Break It Anyway

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I just did something a lot of people think is nuts…


Over the last 2 ½ years, I’ve built a global audience around a broadcast-quality web-show—Good Life Project TV. With 122 episodes aired, it’s been viewed more than 2 million times by some 27,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of viewers in over 150 countries.

GLP TV served as the core of GLP Media for the first year and a half. It grew into a powerful messaging and communication engine, a highly-visual brand-building asset and, indirectly, a strong revenue-driver for the education and event side of the venture.

From the outside looking in, it all seemed to be working. And, hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Except that I’m an entrepreneur. Part of my job is to break it, to disrupt myself and what I’m building in the name of creating something better. Because there is no perfect. No sideways. And there is always the potential to serve the market better.

But, this isn’t just about moving with and serving the market. As an “Aligned Entrepreneur,” it’s important for me to focus not only on “product-market” fit, but also “product-maker” fit. From the inside-looking out, while the TV side of media launched and fueled early growth, I’ve been yearning to evolve for some time now. What I needed and wanted out of this venture has changed as well. Which means I need to find the new sweet spot between what lights me up and what those I want to serve need and value.

I lay this all out in a lot of detail in the final episode of Good Life Project TV, which aired this week. In that episode, for the first time, I take the “guest” seat, interviewed by This Epic Life’s Kristoffer Carter.

Toward the end of our conversation, I share the big announcement—that the web-series is wrapping. Then I also share exactly why AND reveal that this shift has already created a mountain of space to focus on phase two of GLP Media, growing the audio-podcast and more.

Let me thumbnail why I did what I did for you here…

My goal with the web-series was to:

  • Raise the bar for web-show production value and make it “broadcast-quality.”
  • Seek out and co-create conversations with people who’d figured out some piece of the “good life puzzle.
  • Tell stories of people doing great work in the world.
  • Build a body of work and a library of conversations that would serve as a timeless, searchable archive that would inspire people to question their choices, change their lens on the world and what they believed to be possible and take action.
  • Bring equal attention to the stories of women and men.
  • Learn. I wanted to find teachers, sit with them, and discover something. About them. The world. And me.

It’s been an astonishing experience. But, over the last 18-months, with regard to my goals for video, I started feeling increasingly like I’d done what I came to do. I love co-creating conversations and telling stories. But video was feeling less and less my medium. I became increasingly drawn to radio, to audio, to podcasting. And I had secret designs a public radio show (still do, station-managers, call me! lol).

Walking the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with radio legend and Studio 360 creator, Julie Burstein, last year, I shared my interest in podcasting and even public radio. I told here there was something about it that fascinated me. That drew me in.

She asked what.

“Reach?” I replied.

She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow.

Clearly, I was missing something.

“What?” I asked.

The power of radio, she said, is that it’s a far more intimate medium than video or TV. But, in order to harness the intimacy, you need to produce for radio. You won’t get it just stripping the audio from the video and airing it. Which, is exactly what we’d been doing since launching the GLP podcast last year.

That conversation lit a fire. It’s been burning inside me since.

I wanted to take our storytelling, our conversations to that deeper level of intimacy. But to start to produce audio on that level, something would have to give. And, that something would have to be video.

But, the web-show has been a key part of what’s grown GLP to where we are. I told a few trusted advisors about my desire to shift focus, wind down the web-series and focus our media efforts on radio-quality audio. They were concerned. Disrupting something that appears to be working from the outside is always a risk. But, with increasing clarity, I knew what got us here was not what was going to get us where I know we can go. Where you and I can go. And where we can take others. It was not the future. At least not right now (as any entrepreneur knows, nothing is ever truly off the table forever).

Without letting anyone know, I started recording new conversations. Just me and a guest, going deep into things that matter over a cup of coffee at my dining room table, which has been turned into a pop-up radio-studio.

There’s a certain magic that happens when two people sit closely, swing-arm mics piping each others’ voices through headphones into one another’s ears. Nobody else in the room. No bright lights. No cameras. No set. No crew. Just two people, talking about things that matter. The conversation feels different. It gets real. Fast. It gets intimate. Fast. Facades, soundbites, self-consciousnesses and posturing fall away with greater ease.

The stories, insights and depth of sharing have been everything I’d hoped for. I’ve been waiting to share this evolution. These new stories and people for months now. Beyond more intimacy and higher-audio production values, there’s one more major shift that comes with this evolution.

We’re going to to be sharing more stories told “from the belly of the beast.”

For a long time, I resisted telling stories where people were still very much still “in the weeds.” I didn’t see the value. “What’s there to learn?” I thought. Isn’t it better to talk to people after they’ve found their way into the light. Into a place where they can reflect and share HOW they got there?

Yes. Those are powerful stories. And we will keep telling them. But, as an experiment, I began to sit down with people who were still working through the struggle. And something stunning began to happen.

The stories were often raw. You’ll hear them on upcoming shows very soon. I realized there is, in fact, tremendous value in sharing these stories. Not so much in the prescriptive aspect, but in letting listeners know “you’re not alone.”

Other people, just like you, are going through really tough times. And while they may not have figured things out on a level that allows them to offer the elixir, there is, nonetheless, a certain grace in knowing we’re all in this together. That. Has. Value. That simple sense of “I’m connected,” is powerful. And it’s a key element of a life well-lived, even in the midst of struggle.

In the final episode of the web-series, I share a lot more about this shift. And I also share a lot about what I’ve learned sitting down with more than 120 extraordinary humans over the last 3 years. Who really stood out and why. Who I’d like to be when I grow up. How this journey has changed me. And where we’re going in this next phase of the project.

Sometimes, even when the world sees what you’ve built as “working,” you’ve gotta break it anyway.

Sometimes, it’s the shattered pieces that become the seeds of a future only you can birth.

Even when nobody else sees it. Even when nobody else gets it.

You know inside, it’s right. The thing you can’t not do.

So, here’s my invitation.

Come join me in this next leg of the journey. The new Good Life Project podcast format launches this week with a very special guest you won’t want to miss.

With gratitude,


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61 responses

61 responses to “Break It Anyway”

  1. Aileen says:

    Interestingly enough, I’ve only ever listened to your interviews through the audio podcast. I love the interviews and I definitely look forward to this new evolution and the new level of depth. Cheers!

  2. LOVE this!! I am obsessed with both the intimacy of podcasts (and radio), and storytelling. I truly believe that the best interviews are ones where it feels like you’re just three friends chatting – except you (the listener) happens not to be saying anything.
    Although you *already do this with your GLP interviews, I think you can get a sense of this EVEN MORE when it’s audio only.

    Huge thumbs up from here, can’t wait!!

  3. Anna says:

    You are a courageous man, Jonathan. Wishing you the best.

  4. This is exciting, Jonathan. I’ve always loved how you change and iterate, and how you generously share the ‘why’ behind your moves.

    It will be fun to see/hear how this goes. Thank you for all the episodes you’ve aired. I’ve loved them all – life-changers, some of them! And I can see that without the visual element, it will be easier to focus on the conversation and the heart behind it.

    Thank you for initiating conversations with people ‘in the weeds’. We learn so much from people we’re in the mosh pit with, and not just people shining from the pedestal. I look forward to more instigating conversations between you and your guests.

  5. I’m so excited to follow your new journey! After finding your podcasts less then a year ago they have been a tremendous inspiration. I’m a bit of a podcast junkie so for me this is great news 🙂 So, thank you for making the world a bit better by putting out there all these great stories of inspiration, wisdom and hope. Can you imagine if all journalism was like that?

  6. lone morch says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Oh I have been there for the better part of 2 years, dismantling a ‘perfect’ life and business, and the identifications that goes along with it, and now, on the tail end of the ending, ready to begin a new beginning from a place of empty, back at my roots after 20 years out in the world (mostly Nepal and California), and I shall be very curious myself to see what surfaces, what pieces of the puzzle will re-emerge to enter into a new vision, a new reality.
    I love following your entrepreneurial journey, I’m inspired by your conversations, your ‘nakedness’ and creative path. I have thoughts re another type of conversation, that I’d love to discuss with you, when I’m ready. 😉 Until then, count me in for the radio show. Blessings. x Lone

  7. daphne says:

    this is perfect. we need this. i believe we are desperate to know we are not alone and what better way to know this than people sharing their truth, in success AND struggle. thank you!

  8. Ginger says:

    I welcome a high-quality audio podcast, but typically they’re very hard to hear. But for those of us who don’t use iTunes and aren’t in the Apple world, is there a way I can listen to these audio files without downloading iTunes? Are you hosting the files on your own site, too? And I hate to say it, because I know you’ve already thought this through extensively, but the lack of a visual clue as to the content of the podcast is dismaying. Perhaps a thumbnail of the person being interviewed would help? Visual clues mean so much to some of us. Will the podcasts be listed here going forward? If so…ignore me. 😉

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Hi Ginger –

      Not to worry, the podcasts will continue to be posted on Souncloud for easy downloading and accompanied by a post on Good Life Project with an image, overview and links to learn more and provide a visual reference, just like they have been from the beginning. We’ll also continue to post them on youtube with a static image and the audio streaming behind it. 🙂

      • Ginger says:

        Thank you, thank you! I was so afraid I was going to lose one of my favorite things on the interwebs. Now I’m psyched. Intimate conversations? Count me in.

  9. Awesome! Loved GLP and have no doubt GLP podcast will be an amazing success. Love your boldness and guts to take action in a new direction. Excited for all that’s to come. Cheers!

  10. Robin Rice says:

    I love the risk-taker and storyteller in you Jonathan. I love that you are going after intimacy and what is real vs. what is advised. I’ll be following.

  11. Robert Longoria says:

    This is fascinating to me as I subscribed on Saturday to the Good Life Project on Youtube after watching an interview for the first time: “The First 20 Hours.” I’ve just started to dig into the video collection and I am currently making my through it from the beginning.

    I am looking forward to the transitional focus into audio and anxious to hear to the next chapter of its evolutionary trajectory. Jonathan, thank you for providing an inspiration in terms of quality storytelling and listening, I know I’ll be tuning into this ambitious project.

    Here’s to the next step!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Welcome to the community, Robert! As shared in a comment below, we’ll still keep posting video with a simple static image on youtube. So if that’s your chosen platform to consumer, that’s cool. We also know that most folks have been listening to, rather than watching the videos, so this was a shift that accommodates that too.

  12. As I watched the GLP series I noted the “already arrived” status repeated in every episode. I very much wanted to do a series of “this might not work” interviews for those of us who are still in the trenches, works in progress.

    It wasn’t the right project for me at the time. Glad to see you leaning into it.

  13. Congratulations Jonathan – and thank you! Your courage and authenticity is a huge inspiration to many of us out there!

    Although you look great on camera and I enjoyed watching the episodes, I also enjoyed listening to the ‘audio’ versions of it completely satisfied.

    I agree that your guests will be more willing to go into that intimate and vulnerable place without the ‘crew’ on the set and so, the shows will be that much more powerful.

    Much gratitude,

  14. “It doesn’t have to be any particular way, just yours.”
    This is the philosophy with which I mentor artists. All you ever need to do is folllow your hunches, intuition and curiosity. It will be of value to others because it is from you. It is inspiring to see you finding your way. I believe paring down your whole production to a more simple, intimate process will better suit who you are–I do not know you but I feel from what I see that your strength is your ability to softly go very, very deep. We need these kind of conversations more and more today. Bravo.

  15. Greg Faxon says:

    “I knew what got us here was not what was going to get us where I know we can go”

    Way to practice what you preach.

    People are hungry for this.

  16. This is really inspiring, Jonathan. I love how you explain the importance of the product-maker-fit and your story of discovering the intimacy of radio broadcast. I’ve also enjoyed listening to the podcasts of GLP in the past. After watching the first few minutes I actually preferred it that way (listening to the conversations sometimes while doing yoga…). Interesting in this context also is the work of Dee Joy Coulter (author of Original Mind). She tells us that the brain responds differently to the spoken word than to reading. I’m sure visual information comes through in different ways again. Looking forward to the next phase, and thanks so much for doing your work in such an authentic way!

  17. deb harpster says:

    jonathan, dear jonathan,
    you continue to shine your very bright light, which in turn, supports others to gravitate towards living their own good life! i derive the impetus to allow change, growth, and desire to call out my name each time i read, watch or listen to your interviews and valuable insights. so happy that you embarking on yet, an even larger project…one that will allow more people to feel inspired and motivated to use their own lightshine and certainly, boost your own amount of creative juice. have you thought about producing a show on n p r? (‘this american life’ meet ‘the good life project’) thank you for living your visions!

  18. Donna Martemucci says:

    Love it, Jonathan!!! I, too, have so enjoyed all of the episodes – many of which I have listened to more than once and have loved picking up valuable insights the second time through.

    I can’t wait to hear these new deeper and more intimate conversations! I also love the idea of hearing from those who have not quite made it. No doubt, hearing about the struggles and strategies in real time will create new & interesting perspectives.

    I am excited to get some new episodes — been going through GLP withdrawal! 🙂

  19. Weber Baker says:

    This sounds like a good plan. This will allow listening in places where video would be unavailable (like on the bus to work).
    There will be some loss. Facial expressions and hand gestures of your guests will no longer be there. And that is part of communication.
    But overall, I think the intimacy will make up for those losses.

  20. Wendy Horng Brawer says:


    I’ve been inspired by you from the very first moment I found your voice in the world! Congratulations and best wishes on your next phase and beyond. I love your intentionality and creativity; your questioning and your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Since GLP Camp, I’ve been obsessed about developing my seedling ideas into a podcast, as I learned so much there and feel empowered to act on the knowledge that I NEED to do something and then pushing it out into the world. Sounds like birth—congratulations on your newest arrival!

  21. Jenny Fenig says:

    Yes! So excited for this shift, Jonathan. You continue to inspire me with your ability to gracefully and courageously transition into what’s next for your journey as a revolutionary and leader of your tribe. Thank you for being so awesome. Excited to LISTEN to your new podcast!

  22. Ed Hanada says:


    I am excited for you on this new (ad)venture. I have listened to (almost) every GLP episode via podcast and loved every moment. You are truly an artist, and your body of work has helped thousands of people understand themselves, and blaze forward with new purpose. I will continue to cheer you on and consume your future episodes as I listen in awe to your amazing ability to CREATE. Awesome!

  23. Kiki says:

    I have very bad eye-sight and I must restrict my time at the computer (or watching films/videos) so the question for me was NEVER would I appreciate radio too – I only ever did listen to talks. It’s also much more intimate I find, and people can open up much more.
    I’m sorry should I repeat what others have voiced already – in that case I wholeheartedly agree with everybody.

    Good luck to you; you are a good person and thank you for sharing your precious exchanges with us. I’m a ‘newcomer’ and haven’t been listening to much yet but I am thrilled quietly with what has passed my ears and entered my mind!

  24. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Like Joel, I too enjoyed the GLP Series and learned so much from each of your guests. I’m also in the trenches and would like to hear more of the “which way are you going to go” rather than just the “this is the way I came” stories.

    I give you the fullest respect for taking this on and I sincerely hope your listeners/tribe/avatars respond favorably to it! I know I’ll be tuned in to it!



  25. Monique says:

    I knew this time was coming, and as much as I have been obsessed with the web series, to be honest I don’t really watch them online, I listen to them on the podcast in my car. I know whatever you put out will be to serve the good of humans, and it will be superbly stellar. When you start from that good place in your heart, it can’t not be. I can’t wait!

  26. Hi Jonathan, change is good and it will provide you with a higher purpose to inspire and touch even more people. I wish you the very best in your new pursuit. As Robert Kennedy said, “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

  27. Kari Starkey says:

    You are so RIGHT ON- its scary awesome good. THANK YOU for making the leap sharing your insight and synchronisities that got you there.
    I have always preferred to listen to the podcast to your wonderful voice and energy than watch the vid. It seems to go straiter to what I need to hear. Connection. the connect and the feeling that I am not alone is so huge. Every single day of my being a mother, a wife, a creator, producer, trying to live an entrepreneurial life.

  28. Maura Boland says:

    Congratulations on not being stuck!
    Congratulations on risking it and being intimate~
    Congratulations on being aware and in touch enough to know that there are always choices available…

    Audio is such a great way to learn, and create..

    Best of luck, I shall be listening!


  29. Linda Riggins says:

    Hi Jonathan! I like to listen to podcasts, so I bet I will like listening to yours.
    Can I encourage you to do what your heart is telling you to do, and also express some regret that you are dispensing with the video portion? I have enjoyed the animation on the faces of the people you are interviewing–many of them are very lively and their body language was part of the whole experience.
    I also enjoyed the surroundings that you interview in–I am thinking particularly of Seth Godin explaining his bookcase. I’m going to take your word for it that the intimacy of the interchange will be greater without the visual!
    Good luck to you!

  30. Bonnie Banks says:

    In reading this and thinking I understood…..It finally hit me and that “glass” broke. Your word’s ” ‘in the weeds’ ” made it so VERY clear to me. Imagine, if you will, seeing a bird’s eye view of the embattlement, each crouched in position in his or her place, hidden from the bigger picture “in the weeds”. We are all in this together, from different positions, yet working towards the same goal of reaching the field of enlightenment. YAY!!! I can scarce wait! THANK YOU for coming into the weeds with us!!!

  31. Oh I’m looking forward to this! I have often wished that interviewers of the successful would ask them how they found the strength to keep going while facing rejection after rejection after rejection. That’s like the secret handshake. It will be just as interesting to hear about this dynamic from the people still going through it…just like me!

  32. Jonathan says:

    Keep inspiring..Enjoyed all the episodes..Gratitude, Serving others, Love what you do, Doing the things that you love,Living your passion,Happy relationships, Making a difference, and many more definition of Good Life..I lost my 9-5 hours job and GLP interviews inspired me to blog, start an adventure,take actions, live at the moment and especially the calmness and attitude towards the situations..One day, I will answer your question: What is good life for you?

  33. Hello, my friend. I can call you that because of the personal responses you’ve given me over the past few years. Because the nature of your conversations and seeking that have so aligned with my own work in its own way. Because of your guests and subject matter.

    As it happens, I just quit my weekly email missives, Stroke and Flow to my far smaller audience a couple of weeks before your own transition.

    You’ve given me confidence, thank you, and companionship in this transition. My microphone is still in its box but I’m on my way.

    I love what you’ve shared about your own conversations with professionals about the intimacy of audio only. It’ll take me a little while longer and I’ll reemerge on a far smaller scale but, who cares? Everything in its own time.

    You’re doing the right thing. I look forward to what emerges. I thank you for your public transition. I can only speak for myself, of course, but you’re helping me and I’m grateful.

    Carry on!



  34. Jonathan, I applaud your decision. With so many people waking up on on the planet right now there is some serious intensity and struggle going on as it naturally does with awakening. Supporting people through this process by allowing them to see the inside of the struggle (and, I’m sure, the beauty too) for others too going through this process is a beautiful service to us all. For what its worth, I’ve only ever been an occasional viewer, but knowing the depth that you are taking it too, I think I will be an avid listener. All the best!

  35. Terri Ann says:

    Jonathan thanks for transitioning us 🙂

    After speaking with you for just 30 minutes about my dreams and aspirations recently, the most powerful part of that experience for me was feeling heard and being challenged. You treated me exactly the same as the people on your show. I’m really thankful for that.

    There’s a huge void right now of media sharing stories of those of us in the ‘growing’ phase. I believe it takes real courage to tell those stories and there’s no better person to do it.

    How exciting for you. How exciting for us!

    I’ll be listening for sure.

  36. Makeda says:

    I love this for so many reasons. I celebrate this decision with you and look forward to the journey into this new format. I really love the idea of showcasing people who are still in the struggle. There is so much value for me to know that I am not alone. Thank you for being willing to take the risk. Your courage will birth courage in the hearts of many in your tribe.

  37. Hi Jonathan,
    I have been a fan and a loyal follower right from get-go of GLP and even before. I have loved it all. Uncannily as my husband is a high-risk entrepreneur, and we are, as you say, in the weeds, I have often thought, you know what, I want to hear more stories about others who are in this phase. This quiet, personal and private time of challenges and sacrifices is lonely and although we can have a vision of where we are going, it still is a long road. Mostly we walk it alone, without much help or cheering on even. And then, there you are Jonathan, doing the very thing we all need you to do. Connect, nurture and encourage. Your timing is perfect, and I shall cheer for you at the side of your road, as you do for us. For me.

    In gratitude and excitement for everything that is about to unfold for you,
    Joanna Rusher

  38. Ms Moon says:

    If we don’t shake it up life, time, nature or one of the other great forces of change will, so shake it baby shake it. Your -in the weeds trying to watch the dragon flies while not getting eaten by a croc- forever grateful friend/student.

  39. Carin says:

    Awesome! So with you! Have been interested in radio/podcast for a long time, but it’s on one of those way back burners at the moment. You know how those things can spark up!

    Also LOVE that you were walking the halls of the Met when this spark lit. That’s one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.

    Finally, I so relate to the change-up nature of the entrepreneur, as well as the threads that run through it all.

    With you and looking forward to the next phase.

    I don’t know if you’ll get to read this or answer it, but if you do, I’m wondering if these emails will still come, such that I will be reminded from time to time to check out the podcasts?

    Much love and cheering you on,


    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Hi Carin,

      The emails will still come. Really, the only difference is that the depth of conversations and quality of audio production will rise over the next few months. Annnnd, we may also explore adding more shows per week. So, stay tuned.

  40. Wow this is powerful. At the beginning of this post I was dubious about your new plan. But then *bam* I just got it. It’s deep and powerful and I can’t wait to hear the new interviews! I think this is just what I need right now. And I’ll be secretly dreaming of talking to you on your podcast one day!
    You’re brave and I love it, it’s very inspiring indeed.

  41. Alex says:

    This makes real sense to me. Sounds like a great move! Yes to deeper, more intimate conversations. Yes to more stories from those who are ‘still in the trenches’ – I actually prefer listening to those a lot of the time than those who have ‘made it.’ They’re easier to connect to for me. Can’t wait to listen to the first show!

  42. Vicky Ferrier says:

    New format is totally going to work – raw is inspiring and raw is missing. LOVED the interviews, have watched nearly all of them, several many times, some have changed the way I think and behave profoundly, but it’s time for raw. Can’t wait

  43. […]  So, when I heard that GLP TV was ending, I was initially a little disappointed.  But, reading Field’s post explaining why he’s changing his model, and changing his approach, I understood.  I have immense respect for someone who’s able to […]

  44. Erin says:

    I get how it’s more intimate for you to be talking with another person off camera. However, for me the listener, it isn’t more “intimate” to listen on a podcast.

  45. Jackie De Lima says:

    That’s exciting news! Best of luck, I shall be listening… Jx

  46. Laurie Paleczny says:

    I have really found the web-series soooo valuable in my journey into entrepreneurship. I think the shift makes so much sense, and am really excited to hear the conversations from the trenches – where entrepreneurs and artists spend most of their time. I am so grateful for your work.

  47. OK, admittedly I didn’t totally “get it” when we talked about switching up the format… especially as a diehard fan of the interviews since Day 1.

    But now, as I am printing down the final mix of the new format, I gotta say… it gives a brother #CHILLS. hahaha. It’s way more intimate, more soulful, and cinematic in spots.

    Thanks for all the challenges, inspiration, and opportunities to g-r-o-w Jonathan. I’m prouda what we’re creating here.


  48. Nancie says:

    Good luck! I can’t wait to tune into the first episode. I also think that it’s fantastic that you are moving beyond those who have answers, and those that are still in the “thick of struggle”.


  49. We are with you all the way Jonathan! Proud of you for following your gut and taking this leap of faith. You have courage, my favorite virtue, and that will take you far beyond your wildest dreams. May the Force be with you! 🙂 Much love to you. 🙂

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      You had me at the Star Wars reference! 🙂 Much love back your way!

  50. Vera says:

    i haven’t seen all the videos yet, some I’ve listened to on the drive home from work. Definitely looking forward to the new format. Congratulations on shaking things up!

  51. George says:


    Strong, brave work.

    I came across GLP as a podcast and have always loved the intimacy of this medium. The videos are great but our eyes can sometimes lead our brain where our ears inform and enable a deeper connection.

    Looking forward to travelling with you on your continued compassionate exploration(s).

    With Care,

    George x

  52. Ashok says:

    Why does it sound quite natural move for someone like you. Sir, you are lending us a 360 degree view of life, and you correctly recognised the need for intimacy in the stories to create a powerful impact at personal level.
    Is there a way to listen to those pop-up studio podcasts of yours. Eagerly, waiting for the GLP podcasts.

  53. I’ve always thought that microphones are sexy. There’s something special about transmitting your voice for other people to hear, especially, if the voice goes directly from the audio source to our ears, without visual distraction.

    Even the microphone photo at the beginning of this post is beautiful… alluring even… even for those of us who don’t have a beautiful voice like yours, Jonathan.

    What I love most about the Good Life Project is the physical light of the videos (although of course the content is great).While it’ll be a tad sad to not see new ones, the best part will be to have the opportunity to continue watching the “reruns” like a show that has become an important part of the fabric of our lives.

    You don’t have to break it if it’s not broken, but you should break it if you know it’ll make you happier and better overall.

    I’m excited for you, Jonathan, especially, because the “light” given off by these conversations will be brighter and the intimacy that they will yield will open our hearts even more. Something magical does happen when people feel heard… they are more likely to reveal their soul.

    I’m a fan of your podcast. I know that you, via your podcast, will continue to make us, your listeners, fall in love with life and the human spirit more and more.

  54. P.S. Thank you for shining an equal light on the success, creativity and entrepreneurialism of women and important stories that women have to share.

  55. Catherine says:

    I’ve been following you for a long time, this is my first time commenting. I love what you write. Can’t wait to follow this next project too. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Catherine – thanks so much for sharing your first comment, and such kind words. 🙂