, having subscribed to your blog the first time I came across to it through Stumbleupon to your weekly of good solid articles, it’s really inspiring to see your progress thus far. I bet you’ll be one of those high profile A-listers soon.

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I’ve signed up for your career regenade list.