Career Renegade: Sneak Peek At First Chapter

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CR2In one week, my new book, Career Renegade: How To Make A Great Living Doing What You Love will be released, but you don’t have to wait to begin reading it…

You can download the entire first chapter (the Intro) and dive into it right now.

Here are the first few paragraphs to get you going…

IT’S FUNNY HOW THE CORPORATE grind gets hold of you.

By the time you graduate college or grad-school, a mountain of debt keeps you locked into a quest to earn as much as possible and pay off your loans.  With each year, you earn more and fight your way up the ladder.  But, then, an odd thing happens.

You don’t ever get free.

At some point, it dawns on you that the corporate-ladder is really more of a treadmill.  You run faster, work harder, climb-higher, sweat more blood and push through stifling fatigue.  But, in the end, all too often, you’re no freer or happier than the day you began.  In fact, for many, as your lifestyle expands to gobble-up nearly every dollar you make, it’s quite the opposite.

The day-to-day stress, relentless posturing, politics, negotiating and hours spent on minutiae increasingly suck the life out of you.  Body, mind and spirit, slowly and methodically being sucked dry.

Maybe it would be more tolerable if you actually cared about what you did, if you earned your living doing something you truly loved.  But, like millions of others, you’re likely less than inspired by the culture and content of the one thing that consumes half of your waking hours.  You’ve got that “same job, different day” itch, where personal fulfillment, passion and mission have long ago taken a backseat to the mad dash for cash.

And, you begin to wonder if there’s a different way.

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4 responses

4 responses to “Career Renegade: Sneak Peek At First Chapter”

  1. Jay Reeder says:

    Would that more people see the truth.

    Don’t let the corporate world steal your life!

  2. Dee Wilcox says:

    Great intro! Love your blog, as well. Looking forward to reading the new book!

  3. Weird how we can spend the majority of our waking hours doing things we don’t like. I’m sure no child grows up dreaming of getting a boring job so they can afford to enjoy a nice expensive car for a few hours a week.

    Looking forward to the book


  4. It is within our control to change those things we don’t like about our lives. Who says we have to tolerate the things we don’t want but can’t get rid of. It is all a matter of control, ambition, empowerment and attitude.