First Slogan Smackdown Now Up at SmallBizTrends

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So, I’ve started a new series over at the web’s rockingest small business blog,, called Slogan Smackdown. Here’s a taste of this week’s article:

Ever wonder if your slogan or tag line was doing what it was supposed to do?

Well, living in New York City, I see somewhere in the order of millions of slogans a year, some great, some funny, a few are memorable, but, all too often, business slogans are completely ineffective (often bordering on downright awful).

Rather than complain about this, I figured, it’s a great opportunity for all of us to not only learn about crafting killer slogans, but have a little fun and help some small business owners at the same time by jointly coming up with much better ones for them…

Click here to continue reading and see the first slogan in the smackdown

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One response to “First Slogan Smackdown Now Up at SmallBizTrends”

  1. Great idea Jonathan,

    Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but Vibe Creative is new to me. That one gets bookmarked!