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There’s this moment every morning…

After I’ve walked my daughter to school.

And come back to sit at my desk.

When the sun starts to creep across my shoulder and onto my face.

Glitter on the lash of my right eye.

Illuminated twirls of mist rise from a mug of coffee.

That reminds me why I’ve built my life this way…

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26 responses

26 responses to “Daybreak”

  1. This was beautiful–thank you! How cool that we each get to “choose” how we are going to build our life. My husband & I routinely pause to give thanks for the lifestyle we have created for ourselves–individually and as a couple. To someone else it might look silly, but to us it makes perfect sense and fills our hearts with wonder.

    Appreciate you sharing the simplicity of the beauty in your day. Enjoy every moment and b-r-e-a-t-h-e it all in!

  2. Cory Huff says:

    Jonathan, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks. This touched me – I’m glad you share your stuff as well as business tips.

    I did get a business tip out of this too, though. You’ve built your life this way – on purpose. It’s important to remember that I am building my life – consciously or not – and it’s my choice to make.

  3. GEON says:

    Choice, desire, work coalescing to allow you the bliss to follow – YOURS.

  4. Todd Roach says:

    That sounds awesome!! I spilled my coffee on me while I was driving through traffic to rush to work because the sitter was late. Thank you for letting me live vicariously!!!

  5. Jill Lena Ford says:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment…it brings inspiration as we each daily choose our own personal lives of bliss 🙂

  6. Tim Brownson says:

    There aren’t many mornings, usually when I’m walking the dogs, that I don’t think I’m a really lucky $#%^*@!

    Then again as the Gary Player quote goes (I actually think he may have picked it up from way back when, but I don’t know who first said it)

    “The harder I work, they luckier I get”

    Looks like you’re fairly lucky too JF 😉

  7. Julie says:

    INSPIRATIONAL!! Reminds me to stop and relect on the beauty around me instead of nose-diving into emails first thing and obsessing over my ‘to do’ lists!! Also inspires me to continue to ‘design my life’ in this new direction instead of reverting back to a job in the corporate world – which I hated…and have escaped from…but not quite settled into my new direction. All along during my transition you’ve been an inspiration….started with your book and continuing with reading your blogs! Thanks for being in my world – just know that you ARE making a difference!

  8. Lynn Kertell says:

    Treasuring these times is what life is all about. All the rest is the way to make this moment happen.

    Thank you for reminding me of that. Its so easy to get caught up in the making it happen, it is easy to forget why.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Love it, Jonathan!

    I’m no where near at the point in my life, but reading posts like this remind that it is possible, and to keep working for it!

  10. Sweet…you are a poet! I can so relate to the feelings. NOTHING is better than loving your life choices!!

    I love those early moments when we are in the touring phase of our world-tour lifestyle, but I mostly sleep-in when we winter in Spain & let hubs handle the walking to school duty. 😉

    My fave part of the day here in Spain is when I walk to pick my daughter up from school at 2pm in our tiny village. It is particularly beautiful this spring with an amazing view of the Med sea, surrounding mountains and everything so green in the countryside… rolling hills covered in vineyards, avocado trees, wild flowers and olive trees.

    We’re ready to move soon & I also look forward to new sites and those magical mornings. Life is good!

  11. Susan Greene says:

    “That reminds me why I’ve built my life this way…”

    That line says it all for me. To have control of one’s life, to be free to choose how you spend your time and determine your own priorities is as good as it gets.

  12. Beautiful, Jonathan, amen. My husband and I have a ritual, whenever we share a glass of wine, we toast: “to us, and our good fortune” no matter what has happened, no matter how crazy we seem, we have chosen to build our lives this way, and it’s pretty darn fine!

  13. Beautiful, inspiring post today! I’m starting to feel like that at times…just getting my biz going and still have nervous jitters if I’m not going down my lists/emails, etc… But in those few moments when I do notice the sun on my face through my window, and my cat looking up at me while at my desk, and I’m able to stop and get something to eat/drink whenever…pretty darn nice!

  14. Hannah says:

    Lovely post 🙂 It’s such a shame to think of how many people left home at 8am this morning, spent the day in an office and won’t get back until 8pm this evening. They’re missing out, big time. Thanks for a great blog; it’s very inspiring!

  15. Yep, you said it. I’m about to go take a nap in my own comfy bed, in the middle of the day. Ain’t life grand when you create it the way you want it? (And always a work in progress…)

  16. JulieW says:

    Thanks for this Jonathan – beautiful. I’ve been wanting to say to you how grateful I am for your suggestions of a few weeks back about learning to develop focus & mindfulness (which this reminded me of), in which you referred to Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe. I’m a few weeks into the 8-week program and it’s just what I needed, so thank you.

  17. Leisa says:

    All this, and a poet too? JF – let’s just call him renaissance man. Thanks for sharing. Your authenticity and openness emboldens me to do the same.

  18. Love that you phrased it “I’ve built my life this way…”

    I love the idea that we can build our lives, not just let them happen. We are a part of writing our own story. Lets make that story one we want to live.

  19. Tom says:

    Hearing about personal moments like that is a much better motivator to get my life how I want it than a lot of the self-help guru junk that I’ve read! Thank you.

  20. caitlyn says:

    I have made it a habit of always building a life that I love. Once in a while I’ve had to live through a temporary work hell before I can determine the correct response (fight or flight!)

    The thing I didn’t realize I could also build in was great wealth.

    I’ve always had jobs I love, great friends, homes that make me smile, and one or two other supports for my spirit. But, for far too many years, those homes were without the awe-inspiring vase that was on sale at the craft market around the corner; the jobs were attended in Mark’s Workwearhouse jeans instead of a designer label; the friends were never treated to a meal on me or a bouquet just because.

    Now, I am creating life with the greatest job of my imagination, a walking “commute” under cherry blossoms, a house with as many vases as I desire (tempered by my abhorrence of undignified consumerism), and a friend who just accepted a $48 bottle of Cold-FX from me (in the hopes that she will not succumb to her cold & be unable to attend her daughter’s mothers’ day tea at kindergarten.)

    Jonathan, I am so happy for you to have such happiness.

  21. Topi says:

    Being able to take my time when I’m dropping my kids off at school (when they’re full of excitement about the day that’s before them) and being able to pick them up when the bell rings (and hear their stories of the day they’ve had), that’s why I’ve built my life this way!

  22. Dan says:

    Jonathan- For the past year I’ve read about 150 blog posts a day…this one is my favorite. I’m happy for you…and I’m working toward that life too. I dream of the day I can drop everything I’m doing and just spend time with my son, daughter, wife and family. Thanks…now, I’ll save to Evernote, Instapaper and Dropbox…so I see it and get remotivated every time in in there…

  23. Andi says:

    That was quite simply, beautiful.

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  25. Thanks for inspiring me to pause and be thankful for creating my life on my terms.