Career Renegade on Fox [video]

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on’s LIVE show (@FBNlive) at the Fox Business TV studios in NYC. Here’s a link to the interview. Enjoy!


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8 responses

8 responses to “Career Renegade on Fox [video]”

  1. Terje Berg says:

    I’m always a bit irritated by interviewers who are more in love with their own voice than actually listening to what the interviewee has to say, but that probably just my pet peeve 😉

    Anyway. Nice to see that Renegadism is still paying off for you. Your success gives the rest of us more guts go at it!

  2. karin manske says:

    Wow, congratulations, great interview! I am sure it was hard to do with these guys cutting you off all the time … pretty rude … I’d say .. 🙂

  3. Jonathan Fields says:

    Hey guys, thanks for sticking up for me. 😉 In all fairness, these guys have a limited time to move the segment along, so they’re just trying to fit in what they can in the few minutes we have. Plus, um, it IS their show, lol!

  4. Not a fan of Fox, and full of themselves interviewers, but if you can avoid listening to them and listen to Jonathon, you’ll actually learn something. I can’t tell you how many people I have known in my life who do what they don’t love. My wife was there for a while, high pressure finance, then realized she wanted to do volunteer work and help kids. And write. And learn poetry. Changed her life. And mine. Good stuff, Jonathon. Too bad our entire country is about $$$ instead of happiness.

    Edward Boches

  5. Congratulations Jonathan! It’s really a shame how many people trade time for money doing something they hate. We all deserve a life filled with passion and more people need to be aware of your book!

  6. Jonathan,

    Love this interview, and love your story. I have your book and because of this interview, it has moved to the top of my “finish this book” list. Keep up the great work.

  7. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ edward – You keyed in on an aspect that a lot of people miss. When you work at something that emptied you out, it doesn’t just affect you, it also plays out in your relationships with everyone around you.

    @ Vin – Yeah, the big road block for so many is never trying, because so many people have been convinced by those around them that what they love to do will never generate the income they need. The bigger message is…test your assumptions. And, make sure they’re yours, not somebody elses.

    @ Scott – Thanks for the kind words, I think I owe you an e-mail, lol!

  8. Natalia says:

    You seem very friendly and pleasant. Very cool to hear your voice and your story (I’m new to your blog).

    Those interviewers were really obnoxious! Good for you for keeping your cool. I would have been rolling my eyes at least haha.

    Anyway, congrats!!
    .-= Natalia´s last blog ..Hi! =-.