Camp GLP: Top 5 Questions Answered

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A few weeks ago, I shared something pretty cool…


It’s a 3 ½ day summer-camp for grown-ups (minus the teen-angst) meets good life kickstarter, craft-heaven and business accelerator called Camp GLP (short for Good Life Project).

I’ve had a ton of questions since sharing camp with you, so I decided that instead of answering them in a bazillion emails, I’d make a little video that answers the top 5 questions and share it with everyone.

One more thing, today is the final day to get your $200 Early Action discount for camp. We’ve got an amazing experience. Come play!

Okay, now on to your top 5 questions answered…

Grab your spot today and melt into 3 ½ days of accelerated personal and business growth, amazing new friendships, life-defining stories and fun. And get $200 off when you sign up for camp before midnight tonight (July 15, 2014 PST) .

Much love & gratitude,


P.S. – In the video, you’ll also get to see the first real piece of art I ever invested in, and learn the back-story of how I bought it off the street in NYC from an artist who would become pretty well-known.

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5 responses

5 responses to “Camp GLP: Top 5 Questions Answered”

  1. Vig says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have been following you for . . weeeell . . about a year & a bit . . . got your books, video wisdom & would love to go camping with you. My inner voice keeps telling me . . . “Vig, I know you’re crazy, but to go all the way to NY to camp, when you’ve only just settled in Irelan? – that’s too fare out!”

    Well, we’ll see just how far out I might be
    Would definitely love to go camping with you & your tribe

    Keep playing Jonathan x

    • Hey Vig, kc here from the GLP staff… I’m the CFO (chief FUN officer) for the Camp experience, as well as the meditation & time bending facilitator. Hahahha (great titles, right?)

      Just a quick $.02 on timing… We’ve been blessed to host participants as far away as Europe and Australia in just about all of the events we’ve done. I always ask them if it was worth the travel, and based solely on “finding their tribe” alone, the answer is always “YES”. For this event, we’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible in price, knowing people would need to travel internationally.

      All’s I can say is, no pressure either way but if you decide to join us you’ll be so happy you did. I was a participant in the first GLP Immersion program back in 2012, and it completely altered my life & career.


  2. I played the video to “meet” you. Your “voice” to hear is not the “voice” I read. GLP sounds great. Wish I was younger.
    Nish-huh-uh-phlem-yench. My real tribal name-Tsimpshian. ~€:•). Notice the feather on my head!

  3. Katie says:


    As always, I LOVE this camp GLP project that you’ve put out there. If I weren’t attending a wedding in CO the same time, I’d totally be there! Next year!


  4. Sherry says:

    Sounds like the best camp ever and I’d be there in a heartbeat if not already committed to a wedding. Please let us know next years date so I can make sure the calendar is free! Have a wonderful experience everyone!