Balance In ‘Da Bronx [video]

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So, there’s a first for everything and this is my first ever video post. WARNING, if you’re looking for fancy editing, look elsewhere, this is done on a Flip Ultra video camera, one-cut, no edits and it’s done in a style I like to call…”ghetto natural.”

The topic, by the way, is the notion of balance (which is kinda funny, because I almost trip numerous times while filming). Enjoy!

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20 responses

20 responses to “Balance In ‘Da Bronx [video]”


  2. Bryan Eye says:

    Wow… excellent job. What do I think is excellent? How I was immersed in another world, how you did this “blog post” all in one take and without fancy editing, and how another aspect of your personality came across that isn’t represented in a written blog post.

    Two phrases that I particularly enjoyed: the concept of “circuit-breakers in your life…” and “This is one of my offices…”

    It is inspiring to see your use of this format.

  3. Beautiful spot and great work for a first-time video post!
    Nice points about balance, too. A pendulum metaphor works for me – you need the intensity to move forward but the swing back to balance it, too.

  4. Jonathan,

    Well done. You do such a great job of writing and just as great of job in letting us get to know you even better.

    Nice addition to your blog.

    Please continue to add more of these video blogs.


  5. Jeff Sarris says:

    Normally I don’t care for video posts all that much (honestly I don’t normally watch them) but I just had this gut feeling that I needed to watch yours and I’m so glad that I did. You have such a pleasant and calming way of speaking that it was truly delightful (did I say delightful?!?). Anyway, I really hope that you are able to do some more in the future, you always have a great message to share, that’s a given, but beyond that it was in some way even more inspiring to also be able to share in your daily work experience. It gives hope that one day I too can reach my goal of achieving freedom from the daily repetition of a normal 8-5 and really take time to enjoy life. Thanks Jonathan!

  6. Hello Jonathan,
    My goal in life is to be able to think, live life and articulate like you. I loved the video. I lived in the Bronx for a short time near botanical gardens when I worked for Montefiore’ Medical Center. The video gave me goose bumps as memories flooded back to me. I now live in San Diego, but being a native New Englander, I often miss the cool weather, crunching of the leaves beneath the feet and most of all living a balanced life, with meditation, family anc clearing out the mental clutter that comes from… Life… Thanks for spending the time to create such a powerful post!

  7. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Tamar – yup, you sure have!

    @ Bryan – Glad you enjoyed both the content and the format. It was a lot of fun doing it, plan on doing a bunch more. I am a big fan of one-take, real feel vids. Actually, I’ve been in 4 yoga vids and each one was shot as single take with almost no editing beyond camera angle changes.

    @ Scott – Thanks, man, next time, I’ll work on trying to get out of the wind and sun glare a bit.

    @ Thanks, definitely plan on doing more, maybe a different secret location each time. Will have to see

    @ Jeff – So glad you enjoyed the vid, thanks for your kind words. Definitely more to come

  8. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Rivak – Wow, Montefiore can be a tough place to work, but the botanical gardens are amazing, I plan on doing a bunch of writing there in the near future. Though, I’ve gotta say, San Diego’s pretty sweet, too. But, I definitely do like the season. 🙂

  9. Amy says:

    I love it. Everything. Great video, great blog, great new blog (nice design, too), great words, great communication on a heartfelt, human level! Thanks for sharing.

  10. John says:


    Thanks for the walk!


  11. Bryan Eye says:

    Jonathan, I think it’s cool how you are so connected in the city that you had the transportation dept. cue up that train going by at the right moment for you at that exact spot. 😉

  12. Duff says:

    Great video post! Yes, I believe it is the Bronx, but I never would have known. 🙂 I felt like I was going on a walk in the woods with you. Very fun.

    I love that you talked of balance in the context of feedback mechanisms. I’ve been reading a book on cybernetics (Aesthetics of Change by Brad Keeney) and the concept of feedback is perfect for discussing balance.

    In cybernetics, the word balance is not used. Instead one talks of stability and change, and what kinds of feedback mechanisms are responsible for stability and change. Oddly enough, stability (as in a thermostat) comes from constantly adjusting, constant change in pursuit of a stable range or goal. Change ironically comes from pursuit of stability, as in when you set a thermostat 10 degrees higher–the furnace turns on, changing the temperature in the room in search of a new level.

    There are times in our personal development to seek stability by constantly monitoring our set point, and there are times to change the temperature and get “out of balance” for a while until we reach a new set point.

  13. I think the pendulum is necessary to swing in opposite directions, otherwise there’d be no reference point for what balance is.

    This is coming from a Libra, scale symbol and all. I must be a guru then, right? Right? Just sayin’

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  15. Bruce Elkin says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Very nice video. I think you’re talking about “integrating” your life, not balance. Or coherence and harmony, which often come from integrating the various parts of your life and work, with the most important things getting the most time and energy, but, as you say, you also give time and energy to other things.

    In an integrated life, the smaller, less important things are pursued for thier own sake AND in support of the most important things. It’s a hierarchy of value that helps you generate coherence and harmony — and more power to do what truly matters to you.


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  19. Cool video blog, nice park too.

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