Careers Gone Bad: Your Money Or Your Life?

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We all want the best for ourselves, our families and, if you’ve got ’em, your kids…

We work like crazy to provide opportunity, to succeed. Problem is, it may all be based on a lie. I’ve just published a fairly gigantic post over on called Dead Man Working.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Outing The Joneses—it ain’t about money

Something has gone horribly wrong in this massively pervasive quest to keep up with and, whenever possible, whup the Joneses.  We’ve ended up, getting everything we wanted, but we didn’t feel like we thought we’d feel.  Then, for some of you, in the blink of an eye, or the pink of a slip, it was all taken away.

And, even if you accumulate exactly what you hoped to, 20-years down the road, you’ll very likely find yourself wanting another 20-years, because, according to research by University of Southern California economist, Richard Easterlin, once you get there, what you thought would make you feel safe doesn’t.

Does this mean money doesn’t matter at all?  Please, I’m an optimist, not an idiot.  Of course, it matters! But, probably not in the way you think.

If you are living at or below the poverty level, earning more can have a tremendous impact on health and happiness.  Beyond earning enough to comfortably cover fairly basic living expenses, though, the research is clear—there is little relationship between income and happiness (Diener & Oishi 2000).  Wealthy people are generally only slightly happier (at least in the U.S.).

Yes, money may enable you to do more and experience more with your already happy, fulfilled life, and that makes a very real difference.  But simply having more won’t make you happy and fulfilled.

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3 responses

3 responses to “Careers Gone Bad: Your Money Or Your Life?”

  1. It perhaps a tad frivolous but I am reminded of a quote, the author of which I cannot recall:

    Money can’t buy happiness, but it can rent a very close approximation.

  2. I recommend that EVERYONE read the article. A realistic view of what to expect from our efforts has a direct influence on the level of satisfaction we will receive.

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