Do The Work. Or It’ll Do You

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Do The Work. Or It’ll Do You

More than a decade ago, author Steve Pressfield released a little book called The War of Art that went on to sell a zillion copies. But more importanty, it gave a name to what so many writers and creators of all ilk feel—Resistance—when striving to birth something worthy of a pulse. That nagging, at times […]

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Seth Godin Pokes The Box

Seth Godin wants you to be uncomfortable. He wants you to question why you do what you do. And more importantly, why you don’t do what you don’t do. In his new book, Poke the Box, Seth wants you to knock down the walls to that container otherwise known as the status quo. He wants […]

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Help Me Choose The Title Of My Next Book

As most of you know, I’m working on my next book right now. And, I’m at the point with my publisher where we’re working on the title. This is a really important decision with any book. It’s an interesting process, too, when you publish traditionally, because there are many layers to consider that don’t come […]

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Fiction Or Nonfiction: Who Cares?

The world of books, it seems, is divided at the top into two categories, fiction and nonfiction But, as both a reader and an author, I don’t experience books that way and I don’t separate what I desire to write that way. I do, however, have my own divide. I separate books into: Ones that […]

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Join My Creation Tribe, Be In My Next Book?

So, you’ve probably seen me hinting around this for a few months, but now it’s official… I’m working on my next book, publishing with the fabulous team at Portfolio and I’m deep into it already. The working title is Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance. Though, as often happens, that’s not necessarily […]

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A Modest Proposal For Publishers and Authors

The publishing world is in mass-flux. I don’t know where it’ll end up. Nobody does. But, I do know, as I sit and write this, that the other side of upheaval is opportunity. For both publishers and authors…who get what’s really happening here. For generations, big publishing houses have played a huge role in: Selecting, […]

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Career Renegade Hits Taiwan

Just had to share this with you guys… Career Renegade was just published in Traditional Chinese, which is the main language in Taiwan and Hong Kong (from what I’m told, going on faith, here). Pretty cool, huh? I’ve posted the two covers side-by-side below. Kinda fascinating to see how they changed the cover to try to […]

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Book Marketing: Tribal Author Camp NYC Apr. 23-25 ($300 Off)

Ever wonder how to sell a lot of books in a market that’s, um…nuts?

Many of you guys know I write a second blog called Tribal Author that covers the wacky world of book marketing. Well, last year, after releasing a 29 page report called The Truth About Book Marketing (that simultaneously angered certain people, while inspiring others), there were so many questions about what really works, I decided to offer a 2-day book marketing camp in NYC called Tribal Author Camp. That event sold out very quickly. Honestly, way faster than I thought, which I’m guessing is less about me and more about the desperate need for real, actionable, B.S.-free book marketing information in a sea of scams, pitch-fests and worthless dreck.

We talked about some really cool things, like:

  • The 80/20 Tribal Love Triangle
  • How to drive pre-orders and light a fire for your book’s release
  • How to run “ethical” amazon campaigns to drive more consistent, lasting sales
  • Why social media is not enough to launch your book (I know, didn’t expect that, huh?)
  • What never to do if you want people to take you seriously and help you promote
  • How to get cover quotes from rock stars, even when you’re a newbie
  • How to get “real” amazon reviewers lined up
  • And a ton of other stuff.

The feedback was amazing

But, there was something bugging me. I wanted to take it one giant step further. I wanted to be able to spend one extra day devoted purely to developing each person’s individual platform strategy and 3-stage integrated book launch plan. So, I decided, if I ran another Tribal Author Camp, I’d add a third day to the camp that was all about hands-on plan development, feedback and individual strategy. Which is exactly what I’ve done. I’m so psyched to share with you guys my new, expanded:

3-day Tribal Author Camp NYC | New York City

April 23 to 25 (Friday to Sunday)

Like the 2009 camp, it’s not one of those mega-conferences, it’s intimate and hands on (translation, not a lot of seats). And there’s something else I’d like to do for you…

There’s already a giant $250 early bird discount when you enroll by the end of March. But I want to do something really special for my tribe (and if you’re reading this, that’s you). So, here it is…

Be one of the first 20 people to register by March 25th
and you’ll get an ADDITIONAL $50 off the tuition
by using the code “tribal-insider”

Yes, that’s on top of the existing $250 Early Bird Discount (so you’ll get $300 off)! But, you’ve gotta be one of the first 20 to sign up, and those spots could all go in an hour, a day or a week.

BTW, yes, it’s okay to let your friends use this code to join you, even if they don’t read the blog (just make sure you sign up first to lock in your seat, lol).

Click here to learn more and read what last year’s campers thought about the experience.

Look forwarding to playing with you in NYC in April!

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Storytelling and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I confess, I’m obsessed… Strike that. Possessed. With the art of storytelling. It’s why I’m about to spend four 10-hour days in a NYC workshop led by Robert McKee called simply Story next week. McKee’s taught many of the top screenwriters and novelists in the world how to craft stories that have defined the genres […]

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Why I Banned Twitter at My Last Event

Back in November 2009, I launched a book marketing venture that rapidly spawned a sold-out live event in NYC—Tribal Author Camp.

I did it because I love teaching, especially when I get to combine my jones for writing and experience as an author with my marketing and social media. A big chunk of the event was focused on leveraging social media to build an author platform, then create a 3-stage launch campaign.

Which is why I got some raised eyebrows when my new book marketing mini-tribe turned to the first page of the manual to discover the following policy

No live tweeting, Facebooking or blogging – BE HERE NOW! You can tweet, email and Facebook your ass off during the breaks! And, no recording devices, cell phones or pagers. Cow bells…absolutely. We can never have enough cow bell!

What the?!

Why would I ban social media and smart phones during an event that’s all about marketing with those very tools?

Doesn’t that just hurt me? I mean, I lose all that precious twitter hashtag back-channel buzz, I forgo the participants’ followers wishing they were there and passing along a stunningly abundance stream of quotes to the huddled authorial tweet-loving masses.

What on Earth would make me give up the marketing and PR benefit of a room full of people live-tweeting the event?

Was it that I’m just a control freak?

Nope, that wasn’t it. Well, actually, I AM a control freak, but that wasn’t behind the ban.

Was it that I didn’t want my precious genius (read “inane rambling”) leaking out to the unpaid masses?

Nope, that wasn’t it, either.

Then what? What would drive me to make such a rash, horrifically unjustifiable policy?

As Curly said in City Slickers…”One Thing.”

I wanted everyone in the room to actually BE THERE.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to conferences or events where people are cycling mercilessly between tweeting every other line, taking notes and, can you believe, checking email. Then, they walk out of an event, you ask what it was about and the closest they can come is “I don’t know, but I tweeted the hell out of the best lines!”

The reason I instituted a social media ban during my Tribal Author Camp event and gave up the potentially substantial opportunity for twitter hashtag fame was because it was far more important that I be able to give everyone in the room exactly what I promised. And, to do that, I had to create an environment that ensured minimum distraction, minimal task-switching and maximum engagement.

Because, if you’re genuinely THERE, if you’re engaged during the event, things sink in on a whole different level, questions arise at the time I am there to answer them and relationships are formed by listening, truly listening not just to me, but to everyone else who participates.

And now, the big question…did the twitter ban hold?

Pretty much. At one point, one participant came to me to share his guilt over tweeting something I said that, as he put it, just had to be shared. And, I did notice a bit of tweeting during the breaks. But, for the most part, the ban stood the test of ADD time. In the end, the result was an amazingly coherent, deeply engaged tribe who left, I hope, with not only great information and relationships, but a renewed sense of the need to occasionally disconnect, tune out…and drop in.

Now, I’m curious…

Have you ever suffered such indignity?

Had to endure an event without the refuge of twitter?

What do you think of my ban? I’m all ears…

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