Can Social Media Get You Into Mags And On TV?

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So, a few weeks back, in my post entitled Entrepreneurial ADD, I shared a struggle I was having, deciding whether to launch a number of new ventures, including more specialized blogs.

Since then, I’ve decided not to launch a second blog (for now) on business and marketing and, instead, keep certain content right here and share other content with a small family of highly specialized, more established blogs.

One of the those blogs is Small Business Trends, where I will now be a regular contributor.

And, my first article is up today. Here’s a quick snippet:

“What am I wasting my time on Twitter for?”

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me this. The answers are myriad, but, beyond the shear distraction and fun of having a worldwide water-cooler at my disposal, one of the biggest benefits of social media, to me, has been … access.

Now, go read the rest if you want to learn how twitter can get you in magazines, on TV and even land you a book deal with a major publisher.

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5 responses

5 responses to “Can Social Media Get You Into Mags And On TV?”

  1. nick says:

    Great point on using twitter. I have to admit that I was one of last ones to realize the value of not only twitter, but many of the social mediums. Now that I am looking at them from a blogging stand point they I am starting to see it.

  2. Adrian says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Do you ever find Twitter to be a life-sucking and energy draining addiction? Like you always have to be “tuned in” to others lives and reply ASAP?

    I’m a fan of the Four Hour Work Week and I know you’ve mentioned it in previous posts, so I’m still personally struggling with whether Twitter would become an unhealthy and/or unproductive addiction. Any thoughts, anyone?



  3. Congrats, Jonathon. Super article. Couldn’t agree more.
    Time though. There’s the rub…more than that, the psychological interruption. Do you find you cluster your activity maybe time of day or post publication of your posts? When are you most active?

  4. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Adrian & Janice – absolutely, twitter can be a massive timesink if not managed effectively. I’ve gotten into the habit of batching my time on twitter. I go on for short burst at certain times of day, then go do other things. The twitter conversation moves so quickly, it’s often not worth trying to catch up on what you missed unless it was directed specifically at you.

  5. Thanks Jonathon, That makes sense. It’s on my list. Too many plates to juggle at the moment, but I’m making the jump soon.