Bryan Franklin’s Most Dangerous Question on Earth

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My friend and one of the wisest business and life sages I know, Bryan Franklin, recently gave a TEDx talk in Vegas entitled “The Most Dangerous Question On Earth.” The video just went up.

Some of you may remember that Bryan and I hosted a 90-minute business strategy call in January that had 750 people signed up, quickly maxed out lines out (and saw Bryan blowing participants’ minds).

So, set aside a few minutes to watch Bryan’s talk. He builds up to an extraordinary leadership concept he calls ” holding paradox,” then shares the big idea behind the title of his talk. Be sure to watch to the very end, too, where he asks a question that just might change everything for you…

So, how would YOU answer Bryan’s question?

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23 responses

23 responses to “Bryan Franklin’s Most Dangerous Question on Earth”

  1. Hiro Boga says:

    Brilliant. What is my true heart’s desire? To be the love and freedom I want for all of us.

    Thank you for this, Jonathan, and Bryan.

  2. dave r. says:

    interesting fella…thank you for bringing him to my attention.

  3. Steve MacCormack says:

    WOW!!…I have some thinking to do.

    many thanks.

  4. Sukhi says:

    To inspire, motivate and empower peeps to Master their Life. Great Question! Pretty cool guy.

  5. wow…lots to unpack there. I’ve listened to it twice now, and I still need to think of the answer!

  6. Jonathan, thanks for sharing. “Desire is the intersection between who you are and who you are afraid you are.” I had never thought about it that way before. And “you can’t have desire without shame.” Wow! This is a great complement to Brene Brown’s work and also explains why resistance is so powerful. Great question at the end too. Like the others, I have some thinking to do.

  7. Daniel says:

    That’s easy and hasn’t changed since I was a little kid and first felt that certain electricity that still in my life’s experience comes from nowhere else. I want to be a rock star!

    In a sense, I want to spend my waking hours creating what I hear and see in my head without having to worry for my family’s survival and being locked into work that belongs to other people and that I don’t care about.


    • Daniel says:

      In case my comment came across overly cavalier…. I’ll add that thinking about that in terms terms he laid out at the very end is pretty uncomfortable and does kind of make me want to throw up.

  8. Ivan Walsh says:

    But it changes doesn’t it?

    So one needs to allow oneself the permission to release the old and accept the new.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Jonathan, thank you for this post – it is awesome. One of the first questions I ask my coaching clients is ‘what do you want’ ……… now I can ask it in a very different way once I have truly answered it myself.

  10. Marie Davis says:

    Funny, really, seriously funny. I asked myself that question after I found out that I was surprisingly going to live following a serious illness. I too quit most of what I was doing and decided that I did not want to spend one more moment of my life doing things that were not meaningful to me. When i tell people about my “two weeks to live” prognosis, they usually gasp. Then I tell them that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for reminding me of that time, it made me smile.

  11. Henway says:

    What I want, desperately is a feeling of oneness, and an end to fragmentation. I want to have a stake in more ppl’s lives and I want more ppl to have a stake in mine. I want the intimacy, and sacredness that comes with forming an alliance with someone, and working towards a common pursuit and goal. I want an end to isolation. An end to soulless interactions. An end to cold “How are yous?”. An end to fake smiles. An end to meaningless work conversations. I want oneness.

  12. Jared says:

    Wow… that’s powerful Jonathan. Thanks for sharing that video.

    It’s honestly been a while since I’ve had to think that deep about something (which is always a great thing). But…

    I think it’s just about listening deeper – the hard part. Then just being willing to do something with what comes to you. That’s even scarier. 🙂

    “We rationalize with our minds, what our heart is saying.” -unknown


  13. Jackie says:

    When we remove all the emtional crap that surrounds us, stop buying into the beliefs that we’ve been sold and adopted as our own, it leaves us free to really follow our heart and ask ourselves what we truly want. Such a simple, powerful question.

  14. Great video. I also asked myself that question a few years ago and like Bryan I then had to let go of my job, my marriage, my home. And I’m thrilled that I did. This is true freedom: letting go of mistaken identity and merging with what remains.
    After some rocky years of holding on and letting go and holding on and letting go, what did I finally realise that I wanted to do with my life? Teach others to find the same freedom 🙂

    • Marie Davis says:

      I agree Samantha, I did the same thing. It’s all very liberating and scary. Do you find others a tad jealous of your move?

  15. Victor Reynolds says:

    Very thought provoking, Jonathan.

    Even now, those thoughts are coming into my mind. Thanks for the “kick in the pants” I needed.

  16. Niko says:

    I’d choose to be the ever-emptying vessel through which Joy pours….

    Franklin asks his Most Dangerous Question within the paradox of satisfaction: you can have what you most want, and you’ll never have what you most want.

    The resolution to the paradox?

    The simple realization that, absent want, the entire miracle of creation – the whole drumroll shebang of it and its each and every whisper – is always already yours, right here, right now.

    In Joy!

  17. Thanks for sharing this video.

    @Niko–wow, really you expressed this beautifully. One can’t possess what one most wants, but one can BE it! Or as the Upanishads say (paraphrasing): You ARE your deepest desire.

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  19. Steve says:

    Simply to be – Love.

  20. Eddy Azar says:

    Another path to the same world shaking question:

    We cannot know what comes after death, and so oblivion is as good a guess as any other. Therefore THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE AT LIFE. After this there is nothing. But when your gone, NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE MATTERS. Your life means EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

    I was amazed (and very self important xD) when I discovered that I had already forged a different path to the exact same question. What is worth something when everything is worth nothing.

    My Answer: The Pursuit of Experiencing the Widest and Deepest Range of Emotions Possible, with the exception of boredom and stress.

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