Career Renegade TV Launches With Gary Vaynerchuck from

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First, we brought you the Career Renegade book (now bestselling job-hunting book on Then we brought you the Renegade Profiles. Now, it’s finally time to launch the next big Career Renegade adventure…

Career Renegade TV is now live!

Our first episode features a totally behind the scenes interview with entrepreneurship, wine, vlogging and social media giant, Gary Vaynerchuk of fame. In this nearly one-hour, in-depth interview, we get into…

  • How tasting hot asphalt as a little kid led to a career as a wine mogul
  • How he mastered a huge body of wine knowledge, even though he hated school
  • What is was like moving into a family business and helping take it from $4 to nearly $50 million in sales in less that 10 years.
  • Why he decided to launch, why it actually lost the company money early on.
  • The importance of passion, patience, work ethic and money
  • Why being real is what it’s really all about
  • Balancing family and work time
  • Where he’s going from here.

Enjoy! And feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…

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3 responses

3 responses to “Career Renegade TV Launches With Gary Vaynerchuck from”

  1. Linda Grace says:

    Needs a lil more and better sound, plz…..
    gratz on branching out!

  2. Steve Olson says:

    I love the video. I especially like the conversation about school and entrepreneurship. I’m going to put this video up on my blog. What we all need right now is some inspiration and you Gary V just gave us some. I love the idea of making 100K on the smurfs! Not that I’m into smurfs… maybe the Super Friends, but not the smurfs :-).

  3. This is amazing that you two guys came together for the first Career Renegade TV. Gary inspired me to start my own online TV show, Modern Hippocrates. Jonathan inspired me to dig deep and find my passion, which is health and happiness, which is what my TV show is all about.

    As Gary said, “You can lose just as much money doing something you love as you can being miserable and stuck in a job you hate. There is no reason not to be out there doing what you love doing in today’s world.” True.