What If I Choose Wrong?

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What If I Choose Wrong?

Man, I’ve heard that excuse soooo many times. You’ve got multiple interests, ideas, projects, passions, products, job offers, blah, blah, blah. They all sound cool. All have serious potential, pluses, minuses, risks and rewards. Which do I choose? And, oh my, what if I choose WRONG?!?! I asked this question to world-renowned thought-leader, bazillion-time New […]

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The Making of Tiny Buddha

A few years back, Lori Deschene started posting snippets of Buddhist thought on twitter under the name Tiny Buddha. And it didn’t take long for people to notice. Her following exploded. As I write this, the TinyBuddha account on twitter is closing in on 240,000 followers and it’s adding some 230 new followers…a day! The rapid […]

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The Flinch and The Future of Publishing

Earlier this year, New York Times bestselling author, Julien Smith, and I had an interesting moment. It happened during a skype interview about swearing on blogs and in business. The whole conversation was fantastic and generated a lot of conversation and just a wee bit of controversy. But, what I didn’t know was this one moment […]

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Author Sells Head for 10,000 Books (must see video)

I’m only doing it once, for obvious reasons. And only for the right partner. Straight up, total goofball, do not do this at home fun. Because life’s too serious to be, well, serious all the time! Buy 10,000 books (yes, that’s not a typo, my dignity will cost you, lol) and I will shave your […]

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Uncertainty Book Trailer Goes Live


I wasn’t going to do a trailer for my next book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance.

Because, with the exception of Tim Ferriss’ trailer for the Four Hour Body and Gretchen Rubin’s trailer for The Happiness Project, I’d never seen one that engaged, entertained and, at the same time, made their precise target demographic really want to learn more about the book.

Still, there was a nugget of an idea that kept tugging at me until finally, it simply had to come to life.

So, I chose my team, led by Michelle Vargas, largely because I’d seen her camera and editing style and really liked it. And this was such a simple idea – there wasn’t even a script – the editing would really matter.

The entire shoot only took about 30-minutes, followed by 2 weeks of editing and scoring.

Sharing this with the world makes me nervous. It’s different. Very different. Very real. Truth is, I almost lost it for a minute during the shoot. And watching the final trailer, you can tell exactly where and why.

Well, today’s the day…

The campaign for Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance officially launches right now with the release of the new book trailer.

Go check it out at TheUncertaintyBook.com.

And, if it resonates, I’d love if you’d share it with friends and maybe leave a comment under the trailer.

Oh, one other thing…



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Want a Comp Pass or 20% Off Blogworld East?

On Thursday, May 26th, I’m presenting at one of the coolest conferences around – Blogworld in NYC. And you can either be my guest and pay nothing or come for 20% off. Here’s the deal… Until this year, Blogworld happened once a year in Vegas, but they’ve just added a new New York City event […]

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Seth Godin Pokes The Box

Seth Godin wants you to be uncomfortable. He wants you to question why you do what you do. And more importantly, why you don’t do what you don’t do. In his new book, Poke the Box, Seth wants you to knock down the walls to that container otherwise known as the status quo. He wants […]

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7 Days and Signed: From Web-Show Host to Major Book Deal

Today’s guest contributor, my friend David Siteman Garland, is the Founder of The Rise To The Top, The #1 Non-Boring Resource For Building Your Business Smarter, Faster, Cheaper and author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business +++++ On a Tuesday morning this past February I had a conference call […]

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Can Someone Else’s Comment Land You in Court?

I rarely ever delete comments, unless they are hateful, disrespectful or spam. But, I recently found myself editing or deleting a small handful of comments not for any of the above reasons, but because I was concerned that if I published them “as is,” they’d risk landing me in court. These comments shared detailed stories […]

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Join My Creation Tribe, Be In My Next Book?

So, you’ve probably seen me hinting around this for a few months, but now it’s official… I’m working on my next book, publishing with the fabulous team at Portfolio and I’m deep into it already. The working title is Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance. Though, as often happens, that’s not necessarily […]

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