End Malaria: It’s Not a Book, It’s a Movement

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It started as a great work project by my friend, Michael Bungay Stanier. A collection of essays that was to be an ebook. He’d give it away and ask people to donate money to buy malaria nets to save kids in parts of the world where someone dies every 45 seconds from the disease.

Then, Michael shared the idea with Seth Godin. Heard of him?

And that’s where things got interesting. This little free ebook quickly morphed into a beautiful digital and printed book called End Malaria, published by Seth’s The Domino Project, that boasts of a collection of many of the world’s greatest thinkers, visionaries and leaders (I say “many” because somehow, someone made a mistake in the vetting process and I ended up in there, too).

And, instead of giving it away, they decided to ask for $25 a book ($20 for kindle), $20 of which goes to save lives. It buys two nets. That’s two fewer children who won’t wake up tomorrow.

When you buy your copy of End Malaria, you’re not just buying a book, you’re investing in hope.

And, hope, my friends, is cool.

But, beyond that, I think you should also look at the bigger lesson around the creation of this book.

It started as a simple idea. By one man. He was passionate about bringing it to life. He reached out to friends and colleagues and that passion moved us all. No money changed hands. It wasn’t about that. Then he dared to shared it with his dream collaborator. He could’ve been rejected. Most people would never have even tried. But he did.

And together, they turned a great work project into a global impact mission that is mobilizing thousands of people and that will change and save the lives of thousands of others they’ll never meet.

Because one man dared to think big.

Now, what about you?


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One response to “End Malaria: It’s Not a Book, It’s a Movement”

  1. Todd Schnick says:

    bought my copy yesterday. thanks for being a part of it…