Black Violin Goes Renegade On Stage

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We were forty five minutes into a mind blowing performance by Black Violin at The New Victory Theater in NYC, when the stars, Kev Marcus and Wil-B, brought the show to a halt to talk to the kids. Here’s (paraphrased) what Kev shared with the packed house…

We’ve been playing violin since 5th an 8th grade, but we’re not the best violinists at all. We’ve toured the world, been on stage with Alicia Keyes, Kanye, Nas, Mike Shinoda, P Diddy and none of them were the best singers. But, we’ve all done two things, we’ve outworked everyone around us and we’ve thought outside the box. That’s what it takes to succeed. Work harder than anyone else and don’t just do what everyone else does, do it differently.

This, coming from two classically trained violinists who came from tough neighborhoods in South Florida, went to college on full scholarships for violin, then ended up creating a whole new niche by marrying violin with hip-hop, Motown, R&B, rock and reggae.

These guys embody the combined pursuit of passion, innovation, creativity and hard work that define Career Renegades. If you’ve never seen them before, check out this clip…

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2 responses

2 responses to “Black Violin Goes Renegade On Stage”

  1. Ed says:

    What they said in a nutshell is exactly what it takes to succeed – work harder than those around you and think outside the box. BTW – after seeing the video, I totally went to iTunes and purchased a couple of their songs – that is awesome stuff.

  2. styleosophy says:

    The video was hot, but it is really tight that these guys are successfully encouraging youngsters to not just be good, but to be great. What you shared was also an encouragement to me. These guys are fabulous musicians and entreprenuers. Jonathan, thanks for this post.