How a Mad Rant Turned Into a Real Business

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How a Mad Rant Turned Into a Real Business

It started with my own frustration. I’d just signed my first book deal, and being a maven and a marketer, began to devour everything I could find about book marketing. Over the next year and a half, while writing the book and running my full-time brick and mortar company (yes, they still exist!), I spent […]

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A Radical New Way To Tap the Kindle Economy

The publishing world is in mass-flux. While this terrifies some writers, other entrepreneurial-minded writers and self-publishers are licking their chops. Sean Platt is one of them. You may know him from,, and his contributions all over the web. But it’s a pretty radical new approach to “episodic” or serialized digital fiction with […]

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Behind the Book Launch: Tribal Author Camp Oct 2011

Every time I launch a new book, I learn so much. While most authors hate the process, I love it. To me it’s one massive puzzle, and I treat it very much like launching a business. I shared a bunch of what I learned in a recent mammoth post over on Copyblogger. But that’s just […]

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A Little Perspective

Yesterday, Uncertainty was launched. But, this post isn’t about the book, it’s about what happened during the 3 1/2 hour live-streaming book launch party that brought me back to what matters. People were hanging out, bantering and connecting from all over the world. At points, close to 200 were at the party. That alone is amazing. […]

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Uncertainty Book: Live-Stream Launch Party Today

It’s launch day, woooohoooooo!!! The book is out, the book is out, the book is out! Can you tell I’m excited? And, I’m celebrating with an online live-streaming launch party today with special guests stopping by, super-cool giveaways, ridiculous readings, maybe even costumes, 3-straight hours of fun, questions, chats. And you can join in from […]

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Author Sells Head for 10,000 Books (must see video)

I’m only doing it once, for obvious reasons. And only for the right partner. Straight up, total goofball, do not do this at home fun. Because life’s too serious to be, well, serious all the time! Buy 10,000 books (yes, that’s not a typo, my dignity will cost you, lol) and I will shave your […]

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Uncertainty Pre-Order Bundle: Something Different

Maybe I’m old school, but in a world of digital books, there’s something so viscerally yummy about holding a real, live physical book in my hands. And, there’s also something deeply-gratifying about giving someone I care about a book that I’ve hand-chosen for them to explore. I buy books for myself all the time, but it’s […]

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Uncertainty Book Trailer Goes Live


I wasn’t going to do a trailer for my next book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance.

Because, with the exception of Tim Ferriss’ trailer for the Four Hour Body and Gretchen Rubin’s trailer for The Happiness Project, I’d never seen one that engaged, entertained and, at the same time, made their precise target demographic really want to learn more about the book.

Still, there was a nugget of an idea that kept tugging at me until finally, it simply had to come to life.

So, I chose my team, led by Michelle Vargas, largely because I’d seen her camera and editing style and really liked it. And this was such a simple idea – there wasn’t even a script – the editing would really matter.

The entire shoot only took about 30-minutes, followed by 2 weeks of editing and scoring.

Sharing this with the world makes me nervous. It’s different. Very different. Very real. Truth is, I almost lost it for a minute during the shoot. And watching the final trailer, you can tell exactly where and why.

Well, today’s the day…

The campaign for Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance officially launches right now with the release of the new book trailer.

Go check it out at

And, if it resonates, I’d love if you’d share it with friends and maybe leave a comment under the trailer.

Oh, one other thing…



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Pitch Trainwrecks: How Not to Pitch Bloggers and Media

Been a while since I’ve shared any of the awful pitches I seem to get on a daily basis. But the first few sentences of two of the pitches I got over the last few months were too good not to share with you and turn them into a mini-lesson of what never to do. […]

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Authors and Aspiring Authors: What’s It Take To Succeed?

Despite what you may have heard, this is an incredible time to be an author…. Power, freedom, control, respect and, yes, even moolah (I know, you’re not supposed to mention money in the same sentence as art, right?), are there for the taking…if you get what’s really happening and are willing to act on it. […]

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