Don’t Just Build a Living, Build a Life: GLP Immersion 2013

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In January, 2012, I had this crazy idea…

I’d just released my 2011 Annual Report, a 40 page document that took people deeply into my life, my businesses, learnings and aspirations (my 2012 Annual Report is coming soon, btw). I shared a struggle that was very personal. I stepped into my own vulnerability on a level that made me incredibly uncomfortable, and also took people deep into my business life.

Something magical happened…

That Annual Report exploded online. It was read and shared by thousands. The emails I received in response literally left me in tears for the better part of a few days.

But, here’s where it gets really interesting…

At the end of that Annual Report, I teased something I called Good Life Project.™ And I shared my 10 Commandments of Epic Business. They were built around a radically-different set of values and strategies, ones I’ve tapped to build and sell a number of successful companies, advise everyone from solo-professionals to Fortune 100s and write a few award-winning books.

Those 10 commandments took on a life of their own. They awakened people to the possibility that you could build a real, substantial business or career, while also building an extraordinary, connected, joyful life.

People wanted to know more…

They wanted to dive deeper into each, to discover the operating principles, strategies and tactics behind them.

So, in February 2012, I released a video detailing the 10 Commandments and, for those who wanted more, announced the first-ever Good Life Project Business & Lifestyle Immersion, a 10-month business and lifestyle training handcrafted to breath life into the 10 Commandments of Epic Business.

The idea was to bring together an intimate, highly-curated group of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapraneurs (folks who work in companies, but want to bring the Good Life Project business ideals to their companies, careers and cultures). The group had to be small and hand-picked to ensure an extraordinary level of impact and connection.

We’d then assemble a world-class faculty to teach, inspire and support massive action and evolution, spending 10 months working, growing and traveling together. Building something extraordinary, both individually and collectively.

At this point, Good Life Project TV, which has now grown into a media phenom with viewers in 135 countries and counting (to my complete surprise), didn’t even exist yet.

Within 72 hours of posting a single webpage with information on the 10-month GLP Immersion, more than 100 people applied for one of the few available spots.

I was dumbstruck…

I knew there was a lot of pain. So many people want to build real, family and future-worthy businesses or careers, while also being present in the lives of their families and friends, being healthy and feeling fulfilled, optimistic and vital. But few have access to the knowledge, tools and support to make it happen. I’d had conversations with hundreds of people about the pervasive sense of unrealized potential, misaligned action and reactive living that seems to smother so much joy for so many. And I knew there wasn’t anything like what we were about to create.

But the volume and intensity of the need was so far beyond what I’d anticipated…

After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, we accepted a tightly-curated group of 15 into the program. Over the next 10 months, our intimate group of “GLeePers” came together in New York City, Boulder, Colorado and a secret private compound on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.

Each weekend was an event in it’s own right. Totally-immersive. Transformative. Personally and professionally.

By the end of the first 3-day weekend, it was as if everyone had known each other for life. Like they’d finally discovered, for the first time, an inner circle of people that thought like them, saw the world the same way, wanted to give to and get the same things from life. People they knew would be there to rally behind them for years to come.

I was so incredibly honored to be able to create and hold this space for the group, to facilitate the learning and connections and be joined in each location by a world-class business-growth and mindset faculty.

Threading these 3-day learning retreats together was a curriculum of monthly mentoring, strategy and weekly e-reveals” – conversations in our private email group that came to be known as “Coming to God” check-ins. These not only became immense opportunities to share knowledge and experiences, but also to deepen our bonds and provide a mission-critical, non-judgmental accountability mechanism.

There was nowhere to hide. Everyone had to report in. Full transparency was the expectation. And that was not only okay, it was gorgeous. These weekly and monthly experiences served as one of the keys to the power and coherence of the group. And fostered a mind-blowing volume of action-taking, accountability and movement.

I had high hopes for the GLP Immersion Class of 2012. What unfolded, though, exceeded my wildest expectations. Truth told, it blew me away…

The depth of connections, life-changing awakenings, both business and personal, and the lasting impact was truly breathtaking.

You can watch and read many of their experiences here.

What started as a group of strangers turned into a family with the knowledge, power and support to effect massive change.

It was a stunning year. And for the last year, literally since the day we closed the application window, even though I’ve done nothing to market this experience, an endless parade of people have continued to email, tweet me, track me down on Facebook or after keynoting a conference to find out when I’ll be re-opening the program.

Well…that day is TODAY!!!

I learned a ton building the 2012 GLP Immersion program. Over the last few months, my team and I have taken all that learning, deconstructed and rebuilt the program and developed a revamped, even-cooler, more impact-driven format for 2013.

I’m insanely excited to share that…

Enrollment for the 2013 Good Life Project Immersion opens today.

Click here now to learn all the details about the 2013 GLP Immersion.

If it feels right to you, fantastic. And even if it’s not a fit, you’ll enjoy learning more about the 10 Commandments of Epic Business and two very cool psychological phenomenon known and “emotional contagion” and the “Pygmalion effect”

Here’s to a year filled with deepening connection and realized potential!

With gratitude,


P.S. – The application deadline is January 31, but more than 100 people applied last year and we anticipate even more this year. Because of the intimate, hands-on nature of the Immersion, we can only accept a max of 20 people into the program (last year, we only took 15). Translation – we may well fill up long before the deadline. So, if you’re serious about making this your year, be sure to apply early to hold onto your spot.

Image by God-like photographer Eric Michael Pearson

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  1. Dan Garner says:

    I really like the 10 Commandments of Epic Business and the video was great. Thank you, hopefully I’ll join the immersion sessions some day.

    Dan Garner