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Ever drive a car and when you start to pick up speed, you feel the steering wheel shake?

Then every mile faster you go, the wheel shakes harder, the whole car starts to vibrate and you get a bit scared that any moment, the whole thing might break apart?

That’s what happens when the front-end is “out of alignment.”

Thing is, you don’t notice it when you’re going slow, but as soon as you start to pick up the pace, it lets you know something’s really wrong.

Well, it turns out, human beings are wired the same way…

Most of us walk around with some level of misalignment. Meaning, our actions—the way we invest our energy—is out of whack with what we claim to value. In business. In relationships. In health. And life.

When you’re wallowing in “coast-mode,” you can often “get by” with a lot of things being out of alignment (until you realize your entire life has been defined by unrealized potential).

But the moment you start to engage, to turn up the engines and go after the things that matter, that latent misalignment rears its ugly head. Shaking us. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, on every level. Making it exceedingly difficult to do what we’re here to do. Like we’re just trying to stop the shaking and keep things together, rather than building something the world is rallying to make happen. There is no ease, no high-speed cruise, only anguished, daily effort.

One of the places this happens most is in the world of entrepreneurship. I’ve written about this in some detail recently. Because it’s been on my mind A LOT.

Probably because I see it as a sort of master key to what people want, both in business and in life. And because nobody really teaches it, especially in a way that’s actionable and applied to the quest to breathe life into a deeply meaningful venture.

This is the cornerstone, by the way, of our Good Life Project™ education division, and the starting point for our 10-month Immersion training experience.

Since the day I launched the Immersion, people have been asking me to create a shorter training for mission-driven entrepreneurs, with a gentler tuition.

So, today, I’m ridiculously excited to share this with you. But, fair warning, it’s one of those good news, bad news things.

First the good…

Today, I’m introducing the first-ever 2-day Aligned Entrepreneur™ Lab intensive training in NYC. It’s two intense days, and the tuition is a fraction of the 10-month program.

Now, the bad…

Actually, it’s amazing news for those who get in. Not so amazing for those who don’t. To keep the quality of the experience extremely high, intimate and actionable, it’ll also be capped at…well…only 12 people.

Everything else we’ve done has sold-out and wait-listed very quickly.

The kind folks on my email list were given access to all the information a day early, because admission is rolling and I like to give my email tribe special insider-only opps. And the response has already been, er, uh…robust!

But we’ll keep enrollment open until we’ve made all the final offers and the class is filled.

So, right now, you’re probably asking – what the heck IS The Aligned Entrepreneur Lab?

Click here now to check out the details.

Can’t wait to play in September.

With gratitude,


P.S. – Even if you’re not interested, you guys know I love pushing the envelope with design and marketing, so head over just to check out the crazy cool landing page design we’ve created.

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3 responses

3 responses to “The Aligned Entrepreneur”

  1. WOW! Beautiful landing page! It’s awesome to see someone push the envelope with landing page design. It’s gorgeous and I hope it has high conversions for you too!

  2. I definitely noticed that something was wrong when I started to speed up, by trying to pursue my passions. I noticed I had waaaay too much wasted time in my daily life. Watching TV or just doing nothing on the internet. I am not going close a meme website EVER again, haha.

    Good luck with your new project, looks and sounds awesome!

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