How Danielle LaPorte Set the World On Fire

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“I decided to stop selling and start radiating.”

That, from the mouth of highly sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, strategist and author, Danielle LaPorte.

The words tumbled out during the filming of an interview for my soon-to-launch web series, Good Life Project TV (don’t ask, more on that soon). We sat facing each other on the floor of the yoga studio I founded in 2001, talking about her killer new book – The Fire Starter Sessions. She was sing-songing her way through a longer answer to a question I’d posed about her success.

Wait! I said. You can’t just do that. You can’t drop something like that and not explain. What do you MEAN you decided to radiate? How do you DO that?

Which led to a whole conversation about the immense power of working from a place not of force, but of ease. Of building a sense of integrity, authenticity, alignment, confidence and raised energy that literally draws people to you like moths to a light. One that attracts them by standing in your truth so fiercely and publicly, you begin to radiate…and others want to know how…and do it themselves.

Sounds cool. But, for realz?! You can build a serious career that way?

Answer is…yes!

This is the place Danielle works from, and the response has not only been palpable, but profitable.

When Danielle LaPorte walks into a room, you don’t have to look. You just know she’s arrived.

In the handful of years since she made the shift from selling with force to attracting with radiance, Danielle has attracted a massive online community of friends, followers, fans, colleagues and collaborators that line up to participate in nearly any experience she chooses to give intention, attention and life. Witness the 500 or so people that packed her book launch party in NYC. “No,” I could hear her saying earlier in the day, “the wait list is not some marketing B.S., there really is just no room left.”

The Fire Starter Sessions started as a digital training that embodied and taught Danielle’s approach to business and life. Now as an expanded major release book from Crown, she continues to offer her unique and often provocative approach. And, once again, the immediate success of the book is testament not only to it’s inspired, valuable content, but Danielle’s ability to teach from a place of personal experience and public proof.

Much of her book hits home for me, and then there are some things that make me say hmmm (You’ll see us mix it up in a loving way when her episode airs in May). Which is cool with Danielle. Because she cares more about creating the conversation than she does winning the point-of-view war.

One other thing. I’m a freak about visual design. I never bought the old “the medium is not the message” line. The medium can, in the right hands, give substantial context, energy and emotion to the content and, in doing so, become a part of the experience of consuming it.

Which is why I loved the fact that The Fire Starter Sessions is also a striking visual experience.

Highly-recommended for the soulful, creative entrepreneur in all of us.

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16 responses

16 responses to “How Danielle LaPorte Set the World On Fire”

  1. I can’t wait to see the interview and to read the new book. I knew you might be doing something video based because you mentioned in an interview with David S. Garland (I think). Looking forward to ou!

  2. “she cares more about creating the conversation than she does winning the point-of-view war”

    – you don’t see that often enough. Very attractive trait.

    JF, you have convinced me to buy Danielle’s book.

  3. YES! So glad to hear it articulated that way, Jonathan. The medium -in this case- is HUGE. The experience of reading this book is unlike any other for me. Tons of white space, big bold text that surprises you when it appears. Not to mention that the book itself is big, necessitating that I read it at home. All snuggled up in bed. Ready to take in the content and be moved. I love it. Excited for the interview 😉

  4. Amy Glass says:

    I am reading this book now and I can feel things shifting! I look forward to your interview and the Good Life Project TV. Thank you for sharing your greatness with the world. It inspires me and countless others to embrace the vulnerability to do the same!

  5. WOW! Thank you for sharing your experience in meeting Danielle with us. I agree with Matthew’s comment, you don’t see that very often…very refreshing! We can easily become centered on ourselves, competing with others. But, it is not rewarding competing alone. We end up wanting more with no one to share it with.

    I definitely will read danielle’s book:)

  6. Mindie Kniss says:

    Love the distinction of force vs. ease — so simple to feel which aspects of our lives fit into one or the other.
    SO looking forward to the Good Life video!
    Thank you for this. =)

  7. Jody says:

    I’ve been reading Danielle’s blog for a couple of years now, watching her videos, listening to the way she speaks and radiates, as you say. I can only say I am happy, happy, happy for this much deserved success with the launch of her book! Love that she turns everything around and approaches it from a fresh, new, truthful perspective! As I live way overseas am waiting patiently for the new book to arrive via Amazon, flights and many trusty courier services in between!

    Look forward to your Good Life Project web series, as well! Won’t have to wait for it…

  8. I just had to comment on this post and say that Danielle has had a profound impact on my life ==> from a distance. Since following her blog over a year ago, she has taught me more about authenticity than anyone else. Besides you of course Jonathan. LOL. Seriously, my heart lit up when I saw the post that you two would be doing a joint conversation together to be aired and shared with the rest of us. It was like my 2 favourite “distant mentors” together in one room together. I had a little “yay” moment and punch into the air. Seriously, the ethics that you both live and teach by, is changing my life and I’m thousands of kilometres away! You are both mentors to me, and you don’t even know me! Anyways, I tip my hat to both of you for taking the bull (world) by the horns and standing your ground for honesty and credibility. You are both deeply changing the way I am shaping my business, literally as we wpeak…. Thank you so much for coming together and spreading more love and joy – love you both and can’t wait to see the Good Life project aired in May xx

    Francesca Esposito-Rose

  9. Ryan Hanley says:

    Danielle sounded cool from your article… Then you go the Amazon page for her book and watch that little promo-video and you realize she’s a Gangster.

    Love it… On my wishlist and soon to be read. Thanks for the Introduction Jonathan!

    Ryan H.

  10. Amy Oscar says:

    The two people who have had the most forming influence on my own online presence were you and DLP. When I met you in NYC, at one of your first Tribal Author classes, I sensed that I was in the presence of a pattern reader – someone who could not only teach (really well) but could articulate trends and find, in all the shouting and positioning, the high road. Danielle does that, too. I am drawn to people like you -and like her – for a reason. It begins with authenticity but it’s more than that. Deeper. Richer. There’s a vein of integrity and a demand that the world itself make this shift with you… that’s it. To borrow a phrase from my own work, you’re ‘soul callers,’ streaming your own gifts into the world while inspiring others to do the same. This is how you, and Danielle, thrive and as you thrive, we all grow. All boats are lifted.

  11. Josh says:

    Danielle is a great motivation to us all. She is so full of radiance and beauty, and you can tell she just loves life. So much to learn from her!

  12. Brandon Dean says:

    Hey I know this is off topic but I love how you have the word count and approximate reading time below each article 🙂

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  16. Andi-Roo says:

    “the immense power of working from a place not of force, but of ease.” <– loved this phrasing, as it really fits how I'd like to live my whole life, not just professionally but personally as well.

    Can't wait to read this book— thanks for the suggestion! 🙂