The Truth About Article Marketing

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What if there was a way to leverage “off blog” content to get a ton of links, push you to the front page of google, then drive a landslide of search-engine traffic for life?

Sounds like a fantasy, right?

Well, that’s the promise that’s been made by many who operate in the internet marketing waters known as article marketing. I’ve heard so much about this approach to driving traffic, both good and bad.

Bloggers, internet and affiliate marketers and real-live brick and mortar businesses I’ve known have tried it in one form or another. Some successfully, others flat out fail. Clients ask me about article marketing all the time and, frankly, I’ve never had a great answer.

So, I decided to turn to article marketing expert and founder of Pajama Team, Elysia Brooker, to try to unpack the truth about article marketing as a way to drive traffic.

I learned a lot from our conversation, and, as you’ll see at the end of this in-depth interview, issued a public challenge to her to “prove” article marketing works…and she said YES! This is gonna be fun!

JF – Article marketing first came onto my radar as a way to drive serious organic traffic bunch of years ago. What exactly IS article marketing?

EB – Article Marketing (in my world) involves creating keyword-targeted content and submitting them to a variety of high-powered directory websites to gain links, search engine exposure and consequent traffic to your blog or website.

JF – Okay, so let’s go a bit deeper. How, exactly, does it work as a source of traffic, both directly and organically?

EB – The stand out feature of article marketing for me is the dual-purpose results you can achieve with minimal time and effort. The way I see it, there are four major sources of traffic to be found in article marketing.

1)     Organically… as your article becomes syndicated, as more links are pointing back to your site, as more people are utilizing your content on their own directory or website, the links pointing back to your blog become more and more powerful – helping the overall authority of your site.

2)     Search engines ranking the articles for the high volume terms (a surprisingly regular occurence) and then people being able to follow through your author bio links back to your website.

3)     You can receive traffic from people who go to the directory website itself to seek out information on a particular topic. Most of the major directories have a search bar (similar to Google, Yahoo etc) but instead of bringing up a variety of different website results, it will find you related articles – one of which could be yours!

4)     Content providers (generally other blog owners) may use your article as content on their own site, keeping the author bio intact and spreading your content out throughout the web for more link power.

JF – But, here’s the thing, if you’re going to write articles, why not just put them on your blog instead?

EB – Posting to your blog is obviously a crucial and irreplaceable aspect of any online business, but your efforts can be in vain if noone is getting to your blog to see the posts in the first place.

If your blog/website is new then you’re going to need a helping hand to start getting the page rank and SE authority you need to have your blog drawing in the traffic (and getting the Google tick of approval) you need to make it a standalone success.

You need to think of it like spreading seeds, seeds that will create a trail for people to follow, all the way back to your website. The way I see it is, the more trails that are leading people back to my site – the better.

To put it another way, article marketing is like advertising… Posting solely to your blog, would be like creating a product (your blog, website, opt-in page) and doing zero advertising. You’ve got a killer product ready, waiting to be found, but without advertising noone will know its there!

And it’s not akin to just plain old advertising either, it’s advertising that (assuming your content is good) is engaging with your reader, giving them a taste of what you know and how valuable it can be to them… beginning the process of having them love you and your product/website.

Posting solely to your blog is putting a LOT of hope behind people being able to find you in that one very specific location – something that is less and less likely the newer your website.

JF – Got it, so what types of articles tend to do well and why?

EB – Interesting question! There are lots of different schools of thought with this but the following are the major points I consider important..

  • WORD LENGTH: 300-400 words is fine. Some people may disagree but I have experienced fantastic results from 300 word articles and have seen no proof that longer articles produce better results. This is especially important if you on a tight budget or have little time to commit to your article marketing activities, I’d much rather see you put 10 x 300 word articles out there than 5 x 500 word’ers.
  • TONE: Keep it casual. The tone of the article will greatly influence your reader’s perceived connection with you and most importantly, the click through rate. I like to go with what I call a “blog-like” tone. Informal, personal and friendly while still informational at its core. Don’t write like you’re preparing for a Harvard examination, keep your language simple and conversational – your readers will pay you back in visits.
  • NEUTRALITY: Be careful to not talk at your reader.  Obviously you will need to be casting a positive light on the product/strategy/website but be sure to do that from a seemingly neutral standpoint. Avoid shoving the idea down their throats, you want to appear as a neutral third party who is providing helpful information and not as a “seller” which can deter people VERY fast.

In terms of a “style” of article, there are quite a few that seem to work well:

  • The “How To” – These are great to give readers a taste of your product/service by providing useful tips to help them solve their issue or fulfil their need. When you provide helpful tips people are more inclined to want to find out more and thus click through to your website.
  • The “Review” – This has to be one of the highest-converting article styles around – when it is done well! Providing a neutral/unbiased review on a product or service with pros and cons, previous customer testimonials, a first person angle and an overall positive tone can convert big time.
  • The “FAQ” – This style follows along the same lines as the “how to” article. Providing info while solving your readers unanswered questions about the product/service can quash any remaning fears and encourage a click-through, and maybe even a purchase!
  • The “Story” – A little trickier, but great when its done right… a “story” article weaves your product/service subtly into a story about a person’s problem or experience. Readers can relate to the emotion conveyed and feel connected to the writer and thus be more inclined to trust their recommendation.

JF – How often do you need to create articles to make a real dent, and for how long?

EB – I would argue that this depends almost entirely on the keywords you are targeting. The more competiting sites targeting your keyword, the more articles you will need to make the headway you need for killer rankings.

If you’ve done your keyword research well and narrowed in on some great low competition keywords then you can start to see traffic results from as little as 15-20 submissions. And the traffic flowing in from these 15-20 articles will continue to grow as the articles age and the content is syndicated further throughout the web.

Article marketing is definitely a long term investment when done right!

JF – So, I get that article marketing is a long-term commitment and most people bail long before they’ve done enough to see real results. But, one of the big complaints I’ve heard recently about article marketing is that (a) even though the biggest article directory sites have good PR, google’s algorythm doesn’t pass that much juice from the links that appear on the directory sites anymore, and (b) most of the sites that pick up/syndicate your articles and publish them on their websites have little or no authority, making the links worth very little in google’s eyes and adding little to your search ranking.

So, let’s talk about these criticisms head on. What’s been your experience with these two claims? True, false, somewhere in the middle?

EB – Some answers…

1. Google not giving as much weight to the links from article directories

This claim would fall into the category of “somewhere in the middle” that you mentioned. Certain article directories may have lost authority, but others have certainly gained authority and are bigger and more authoritative than ever. That’s why that whole phenomenon started of people trying to make money by ONLY submitting content to directories with no site of their own. It was possible because certain directories had so much authority that just publishing a piece of content there was enough to generate a front page ranking for low to mid range competition keywords. That’s not a strategy we recommend at all but this point is evidence in the case for certain article directories growing rather than diminishing in authority.

2. The sites that publish your articles not having alot of authority…

The question contains the assumption that the sites that pick up your content to publish are lower quality, less authoritative sites. This of course CAN be the case, but its not ALWAYS the case. Some sites that publish your articles will be higher quality and some will be lower quality. In any case, as long as they’re relevant and not spam sites, they’re all links to your site that have value.

Again, I refer to a point we made earlier that yes, Article Marketing isn’t shooting fish in a barrel like it used to be, it’s just changed in such a way that it takes a little more skill, a little more know how, and a little more focused effort to generate great results. It’s the same for virtually every method of traffic generation online: search engine optimization, pay per click, social bookmarking, heck, banner advertising… they all had their hey-day but none of them have stopped working. It’s only become harder for the people doing it badly to make them work.

JF – Got it. Now, a lot of my tribe are entrepreneurs, not bloggers, does this make sense for a more traditional entrepreneur or solopreneur who’s trying to drive prospects to a more commercial type of website. Or even for affiliate sites?

EB – Definitely! In fact, in markets that some entrepreneurs are in, that are less popular online and amongst content creators (bloggers) article marketing may well prove to be MORE effective than otherwise. The thing about article marketing, is that it isn’t just about the articles themselves, its about improving your site’s authority and allowing your site to climb in the Google ranks – something any online business requires.

PR and consequent Google rankings are heavily influenced by the number of links leading back to your website… Article marketing is the perfect opportunity to build powerful, multi-purpose links without trawling the web and handing out big money for paid ads or links on high PR sites – many of which have a limited lifetime unlike lifelong article directory links.

At the end of the day, if you have a website/blog and you want traffic, then in my opinion you can benefit from article marketing in some capacity.

JF – The big question I get asked on article marketing (and I’m guessing you get asked all the time, too) is, “how long do you need to wait before you see real, sustained search-driven traffic coming to your site from article marketing?”

EB – Again, it really does depend on the nature of the keywords you are targeting as to how fast you will see results.   I’ve seen results within 2 weeks for low competition keywords, but generally speaking I would say 3-4 weeks to start to notice traffic trickling in and it will grow exponentially from there.

And don’t forget that its not just the traffic from the articles themselves that you can expect, its the improved rankings of your website/blog in the search engines that you will start to see and enjoy benefits from.

JF – So, let’s get this out there, you’re in the business of helping people not only create articles, but pretty much overseeing entire campaigns. But, I’ve seen a bunch of websites out there promising article marketing help and content creation…and heard horror stories. How to you know who’s for real and who’s not?

Yep, I’ve heard a ton of horror stories too. Unfortunately in the veil of anonymity that the internet often provides, it can be tricky finding the right provider.

Major things to look out for:

1)     SEO and content creation experience… These are not mutually exclusive skills, you need someone who is in touch with both worlds.

2)     A clear guide of the tasks they are actually performing… You want to know exactly how much content is being produced and where it is being submitted.

3)     Don’t be swayed by big numbers… Don’t be tempted by big numbers of articles submitted AND big numbers of directories submitted to… Submitting 100 crappy, badly written articles to 1000 article directories, might not have the same effect as 20 well written perfectly styled ones submitted to a select group of the very best article directories.

JF – Last question, I know some people who used to swear by article marketing 3 or 4 years ago, but they’ve moved away from it, because they say it just doesn’t work the way it used to. True or false? And, if false…what gives? These are smart people. Put another way, got any proof, case-studies, evidence that this stuff still works in the massively content-clogged world of social media?

EB – We can be honest and say that it may not work as well as it used to years ago when there were so few publishers and each article was given so much authority – but that’s not to say that it doesn’t work, and shouldn’t still feature in your traffic generation efforts.  I don’t advocate making article marketing your only traffic generation method, but I think its an easy and affordable means of achieving multi-faceted traffic results.

The great thing about article marketing too is that the articles (and the links) don’t just have an immediate benefit, they continue to bring in traffic for months if not years after submission. Many of the current traffic generation techniques come with a very specific lifetime such as monthly ads or high PR links that are only valid for 12 months or if you’re really daring – the length of time it takes for your spammy Twitter account or excessive forum posts to get taken down.

Obviously in my line of work, my client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance so I can’t disclose any url’s or keywords but below are 3 different case studies…

Case Study #1 – My partner and I had a weight loss site we set up back in late 2007 and we did a targeted article marketing campaign over a few months, solely to one directory. We eventually stopped working on the site (both posting and article marketing) back in mid-2008 and I just checked the stats today and we’re still hitting 400-500 unique visits a day, a third of which is coming solely from one directory – 2 years later. The quality of the links has improved over time to the point where despite the site being 100% inactive, it is still receiving traffic daily!

Case Study #2 – Another client of mine, has an article ranked on page 1 of Google for a term with 35.5 million results – just 5 weeks after submitting it. A second article we submitted, is ranked in the top half of page 2 for the same term. This is an example of the power of article marketing, because publishing the content where we did was able to receive a page 1 ranking whereas publishing to his website (which is thus far less authoritative and less established) wouldn’t have had these same results in as little time.

Case Study #3 –  More recently, a client of mine got his site ranked to page 1 of Google for his two major keywords (and brought in new sales from these keywords) within 2 weeks of beginning our promotion. Obviously these were low competition keywords, but that’s the point I’ve been trying to make about the ability to receive traffic and Google ranks FAST when narrowing in on a very select type of keyword.


One last thing, I want to believe, really I do…

And, I think many in community want to believe this thing called article marketing is a viable channel for long-term traffic, authority-building and, for businesses, lead generation.

So, I asked Elysia if she’d be up for a public article marketing challenge…

On one of my other websites, I am already ranking on the front page of google for my top keyword, but I’m ranked #9. And, for another keyword, I’m nowhere near the front page. I asked Elysia if she’d be willing to take on the challenge of running an article marketing campaign designed to move my #9 ranking to #3 and put me on the front page for my second choice keyword.

I gave her 60 days to make it happen, with me not involved in any substantial way.

She said…YES!

Over the next 60 days, I’ll be updating you on the progress of that campaign, then I’ll do a wrap-up post and de-briefing interview with Elysia once the challenge is over to find out what she did and why. So, be sure to stay tuned (and make sure you subscribe, so you can follow along).

Last thing, if you guys have more questions, I’ve asked Elysia to check-in on the comments over the next few days and answer whatever she can.

So feel free to not only share your experience with article marketing, but ask more questions below…

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68 responses

68 responses to “The Truth About Article Marketing”

  1. Mars Dorian says:

    mmm, never thought about article marketing. The article is informative – it probably works grreat for the corporate or business side of blogging. It proves much harder for one’s unique and personal style.

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Mars

      Glad you liked the interview 🙂

      Do you mean that is hard writing relevant articles for a more personal style blog or its hard to capture your writing style in articles?

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  3. This article had been very useful. The idea that publishing on your blog is like product development and publishing on other sites is advertising makes a lot of sense to me. And I think the advertising is where I need to focus even more. Thanks.

    • Elysia says:

      Really glad you liked the article 🙂

      Its a great focus shift, and your traffic stats will LOVE you for it.

  4. Lovely interview. I think we have to revisit these topics every now and then. The tendency is to look at these efforts as bright shiny objects that we run to use, get enthusiastic about and then dismiss when the allure is gone.

    When I had two columns on two different sites my numbers and sales were way up. I didn’t plan on one column disappearing with a new site publisher (lesson learned). My other column on another site does not get the juice I would like. I am looking at a tiered approach to article marketing, knols, etc. When I have done consistent posting across a couple of dedicated platforms my results have been better.

    • Elysia says:

      Definitely! The bright shiny object dilemma is a biggie in this industry. Sometimes getting back to the basics is where you see good, consistent results 🙂

  5. Laurie Foley says:

    Elysia –

    Would you please name the directories you were referring to as having gained authority when you said this?

    “Certain article directories may have lost authority, but others have certainly gained authority and are bigger and more authoritative than ever.”


    • Elysia says:

      Hi Laurie

      My number one go-to is still Ezine Articles. The results I see with them far outweigh what I’ve seen with any of the other directories.

      Others that are still up there though are Go Articles and Article Dashboard.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Thanks for a really great article. Can’t wait to see how Elysia gets on over the next 60 days. I’m particularly interested in how she chooses and uses the same or similar keywords over a number of different articles. I’m a bit lazy with this bit and often just rely on the links in the resource box.

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Gillian

      It’s going to be an exciting 60 day challenge 🙂

      I’ve received your email and will get back to you shortly!

      Thanks for your comments.


  7. I was also wondering which directories you recommended, thanks for listing those a few comments above!

    I’ve read about article marketing before, but never came off quite convinced. Often it just sounded too good to be true, so I was leery of spending my time on it. Now, however, I think that I’ll have to give it a try.

  8. Paula says:

    My money is on Elysia.. you’ll get your rankings 🙂

  9. Tom Bentley says:

    Elysia, what if you (that being me) have a number of writing-related articles already written and published in various places that were never written with an SEO consciousness, and that are considerably longer than the 300-400 word recommendation?

    As both a copywriter and a freelancer, I do want to drive traffic to my writing site, but I’d love to be able to leverage those existing articles without having to fiddle with them a great deal.

    Thanks for all the good info (and thanks to you too, Jonathan).

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Tom

      Great question!

      If you already have existing content, it can just be a matter of finding high search/low competition keywords that are relevant to the content pieces and working them in through a few additional sentences/paragraphs.

      I recommend only mentioning the keyword 3 times per article… 1 in the title, 2 times in the body of the article so its not too much work to slant the content that way.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  10. Krisenkind says:

    Hey guys,

    thanks for the interview! Really interesting, and insightful! (Me being all new to the blogging thing 😉 Have only posted like 2 real posts so far 😀 hahaha)

    I love writing though, and once I filled my blog with a little more content, I’ll definitely keep your hints and tips in mind.

    One question though: In those article directories, can anyone publish there? Or are they restricted to professional writers or specially reviewed articles, etc?

    Thanks! Krisenkind

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Krisenkind

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

      Yes most directories are open to everyone who makes an account. However, Ezine Articles – the directory I mentioned above – has a very strict submission process to ensure their content is high quality. These days they pick up everything from duplicate content to whether or not the article delivers what the title promises i.e. they’re tough cookies to please!

  11. Jerret says:

    Wow. I think this is one of the most interesting/helpful blog posts I’ve seen in about 5 years. Thanks for the great info!

  12. Jerret says:

    Ezine articles also has a premium membership for $97/month or $697/year. Basically gets you to the front of the line for article approval.

    • If you write enough quality articles, Jerret, I believe you can also qualify for expert status, which bumps you up in line for article approval.

  13. Wow now I think I am going to get a little serious on the article marketing. My blog is only 4 months old and it could use a boost in traffic.

    Thanks guys for doing this interview! Now I got more options

  14. Sam says:

    Thanks for the great article. I have tried it with a PR firm that specializes in article marketing. We pitched the same articles to industry magazines too and got published many times. We went from page 10 and page 20 to number 1 on Google and Yahoo. It was expensive because I was paying someone else to do it. I can write articles but my question is; where should I publish them for low cost? PR Web is expensive. Is E-zine a good option?

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Sam

      Thanks for your nice comments 🙂

      Ezine Articles is one of the major directories I submit too, I’ve had great results with them. Ezine Articles offers free accounts, and your author status get upgraded with the volume of articles you submit. Its a very affordable but efficient system 🙂

      Most other article directories are free too.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  15. Dave says:

    Great article Elysia.

    I think it’s also important to let people know that although duplicate content is widely argued, it is advised to not submit the same article all over the internet- your articles should at least be 30% unique, I like to go for 40%+.

    Also when posting articles you should always submit to Ezine Articles first.

    For me i have seen great results with all my clients for Article Marketing,( i only post to my private network of 400 article directories that have decent PR) although we do combine it with many other strategies to get traffic to a website. It is much more natural to get links from a variety of sources and Google will appreciate that much more.

    If anyone has any questions- I’m free to help 🙂 I’ll check back here every so often.


    • Elysia says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for your comments.

      I also agree about duplicate content, I don’t suggest spreading the same content amongst a huge range of directories.

      I also use a variety of services to build traffic for my clients, article marketing is just one effective component of traffic generation – and the main focus for this particular interview.

      Thanks 🙂

      • Dave says:

        You’ve done a great job with this article- just started to follow on u twitter- enjoy Mexico!!

  16. Hi Elysia,

    Great article! Want to come help me out with my new blog?

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  18. Claire says:

    This is a really interesting article, and Jonathan you’ve asked a lot of the questions i’ve wanted answered. I’m interested to know, Elysia, how you got into this line of business and how can someone else learn theses skills.

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Claire

      I actually got started in this business after meeting my boyfriend who was already running a successful business online. He opened up all kinds of doors for me which was fantastic 🙂

      I think a great place to start (if you don’t have someone in your life you can learn of) is just to immerse yourself in the industry. Start reading some blogs of successful online marketers, grab an ebook or two and just get experimenting.

      I can’t stress enough the importance of DOING in this line of work. All of the major breaks I’ve had in this industry have been from TRYING something and it working really well. And of course some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned have been from trying something and it NOT working but its equally as valuable in the long run.

      A lot of online marketers get stuck in the trap of buying info product after info product and soon after suffer from a SERIOUS information overload which leads them to do nothing at all because there’s too much to think about.

      Start small, start SOMETHING and learn as you go 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  19. Megan Zuniga says:

    Great interview and very informative! Article marketing is a lot harder work and consumes more time than other link building techniques. Some if not all directories would require you submit unique content. I’ve often wondered if it was dead and that no one else is doing it anymore. I may have thought wrong after all.

  20. Matt says:

    Enjoyed the article, I have just kicked off a new website and want to drive traffic. Do I submit the same articles that I am using on my blog to e-zines etc or do the articles have to be different? Worried about duplicate content

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Matt

      Ezine Articles require 100% unique content, and so you can’t repeat the submission of blog content there. Many other reputable directories are the same – and even if they DO accept duplicate content I wouldn’t recommend submitting the same article.

      Rather than having entirely new articles written you can just have a writer rewrite your content – this costs less than a unique article being written.

      Alternatively there are rewriting softwares out there but the results with those can vary, and its more than likely you will have to tweak the whole article after running it through that anyway.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  21. Geanine says:

    Elysia, thanks so much for this awesome information. I’m launching a new division of my business and wondered if article marketing was dead. I confess that I committed to it several years ago and then lost momentum. I’m glad to hear that it still has great benefits. Yeah, something else to add to my arsenal. You made my day!

  22. Dan Johnson says:

    Very interesting and informative post. I’ve been doing article marketing for a year now and yes, it’s a lot of work but the rewards are worth it.

  23. Just got notice yesterday EZine article submitted 2 weeks ago was accepted and published; after 10 articles- platinum status which puts you higher on SEO list-
    Also this am posted 6 more articles from WordPress dashboard- new plug in 5/31/10
    Before submission you have ability to validate- indicates what they will not accept e.g. AARP- I had to substitute old people throughout the article

    thought I might save the group some steps 😉

  24. Linda says:

    Great information! Is it a faux pas to submit the same article to several on-line portals? And if so, how do you determine which portals are the best for your business?

    Thank you so much!

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Linda

      There’s lots of different arguments when it comes to duplicate content…

      I don’t agree with spreading the same article over thousands of different portals but if you are submitting a 100% unique article to Ezine Articles then you rewrite that article to around 30-40% unique and submit it to a select group of other directories I think you should be fine 🙂

  25. Kathy says:

    For those of us behind the curve, where do we find the right keywords. I have a Website that changes content once a week. Right now the keyword getting the best results is the name of the site. That seems wrong to me. Would article marketing help a site like this and would I just publish one of our stories or should it be entirely different content?

    • Elysia says:

      Hi Kathy

      Obviously its a bit tricky to comment without knowing the specific keywords but I imagine article marketing (in combination with a few other link building methods) could definitely help.

      The more authoritative links related to those keywords you have pointing back at your blog the better.

  26. Nice article.

    My money is on Elysia too :c)

    Article marketing has got my sites to page 1 with Google within 60 days.

    The challenging part of the challenge (!) is getting your site to the #3 spot. Its dependent in a big way on the caliber of sites in the top 5, their age and volume of existing high quality links.

    • Dave says:

      Before picking keyword phrases to optimize in your articles- you MUST do keyword research- this is crucial.
      You need to know how many people a day are searching for that term and also how much competition there is for that term.

  27. Michelle says:

    Great article. I agree with Jerret, this is one of the most useful and informative articles I have come across in awhile.

    One specific thing I noticed is that it is written in a language we can all understand, as stated in the interview, use a “blog-like” tone, keep your language simple and conversational”. You definitely take your own advice! =)

    Thanks for taking the time!

  28. erik says:

    Great stuff Elysia!

    The “E” is for “Empowering” by far!

  29. Elysia says:

    Roderick – Thanks for the support! It’s going to be a challege but I’m sure I can get JF up there!

    Michelle – Thank you so much for those kinds words, it really means a lot. I’m glad I could break it down nice and simple for you! Sometimes getting back to the basics is where the true value is.

    Erik – You are AWESOME

    Thanks guys 🙂

  30. Elysia, thanks for sharing your time and expertise.

    I’ve submitted 3 pieces to Ezine Articles which they have published with the “Expert” designation. In looking at their site, I couldn’t really make a definite determinaion if all work published gets this same tag, or if they’re giving the work any kind a special stamp of approval.

    Can you shed some light?

    Thanks again and look forward to seeing the results of the challenge.

  31. Fantastic post Jonathon and great answers Elysia.

    Couldn’t agree more with articles being a great long term strategy of continuously driving traffic back to your site.

    I had one article indexed and on the first page of google for a key term (85,000 searches/month) in 4 days. And, I find the 300-350 word articles the best.

    (love ya EB!)

  32. Late to the conversation…

    Thanks Jonathan and Elysia for such a great great post. It got my wheels turning for catering to my own niche industry.

  33. Jay-Aaron says:

    I enjoyed this post. My question is how do you find that highly targeted key-words can you give an example or point me to a place where i can learn how to find high targeted key-words

  34. ayuan says:

    This post is so informative that answers a lot of article marketing questions.
    Article marketing is an effective way to get traffic to websites. But with the help of article marketing tools, writing articles and submitting them to article directories may become easier.

  35. Jessi says:

    Thanks for posting such an interesting interview. According to me article marketing is one of the best ways to promote our website… It sounds good if we give good and correct keywords related to our sites. Elysia has done a great job…:)

  36. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the amazing post…just more evidence that the people who trash article marketing simply aren’t doing it right!

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  38. Alun Maxwell says:

    Hi Elysia,

    Your answer to Claire was pure gold. I began by buying e-book after e-book and doing virtually nothing. I’ve been a doer for a while now and it’s wholly more fruitful! Thanks for such a comprehensive contribution to the topic of Article Marketing. I am also glad that your 300 word articles have been successful for you. I have recently shortened my articles with no detrimental stats, and it means I can produce more – though hopefully the quality is the same. I believe it is!

    Great info, Elysia.


  39. I have to say that this article has inspired me to turn up the heat on my article marketing efforts.

  40. Anne.M. says:

    Thank you for this really great and inspiring post. About the length of an article, I do think that a 350-450 words article works well because the writer has to get to the point and people prefer reading short articles.

  41. Angela says:

    Thanx for the post. I’m fairly new at this so if you have any help advise/criticism you are welcome to advise.


  42. Tom Parks says:

    Yes indeed article marketing is a very powerful tool. The more articles on more places definitely brings lot traffic and in turn higher SERPS

  43. Bryan Super says:

    That would be pretty awesome if that was possible 🙂 I’d also say that from my tracking – 350 word articles are the best, no too long, not too short. Thanks

  44. Alekku says:

    I like article marketing,surely do i have to be to wordy to impress.