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As most of you know, I’m working on my next book right now.

And, I’m at the point with my publisher where we’re working on the title. This is a really important decision with any book. It’s an interesting process, too, when you publish traditionally, because there are many layers to consider that don’t come into play when you self-publish.

And, traditionally, it’s a process that’s kept very private (oooooooh, lol!).

But, I’m a big believer in giving my tribe a voice and asking you guys—the people who might eventually be readers—what title most draws you in (plus, you guys have proven, a zillion times over in the comments, that you’re way smarter than I am).

So, last week, I shared a private survey with more than 20 title options, a variety of subtitles and more detailed information about the book with my private Creation Tribe (If you’d like to join and share in the journey more intimately as I bring this book to life, click here).

From this, we culled it down to a Top 5 Title list.

I have strong preferences but I’m not going to share them because I don’t want to influence anyone, and, as I mentioned, because of the inside process at traditional publishers, the survey isn’t dispositive…but I’d love your voices to carry as much weight as possible.

So, if you’re game…

Click Here to Take My 30-Second Book Title Survey

I’d be grateful, too, if you’d share the link to this survey wherever you hang out online (twitter, facebook, linkedin). The more people who vote, the stronger a voice you guys have in the process.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

[Quick update – Comments are closed on this post in an effort to avoid having anyone else’ comment influence your survey response. If you’d like to share more thoughts directly with me, feel free to email me.]

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