BlogDay 2008: Five New Blogs To Engage And Enjoy

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Blog Day 2008
Today is the fourth annual BlogDay, where bloggers from all over the world share five blogs with their readers to expand the conversation.

So, here are five great bloggers and blogs to go check out, if you’re not already a reader…

  1. Liz Strauss | – Liz’s blog isn’t a one-time destination, it’s that place you stop by every day to have great conversation with engaging, thoughtful people…led, of course, by Liz herself. If you’re not reading Liz, you’re missing out.
  2. Naomi Dunford | – Masquerading as a small business and marketing hub, Ittybiz is raw, unfiltered, raucous fun…and, led by stream of consciousness zen marketing ninja, Naomi Dunford, somehow, you still end up knowing more about making money. Now, that’s edutainment!
  3. Chris Brogan | – One of the most ubiquitous people in new media and social media these days, Chris manages to consistently put up posts that make me think, not just about technology, but about the way we communicate on both a business and personal level.
  4. Seth Godin | Seth’s Blog – Here’s the thing about Seth. He’s got this way of observing the intersection between the human condition and the way business works that’s refreshing, clear…and almost always very short and to the point. You never have to work to “get” what he’s saying, though you may end up pondering it for some time.
  5. Stephen Bernstein | – Stephen’s new to the blogging world, but his IP, music and film news aggregator blog is a hugely useful tool for anyone looking to stay on top of what going in those fields…without having to follow the 600 feeds he tracks and filters every day.

Okay, now go read, enjoy and, if you blog, you’ve still got the rest of the day to share your five. They don’t have to be famous, just blogs you believe’ll add value and maybe even a different perspective to your reading community.

For all my blog family in the U.S., have a wonderful holiday weekend. And, for those on the Gulf coast, wishing you all safety, a speedy return home and peace of mind.

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6 responses

6 responses to “BlogDay 2008: Five New Blogs To Engage And Enjoy”

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  2. Kyle Lacy says:

    Nice List Jonathan!
    Thanks for the new bloggers to check out!

  3. Thanks for the information, I have been to Liz Strauss’, don’t really get what is going on and no time to figure it out but thanks to you I have checked out Naomi, felt like I did the first time I read “The Onion” but so far every single one of your suggestions are great discovery for me.

    Enjoy you day off tomorrow or should I say today.


  4. Justin says:

    I am familiar with some of those blogs, but I am not a reader of any of them. Liz Strauss is pretty well known, correct?

  5. Bryan Eye says:

    Jonathan, thanks for reminding me about Seth’s blog… he is awesome.

  6. I’m quite familiar with Chris Brogan, his blog has always been fun to read.