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Join my Creation Tribe.

I’m beyond blessed to have such an amazing, thoughtful family here. And, I’d like to be able to both tap your genius and share more details, questions, insights and ideas with you as I write my next book and create and launch a number of new ventures.

But, not all of that is right for this blog.

So, I’ve created a special “Creation Tribe,” and I’m inviting you to join in this journey…

What does that mean?

As a member of my Creation Tribe, you’ll get occasional book-insider e-dispatches, progress updates, potential sneak peaks at some of the content and some the things I’ll be doing to launch the book. I’ll also very likely reach out to you here and there to bounce ideas, questions, topics, chapter titles and who knows what else off of you.

You’ll get deeper access to my creation process in exchange for me getting to tap your insights and asking the occasional favor (ya know, regular stuff like “pay my mortgage this month, send brownies, help me solve nuclear fusion…that type of thing).

And, this very likely won’t just stop with the book…

Over the next 12-months, I’ll be building and revealing a number of seriously cool creative endeavors, from businesses to experiences to books and art, and as a member of my Creation Tribe, you’ll know about them and potentially even share in their creation and launch before anyone else.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is enter your name and email in the form below, then click on the link in the confirmation email that’ll follow a few seconds later.

UPDATE 7-25-2011: Thanks for all who’ve joined, the Creation Tribe is now closed to new members.