Be Fierce With Your Time

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There simply aren’t enough hours to get everything done.

Which is precisely why you shouldn’t even try.

Life’s not about getting everything done.

It’s about exalting the tasks, activities and relationships that hold the greatest potential for leverage and impact.

Ask yourself…

Can I do this once and have it ripple out 10X?

Will this one thing move the impact needle in a meaningful way, for me or for someone I care deeply about reaching?

Will I get a disproportionate return on the investment in this person, activity or idea?

Do these things before you do anything else.

Even better, find someone else to do the other stuff. And, however you can do it…

Identify and strip away as much of the 80% that gives you 20% as possible.

Fiercely protect opportunities for leverage and impact.

This one shift will make a huge difference.

Go now. Do it.

Be fierce with your time.

It’s the one currency you cannot bank.

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7 responses

7 responses to “Be Fierce With Your Time”

  1. I love these simple yet powerful three questions to ask. I can easily go into feeling like I haven’t done enough or I’ll never get it all done. I can see how being fierce with my time in this way adds a deeper level purpose to what I am doing. Thank you!

  2. There is two great challenges for most business owners.

    Identifying what is THE thing which isn’t just activity but rather achievement and will produce the ripple effect.

    Learning to let go of the stuff someone else can do better than you.

    Before this happens, one needs to understand that although you created that monster, there are things in your business someone else is more capable of tackling than you.

    Time is running out.

  3. This is exactly what’s been on my mind for the last few days, in a real strong way. It’s almost an existential choice. No, not even “almost”. It really is that important.

    I know exactly what the 80% is (to the degree it can be measured). What I notice is that it takes a certain amount of awareness, courage and clarity not to do what is dictated by habit or social norm and stick to what I know is important.

    Interestingly, writing this comment is not one of those most important things… :-), but then again — I feel the appreciation and want to express it, 80% or not. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Thanks, Jonathan. I needed to read this.

  5. Great post Jonathan! As an entrepreneur, your time is sacred. People say that you can’t buy time. I say that those people have never tried outsourcing.

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