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So, I’m normally super hesitant to recommend “free” stuff online because I’m a believer that you get what you pay for.

But, Career Renegade extraordinaire, cool mom and uber-blogger, Naomi Dunford of fame, just released a series of free business-specific, e-mail-based marketing courses that actually have great, seriously-actionable content. In other words, they kick ass.

She’s offering courses on the following topics:

  • Marketing for Touchy Feely Airy Fairy Woo Woo Service Providers
  • Marketing for Bloggers: How To Get More Asses in the Seats
  • Marketing for Coaches and Consultants
  • Marketing for Designers and Other Artsy Fartsy Types
  • Marketing for Writers and People Who Do Cool Stuff With Words
  • Marketing for Geeks and Techie Types

And as she says, “Go. Get in on them. And tell your friends, because they’re killer.”

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One response to “Free Marketing Courses from IttyBiz”

  1. Tim says:

    Here’s a money making idea: Write a book and get people to buy it! You rascal, you!