Behind The Leader: A Candid Conversation with Bill George

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Bill GeorgeA few months back, I posted about my experience at the World Business Forum in NYC. That event, two days of world-class leaders speaking to 5,000 people at Radio City, lit a bit of a fire for me to finally act on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…start a new interview series featuring long, in-depth, candid conversations with some of the world’s most extraordinary business and thought leaders.

So, today, I am thrilled to announce the first interview in my new Behind The Leader series—Bill George.

Bill is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medtronic. Under his leadership, Medtronic’s market capitalization grew from $1.1 billion to $60 billion, averaging 35% per year. He is currently a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and the author of four best-selling books 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis, True North, Finding Your True North, and Authentic Leadership. And, Bill blogs on business and leadership and is active on twitter as well.

In this candid interview, Bill and I cover everything from leading in a time of crisis to the true meaning of success on a personal level. He reveals not only his thoughts on business, but on family, life, passion and people. And, you’ll never believe what he’s been doing twice a day since the 70s; it’s something he says has been instrumental in his success.

You can listen to the interview or download it below. Or, for those who prefer iTunes, I’ve actually just rebranded and relaunched my Renegade Profile series as the new Behind The Leader series and it’s available on iTunes now.


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6 responses

6 responses to “Behind The Leader: A Candid Conversation with Bill George”

  1. Jonathan – Great Podcast. Bill George provides great insight into leadership and your line of questions brought out the great stories of what it takes to become a great leader. Well done.

  2. Srinivas Rao says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    I think the key for people listening these podcasts is really going to be taking action on these ideas. My favorite piece so far is on collaboration. I’m in the process of collaborating with some of my own readers to launch a second multi-author blog, and I think that for the first time in history we have an ability to collaborate and create in a way that we never have been able to before. As a 31 year old, I’m happy to hear this is the best time ever.

  3. Nice interview! I’m half way through it and I’m hooked 🙂

  4. Nick Laborde says:

    You are definitely kicking off your new series off right. Bill George is a mentor of mine because I had the privilege of listening to him speak at the maximum impact event. I also had to opportunity to shake his hand…a real authentic leader.

  5. Michael says:

    Dude!! Thank you for the new podcast series!!
    I’d been going thru withdrawl from the career renegade series!

  6. Thanks for inspiring me during my morning walk. So good to get off my chair and still keep in touch with movers and shakers. Thank you.