Career Renegade TV and Podcast: Chris Guillebeau

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I’m so excited to share this new episode of Career Renegade TV and audio Profile, featuring Art of Nonconformity blogger, world traveler and renaissance man—Chris Guillebeau.

I’ve also adapted this episode as this week’s Renegade Profile audio podcast, which can now be downloaded in two ways:

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3 responses

3 responses to “Career Renegade TV and Podcast: Chris Guillebeau”

  1. This video just made my day. Chris is great and I really enjoy his writing a lot. Like you talked about in the video, his transparency is what really made him stand out to me. He didn’t hide anything. I felt like I knew the guy personally just from reading his blog. It just shows how powerful being yourself can be.

  2. Jonathan,

    Great interview.

    I was lucky enough to have dinner with Chris Guillebeau and his lovely wife at their house this Friday. I can understand how cool this interview was for you, because when I was not busy eating his goat cheese, I was listening to his great insight.

    You both make a great interview.

    Matthew Ray Scott
    The Strategic Incubator

  3. Rex Williams says:

    Great interview. I actually liked the fact that you didn’t edit out that little girl running through your take. That’s real transparency. And I think that is what draws people to both of you guys – you’re just sharing what works for you and you truly just want to help people – that is a story worth spreading.

    And if you’re in the right place, you hear good stories like yours. I learned about each one of you many months ago through the Triiibe, so to see you sitting together is pretty interesting. I guess the more people you know, the smaller the world gets. So efforts to connect people must mean that we’re creating a world small enough to handle – and change.