Forget B2B or P2P, How About F2F?

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So, I’m hanging out in my hotel room in Austin, Texas…

And, I realized what an amazing gift is in the process of unfolding this week. The chance to remove the divide and connect with people…

Face To Face (F2F)!

Here are a few thoughts on why this is so important…

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7 responses

7 responses to “Forget B2B or P2P, How About F2F?”

  1. Point well made; there’s nothing like F2F. While online relationships are great, the energy you created from being in the same room with other people can be amazing…even if it’s just 15 minutes!

  2. We just spent a whole day in San Francisco with some folks we met online at Seth Godin’s site.

    It fundamentally changes how you view people—it genuinely humanises them. Because, until you’ve heard their voice, seen their face, they are just pixels on your screen.

    We host one networking event each month (the NCAE) and attend others. Our real business has come, not from our various search-engine-friendly websites, but from our physical meetings—which proliferate to folks we haven’t met, in the form of referrals.

    But it all begins, really begins, with F2F

    So, when’re you gonna be in NorCal, Jonathan?

  3. Corinne Edwards says:

    Hi Jonathan –

    I think I stole the idea for my latest post from you on a conversation on a “tribe” call.

    (although I took your idea in a little different direction)

    Apologies. This is a credit line.

    See on Twitter that your presentation at the conference was a smash! Congratulations. Not surprised.

    I found you early. Lucky, I guess!

  4. Jonathan, the huge amount of non-verbal connection people engage in, is simply not possible online. Anyone who works in the rat race world can attest to this. Once I had a phone conference where everyone else was physically present and I called in. I thought it went badly. I was telling my boss this (who was physically there) and he said “No. No. Everyone was shaking their head up and down in agreement.” You just can’t get it digitally.

  5. Enrique S says:

    Face to face is best. Meanings can get misinterpreted over a conference call, and there’s just something nice about dealing with a real person. I had a boss who used to spend the day emailing everyone, and never even saying hello in person. She sat about ten feet away from her people. I vowed to be different when I was put in charge.

  6. Matthew says:

    Great post, Jonathan. I totally agree w/ you about F2F. Enjoy Austin!

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