Career Renegade TV: Jason Lamberth Goes Natural

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I’m so excited to share this new episode of Career Renegade TV, featuring former University of Florida linebacker turned conscious furniture builder and true Career Renegade—Jason Lamberth.

I’ve also adapted this episode as this week’s Renegade Profile audio podcast, which can now be downloaded in two ways:

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One response to “Career Renegade TV: Jason Lamberth Goes Natural”

  1. Great Profile! Best one to date for sure!

    Two things that stood out:

    Convention is an illusion-

    Signposts- being aware that the shifting that feels uncomfortable or scary now, may in fact be the perfect opportunity to seize your true passions and take a leap of faith in the direction or your goals. Stand knee deep in the flow of life and pay attention!


    shelley adelle